hey guys what’s up it’s michelle here

i’m going to share with you how this

cool gadget lumen is helping me master

my metabolism by giving me instant

feedback on how to better fuel my body

so i have more energy during my workouts

did you laugh a little bit when i said i

need more energy because i hear from you

guys you’re like michelle you have so

much energy but i’m telling you i am

just like you there are days when i feel

like i have energy through the roof and

then there’s days when i’m feeling like

man i really don’t want to work out so

here’s what i’m gonna share with you how

this little gadget this lumen is helping

me out so i’ve been using the product

for about four weeks now

and i’ve really actually just learned

more how to use it so

it’s like what they say the more you use

it the better it understands you and it

gives you the feedback that you need

specifically for your goals so my goal

is to not lose muscle mass but actually

gain muscle mass as i age because i’m

over 40 and usually at this stage we

lose that muscle mass

so i tend to use this more so pre and

post workouts i also do use it first

thing in the morning so that i know

what fuel i’m using and the fuel would

be either fats carbs or it could be

between them both of them now the goal

for me is that i want to be waking up in

the morning fasted in fat burning so

that i know that if i’m going to do a

workout so now it depends on what

workout i’m going to do if i’m going to

do a high intensity workout or heavy


i want to have my number up so i’ll blow

into this

and i’ll give me a measurement and if

i’m a one or two

i need to fuel up that’s gonna tell me

hey you’re gonna do an intense workout

get some fuel in your system now if i

start my day off and i’m already at a

four or five and i’m using carbs

and i’m going to do these workouts then

it’s going to tell me i’m a-okay that

you have the energy to do that workout

now if i’m going to do the reverse if

i’m going to do a less impact workout

say like a bar

or a pilates workout i i’m okay to be in

a fasted state and do that workout so

let me show you how to work this cool

little gadget i also want to share with

you that this is the first of its kind

to be out in the market to give you that

instant feedback on what fuel source

that you are using

i’m going to show you how to use the

lumen take the cap off

listen to that cool magnetic cap

you do want to make sure that you have

the app on your phone let me tell you

what super easy to set up i was up and

running within minutes of getting this

in the mail

i’m gonna turn it on

so i’ve already done my morning breath i

did mine before the workout after i

actually did another one prior to eating

i’m just gonna do a random so it’ll ask


at what time of the day you want to do

your measurement i’m going to do a

custom check in here

and this is what i really like you have

to sit and relax

how many times do you do that during the


inhale deeply through your lumen

hold your breath

exhale in three



did you do a nice exhale too do you feel

more relaxed i sure do

let’s see where i am

i am in you’re burning both carbs and

fat so that’s great middle of the day

i’ve eaten i actually ate carbs so my

body is using the right fuel source

what i really love about this is that i

can customize what my goals are

and my workouts and that’s going to

adjust how many carbs and how much

protein what we call the macros that my

body needs for the fuel and to reach the

goal that i have so if you have weight

loss goal you would put that in there

and then if you’re doing any kind of

workouts input that information the more

that you use it and the more information

that you share with lumen it’s going to

give you a better understanding of the

nutrition that your body is going to

need to get to that goal so for me i’m

going to continue to keep using the

lumen and check in every morning they

say that that is the most important one

it lets you know what fuel system that

you’re using if you do intermittent

fasting this is going to tell you if

that window like that 12 hour window or

maybe you need longer is working for

your fast because everybody is different

i like to use this pre and post workout

so that i know what i need to fuel my

body because there are days when i do

need more energy and this is going to

help me have that better understanding

it’s going to really hack my metabolism

it’s using science at its finest at your

fingertips and when you have metabolic


that is when you are your healthiest

your immune system is strong and you

thrive make sure to check out the

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information there on how you can get 40

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i will see you at the next workout