hi i’m dr josh axe co-founder of ancient

nutrition founder of draxe.com and

author of best-selling books like

ancient remedies and you know one of the

most important things people can do to

take to their health the next level in

many categories is improve their

metabolic flexibility what that means is

your body can burn both fat and carbs

for energy here’s the truth and what i

learned in the many years that i

practice as a physician in my functional

medicine practice is that most people

are only burning carbs for energy what

happens then is your body’s not burning

fat and so you start to store more and

more body fat around your organs which

is one of the leading causes of obesity

diabetes heart disease inflammation and

numerous other health conditions so

here’s the key if you can start burning

fat from energy and become a fat burner

what you’ll start to do is balance your

blood sugar improve your mood burn body

fat lose weight have more energy and

overall just look and feel better and so

one of the things that i’ve personally

been using lately and i’ve been

recommending to people i’ve cared for

over the many years even my family’s

using it is i’ve started using a device

to actually measure what my

fat burning versus carb burning ability

is it actually measures your metabolic

flexibility it’s actually this really

incredible device it’s called a lumen

you can see here i press the button it

lights up here’s all you do you breathe

into it

for seven seconds and then you inhale as

well so you breathe in inhale for seven

seconds like this

you wait 10 seconds and you’ll blow back


and what it does it reads your ability

to burn body fat via carbon dioxide so

your carbon dioxide levels will actually

tell you if you’re burning fat or carbs

for energy now this is an incredible

medical advancement and breakthrough and

being able to read this now it used to


only high level professional athletes

and people that were very wealthy could

afford and be able to use something like

this today though

it’s available for everyone and so this

company lumen you can order one of these

you can breathe in breathe out and it’s

amazing on your phone there’s an app and

it will tell you are you a scale of one

two three four five and and you can

measure this and the other incredible

thing is so for instance i woke up this


and i measured a three a few other

mornings i’ve measured a two and one

means you’re only burning fat five means

you’re only burning carbs for the most

part and then you have areas in between

and what you wanna be doing is you wanna

be burning both carbs and fat for energy

now when you wake up in the morning you

want to have burn mostly fat because

what happened is your body is actually

burning fat while you sleep so you wake

up leaner you have more energy and

overall you’re going to feel better

because again you’re losing body fat

which most people need to do today and

also on the app it’s pretty incredible

when you open this app on lumen it will

also give you recommendations on how

many fats carbs and proteins dietary

recommendations so you know what you

should be eating

to get your body into fat burning zone

again this is important burning fat is

not just important for vanity’s sake the

reason why it’s so important is think

about this is that even recent medical

studies are showing the number one cause

of immune issues today is obesity

and things like diabetes actually weaken

your immune system so another thing is

if you want to help strengthen even your

immune system

helping your body burn body fat is one

of the most important things you can do

and so that’s what i love is i love you

know this cutting edge technology

there’s not a lot of things i use

there’s a couple i use i got this aura

ring on i use that i use this lumen and

basically aura ring tells me how well i

sleep in some of my activity lumen tells

me if i’m burning fat for energy and so

these are great devices in order to be

able to tell

how metabolically flexible you are so

whether you’re an athlete or you’re a

person uh who just is saying hey i want

to burn more fat and again all of us can

do this and my body fat’s pretty low

already and that’s why i kind of try and

stay in the middle where some people

want to get more deeper into fat burning

zone but this app will tell you exactly

how to do it so check it out it’s called

lumen l-u-m-e-n

i’ve been using it and i’ve been blown


at uh and here’s the other thing that’s

surprising let me mention this

everybody’s different

different foods affect people

differently so you may realize wow when

i eat this certain fruit that’s get this

gets me out of fat burning zone but hey

when i eat this food like dark chocolate

actually my body does pretty well with

it so we’ll also kind of help guide you

in learning which foods your body

tolerates best what time of day your

body does the best with certain types of

food so that’s what’s so incredible

about this incredible device lumen so i

encourage you hey check it out i’ve been

personally using it blown away the

results i’ve been recommending it to the

people i’ve cared for who want to help

transform their health as well hey i

hope i hope you enjoy the cutting edge

benefits of using these incredible

devices like lumen