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um today i’m going to review the lumen products but first off if this is your first time checking out my channel.

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so yeah i’m going to jump right into the review of the lumen device.

so i had this exciting um package sent to me from lumen and i thought i should give them a review.

and so yeah basically lumen is a metabolic measurement device and it comes in this very cute black box just like this. and it also has a few information on the back that just you know tells you about what is inside the box .

so in the box you will have your lumen device your charging dock your travel case a usb c cable and a user guide the product is compatible with ios and android devices this is my lumen device.

and it’s so handy i love the travel case

that it comes with

because i can just talk my lumen in here

and take it out and about with me and

this is the lumen device

itself so all i need to do is

to pair this product with by phone

and um yeah this is the app of the

the lumen app so all i did was to

download the app

and then sync your device with the app

and that is what i did and um yeah i

always use this every day

and so basically what you do with this

device is that you will breathe into it

and it will kind of analyze your


to tell you more about what you are


if you’re burning fat or if you’re

burning carbs

so your ideal thing to burn in the

morning is fats

so my first week was really good because

in my first week i was burning a lot of


i was getting more of level 1 and 2 on

my commitment

for that first week so yeah this

is kind of how it looks like i’m not

sure if you guys can see it very well

but um this is for this week so this

week alone

on monday i was on level three tuesday

level four that means i was burning more

of caps

on wednesday i was on level three


um i was level three as well friday

level four

but saturday i was on level two so on

saturday was a really good day for me


i was burning you know less i was

burning fats and dropped carbs yeah and

what happened to me on saturday was

because i didn’t eat

dinner so i didn’t eat dinner on friday


and um i had my breakfast you know in

the morning

around 10 11 so it recorded

that i was burning more of fats so i

think the less you eat

the more fats you burn and um the more

you eat

the more carbs you burn so that is how

i’ve been able to analyze my metabolism

that way

um so this device would really be good

for people that are like

fitness enthusiasts or

people who are very active you know

fitness wise

they’re the ones that would really

benefit from this product

but as a mom of two i’m trying to lose

some weight

and i’m trying to watch my diet and all

of that and i have been able to find

this device helpful to me so for example

today i’ve been recommended to eat

60 grams of carbs 55 grams of

fat and 1 10 grams of protein

so i’m on a low carb day

so i need to get enough protein and it


preserve my muscle mass that is what

they have said

on there so why did i get this

this um plant today you are burning fat

for energy that’s what it says i’m just

going to read why it gave me this


so it says you are burning fat for


the recommended carb servings in your

daily plan

will allow you to remain in a fat

burning state

your workout today doesn’t require

additional caps so if i need to work out

right now i can just go ahead and do my


because i do not need to eat like

anything before i work out

yeah so this kind of helps you again if

you’re someone who

you know always goes to the gym in the


um it will kind of tell you if you need

to eat before you go to the gym

or if you’re okay to just you know go on

and burn some fat

in the gym whatever i know so yeah it

helps you do that

um it gives you your commitment

goals for the week you know it shows

your commitment goal

um another thing that is really super

helpful is that it has this kind of

meal inspiration meal ideas

where it just shows you the kind of

foods that are going to be required

for you to eat like it’s if you if you

have a low carb day

it will tell you like how many servings

of you know maybe rice or something that

you need to eat for that day

it will give you like an idea of the

kind of portions you should have

maybe you should have more of salmon on

the plate

with mixed veggies and just a little bit

of potatoes

or like a little bit of carbs it kind of

gives you

an idea of how your your meal should

look like

and um this is just like an example

don’t worry i’ll show you guys

a closer picture of this so this is just


an example of you know how the meals

look like and how the portion sizes are

it will tell you your breakfast lunch

snack dinner options you can have any


that you want based on the inspiration

on here

so it tells you more of like your

nutrition it tells you what a carb

serving is

it breaks down what carbohydrates are

what vegetables are

proteins fats how to meal prep

diets drinks and carbs how to drink

enough water

alcohol and carbs and eating out it just

gives you like

you know breakdown of all of these

things to make you

you know more enlightened and more

educated about

what your metabolism needs and

so yeah it also has some lumen basics um

it says how to win

with lumen it just breaks down how to

use your

living device to breathe it also tells

you how to take an accurate breath


following lumens nutritional plan your

data for yesterday

why take your morning measurement after

and overnight fast

how to use lumen daily what is your

lumen flex score i

i don’t have my lumen flex score yet

because it’s not yet a month

of using this so when it is a month of

using this i will have my lumen flex


which then hacks my whole metabolism

and you know i would have a more clearer

picture of

my kind of metabolism so yeah

then the benefits of high flex score um

breathing before your workout breathing

after your workouts

so any time i want to engage in a home


i breathe into this device it records it

for me and

after about 30 minutes of doing my

exercise i will breathe again into this

device and it will

record it as well so yeah

so here it tells me about my insights it

tells me how to train my metabolism to


fat how my body chooses what fuel to use

either the carbs or the fats equation

my metabolic flexibility when my body

can use carbs efficiently

sleeping my way to a healthy metabolism

it also analyzes

my sleep pattern so it helps me to you

know have a better idea of

how to have better sleep how many hours

to sleep for

and how to sleep my way to a healthier


