“hi guys welcome back to my channel I

want to thank you for taking time out of

your day or night to click on and watch

this video tonight I am going to try

this event eight hour irradiance renewal

sleeping mask that I received in my

boxycharm for January this is a 50

milliliter sleeping mask retails for a

hundred and seven dollars this is a

company that is in United Kingdom I’m

gonna read the claims this is a eight

hour radiance renewal sleeping mask it

works to reveal more youthful and

beautiful skin overnight this mask

combines signature ingredients including

shea butter rice bran panthenol shea

butter is rich in antioxidants high in

vitamins A and E and works as an

emollient to keep your skin young and

supple it also helps tighten the skin

and lessen the appearance of fine lines

and wrinkles the vitamin E fatty acids

rice bran and the rice brands aim to

deeply hydrate the skin and restore the

skins natural glow and this is supposed

to help reduce itching redness and

inflammation so I am pre filming this

Monday January 13th I will be getting my

ablation in the morning so I am doing

this on Saturday the 11th yep

Saturday the 11th and then tomorrow

morning when I wake up I’ll hop on and

give you my thoughts and see how my skin

is feeling and looking in the morning in

the directions say to a ply apply a thin

layer to clean dry skin and I just

finished washing my face I double


and this is a little bit thick rubber

product has a little bit of fragrance in

it I can’t quite pinpoint the smell

it’s gonna be weird not putting my other

stuff on tonight I don’t usually do

sleeping masks especially in the winter

so I really hope this works

let’s get a little bit more on the face

okay it’s kind of a sticky formula but

hopefully that will kind of that will

hopefully that will subside as it starts

getting absorbed into my skin all right

so I will see you in the morning and I

will give you my thoughts on this mask

okay guys so I did put this on before

bed last night I slept in it for nine

hours I liked this mask it is very nice

hydrating my skin feels very soft it

looks very nice I have a little glow to

it now this mask retails for one hundred

and seven dollars for 50ml so it’s not

even 2 ounces it does have good

ingredients in there it’s cruelty free

and I can appreciate this brand and I

will continue to use this when I run out

I don’t think I would spend a hundred

and seven dollars to replace it I have a

ton of other masks that I use in love

that don’t quite cost as much but if you

have the funds to do so this is a very

good mask I’m not going to lie but it

just it’s just a lot of money for a mask

no granite you’ll probably get a ton of

uses out of this and I will because I’ll

continue to use it but again be that as

it may it’s expensive okay so don’t

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questions down below bye guys much love