you might ask yourself what are these

well we’re gonna talk about

the keto versus lumen pens while they

might not necessarily be

competitors today i’m going to talk

about their capabilities

how you can use them and what kind of

diets they’re good for and

which one you should get for what goals

you have

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let’s talk about what

your body uses for energy it can either

use carbs

or fats and for weight loss but in

ketosis you’re directly using

fat for energy and when you’re in a

calorie deficit you’re using your body


hence quick weight loss did you know

that you can still eat carbs and

possibly be in ketosis

it really has to do with being in a

calorie deficit or

it has to do with how much carbs you’re

eating and whether you’re not your body


fat adapted basically how well your body

goes from using carbs

as an energy source to fat and actually

the lumen pen

has a lumen flex score which actually

shows you

how well you’ve fat adapted what these

devices provide

is just basically feedback on how

your body reacts to certain foods

certain carbs

and how you can basically accommodate to

that and make sure that what you’re


gives you the result that you want so

for example if you wanted to be

in ketosis this pen will tell you how


into ketosis you are from level one to

level eight

and to be honest with you guys getting

to level eight is so difficult and you’d

have to be

so fat adopted but i’ve managed to get

to a level six with the keto pen

this measures your acetone levels

whereas the

lumen measures your co2 levels if your

body is using carbs as a current fuel


it’s going to produce more co2 levels

and hence

the lumen pen will pick up on that and

if you are using more

fat as your current source the lumen

will also pick up on the lesser co2


and give you your levels based on that

so when your body starts to burn

fat when you’re getting into ketosis

your body produces

ketones and that is how some of the

other ways to measure your keto levels

by using urine strips

which can be tedious to use messy and

expensive to replace every time you also

have some blood results which we all

know is

a little more difficult because you have

to go get your blood tested

and then lastly this keto pen which is a

one-time purchase of 99

and you can use and connect it to your

phone and you get your acetone

levels tested and that’s how you know

how far into ketosis you are

whereas with the lumen the only other

way that you can get the same

tests the same results that you would

get with your lumen is a test called

respiratory exchange ratio which is


done at hospitals it’s probably

expensive or

probably time consuming whereas with

this lumen pen

with a one-time purchase of 349

you can do that at the comfort of your

own home using an app when it comes to

the lumen pen

you actually put it on your base and

charge it using a regular

outlet whereas the keto pen takes a

triple a

battery which i’ve had this thing for

around two years now and it’s still

perfectly operational

okay so if you wanted to compare these

side by side

i was at a level three with the keto pen

and i was a lot level three with the


both using a mix of carbs and fat as

energy source however when i got deeper

into ketosis

when i reached a level four with the

keto pen i actually

capped out with lumen at a level one so

obviously there’s nothing

lower than a level one to get into fat

burn the lumen was telling me i was in

fat burning stage good job but the keto

can actually go

further up to a level eight and so

that’s how you know if you want to gauge

how far

into keto you are definitely go with a

keto pen

if you want to use the lumen and just

know how your body reacts to carbs and

how your body reacts to food and how

your body reacts to both

carbs and fats as you’re eating

different foods and basically learn

how your metabolism jumps back into


a perfect example that i will tell you

is my husband

usually gets into ketosis literally


one day of eating a keto diet whereas i

need three days

so i only learn that about myself is


using these devices so when it comes to

using these devices

i’m going to go ahead and start with the

keto pen all you need to do

is turn your keto pen on once you’re in

the keto app you click that plus sign

and log keto level you’ll see here

that it’s scanning for the keto pen and

this is when

your phone is trying to connect to your

keto pen

after that you just have to wait a

minute or so

until your keto pen is fully warmed up

and you’re at 100 percent


okay guys i know i ate sugar last night


and i just had a matcha this morning

however i’m in a level two which is very

surprising to me

which tells me that my body has adapted


so that’s awesome and you press continue

and you tell it how you’re feeling