so on here you can also practice

breathing as well

and you can learn how to breathe um i

found it i found it difficult to

breathe in the first week of using

device i was always

feeling all my breath you know

measurements because it was so difficult

for me

but i kind of have a hang of it right

now which i will show you guys how i do


um basically all you need to do first

off is to tilt your head backwards and

you know breathe in like this

that is what i found to be the solution

to my

my my own you know measurements if i do

like this

i would do it perfectly but if i do like

this i’ll do like this

as it i wouldn’t have the right breath

measurement i don’t know why but it

doesn’t work out for me that way

but anytime i tilt my head up and tilt

the device like this i always get it

right so i think maybe my

my throat or something opens up when i

tilt my head up i’m not sure

but that is what i have found to work

for me um

you also have your weight measurement on

there your bmi

so i’ve selected the healthy weight loss


and um it says my daily calories should

be 1

104 and after a

500 calorie deficits okay so

my lumen flex score hasn’t been unlocked

yet because i’m on week two

so i need two more weeks to go for me to

get my lumen flex score

so now it also shows you like all of

your lumen scores for

for each week um so yeah this is my

current week so after

um tomorrow tomorrow is sunday so after

tomorrow i’ll be in my final week to get

my flex score

and again i’m excited about that so i’m

going to show you guys how i breathe

into my device

and there’s this kind of breath um sign

on top i’ll turn my device on from this

little button right here

and um it will pair with my phone

and that is what it is doing now so yeah

it says

let’s go take three normal breaths

through your nose

then inhale deeply through your lumen

hold your breath

exhale in three two one

so it says that i have passed that first


and i need to take a second one because

it will do this

three times okay okay

i’m not sure if you guys can see very


take three normal breaths through your

nose then

inhale deeply through your lumen

hold your breath

exhale in three two one

yeah i got it right the second time

so i need one more breath to complete

you know the analysis so yeah

i’m now a pro at breathing into this

thing at first i couldn’t really do it i

was like

i was bringing too fast or too slow

or too short so but now i now have a


normal breaths through your nose then

inhale deeply through your lumen


hold your breath

exhale in three two one

yeah it got right and it’s going to

you know analyze it all for me so that

is what it is saying

so it is saying that i’m on level three

and level three means

i’m burning both fats and carbs

and that is what it means so i’m burning

between 42 to 63 percent

fat so yeah i’m on level three now

so right now i can do my workouts maybe

i could go for a walk for about

15 minutes and then relax

a bit and then take my measurements


just to close that whole you know

metabolism hacking you know breath

test so yeah yeah i also have to mention

the calibration day so calibration day


the next day after my first breath with

the lumen

so the calibration day kind of

calibrated my whole

day and you know analyzed all of my


and just you know gave me like you know

my food portions and all of that

all of that jazz yeah i did the

calibration day

and so it kind of brought me to this

phase where i am now where

each time i breathe it just tells me my

you know my nutrition basics and you

know all of that so each week

when you complete a week it will ask you

for your weight

just so that you can track your weight

to know if you are losing weight or not

um i had to go and buy a weight


because um yeah i needed it for my lumen

to work with my lumen

um yeah so i would you know use that

weight measurement

to weigh myself and indicate the

measurement on my lumen

so yeah well i do i um like the product

i feel like the product is good if you

are really curious

about tracking or if you’re really

curious about

hacking your metabolism um it kind of

shows you

if you’re burning fats or if you’re

burning carbs

and it kind of you know tells you the

kind of food portions

that you can eat more of and um it kind

of analyzes

the healthy things that you need to eat

so if you want to eat healthy

if you want to lose weight um this is a

good device for you

because it also measures your breath

before a workout and that’s why it work

out so yeah

it’s kind of on the days where on the

days where you feel

weak you feel tired um it’s because of

your metabolism

yeah so whenever you feel weak and tired

you know it kind of tells you maybe

you’re eating some

kind of carbs that you know can weigh

you down

and stuff like that so you might need to

eat a more healthier diet

you know just to maintain your health

your metabolism

and of course because of the food that

we eat it reflects in our health

and it kind of it could boost your

energy or it could reduce your energy

so yeah that’s why it’s good to have a

device like this

that kind of breaks it all down to you

and keeps you

educated on you know your metabolism

so will i buy this product um

it comes at a hefty price so yeah this

is a sponsored product so it comes at a

hefty price

um but will i buy it i don’t think i

would buy this product

because of the hefty price but if it was

something cheaper

at a more realistic and ideal price

i would buy it and because all i just

feel like it’s quite

expensive for what it does because this

is something that

you could just go on youtube to check

out your food portions

like this kettle diet that could help

you lose weight so you could just go on

the kettle diet

and save yourself from buying the lumen

so i feel like

lumen if you’re listening i would

suggest that you reduce your price

to make it more attractive for people to


the item because it’s actually a good

item but

the price could be discouraging to many

because all

you need to do with the device is just

breathe and that

is it the bulk of everything that

happens is on the app

and um this is just a brilliant device


so you might people might want to skip

this whole

breeding part out and every other

suggestion every other thing that app

gives you

is something you can find online it’s


a personal trainer could tell you so

yeah that’s the price is you know the


thing that needs to change in all of


so yeah i hope you guys have enjoyed

this review please let me know in the

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lumen device

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