feeling great continue

and if you look in the app here you’ll

see that there’s a journey tab

you can click on your log levels as you

guys can see i

actually took my result right before i

started recording and i was at a one

right now i’m at a two and then if you

look at

all keto levels it will tell you all

your keto levels if you needed to refer

back to that

you can click on see more and see a

graph of your week

month or year and you could do the same


with your weight log so you have to

manage you have to make sure that you’re

logging your weight and you can see week

month year

so that’s pretty great feedback with

some insights here

you can also go to foods it has some

recipes for you groups and resources

and that is your keto pen it’s pretty

quick it gives you a result

right away which is very efficient

especially if that’s what you’re looking


now moving on to the lumen pen

okay guys now once you’re in the lumen

app you want to make sure you

turn on your lumen pen and it will have

a purple circle and the app will

directly tell you

what your battery levels are at which is


and then you click take a breath it will

tell you to sit relax

and turn your lumen on and then you say

let’s go

this is how the lumen app is different

from the keto app it actually wants to

get a status update from you

so we’ll ask you to put in your carb


how long you’ve fasted for your sleep

your steps

lights climbed all that fun stuff your

workout inhale deeply next

it will tell you to inhale deeply and it

actually talks to you

hold your breath

exhale in three two one

i learned guys if you exhale too


it will tell you it can’t capture what

it needs to capture it needs to be a

controlled like

exhale but as you guys can see here it

asks you to do it again

so it wants you to do a second one and

sometimes it’s even asking me to do a

third breath so i’m going to go ahead

and do

a second one


again almost there it wants me to do a

third breath

that’s the only thing i would say is

this one it definitely takes a little

more time for you to actually

log and put it in but i think it’s

because it’s a little more intricate

that should be the last time today i

am at a lumen level four if it tells you

if you want to click higher than


done you slept more than seven hours

which is crucial for

fat burn and as you guys see here now


building me a plan a personalized plan

based on my current levels

it is telling me to eat zero grams

of carbs and 160

grams of fat and 126 of protein

this is actually even more strict than a

keto diet itself because with a keto

diet you’re getting 10 carbs which is

around 30 grams for me

it’s telling me to eat zero grams of

carbs which is

crazy um because it’s literally

impossible unless you’re eating strict


fat sources as you guys can see here you

can log your weight as well

you can do a nutrition checkup you can

look at your

tools and it gives you how to follow

your nutrition plan

and some insights if you look at me this

is the lumen flex number that i told you

guys about

and where you are with your weeks and

you can see the full history it gives

you your levels just the same as a graph

month week month and three months and

your weight as well okay so as you guys

can see this one is a little bit more

intricate it’s full of details it wants

to learn

you and your diet and how you’ve

progressed and it will recommend

a macro breakdown for every day our body

changes every day how it adapts whether

you’re working

out whether you’re sitting for that day

so it tries to accommodate

whatever your past few days looked like

and tell you what you should be eating i

will say

the only reason i am comparing these two

is because the lumen surprisingly

does recommend a keto diet now it’s a

modified keto diet because the proteins

are very high

now one very common misconception that a

lot of people keep telling me with the

keto diet is i did keto diet and

i got constipated or i did a keto diet

and i got

heart palpitations or any of that stuff

you have to realize

it is not an atkins diet it is very

actually when you think about it there’s

a lot of information out there on it so

you have to make sure you’re doing it

correctly you have to make sure you’re

doing a clean keto which means

very high in greens and i don’t count my

greens towards my carbs so yes the lumen

pen told me to eat zero carbs but i’ll

still eat greens even though they have

some minuscule amount of carbs because

your body just needs that

and you don’t want to get constipated

and you need the minerals and the


if you’re interested in learning more

about this topic especially

if you are a breastfeeding mom

definitely stay tuned because i have

more to come on this topic and thank you

guys for watching

you are awesome and remember to be a