“hi I’m live and it’s been Evan o’clock

on a Tuesday morning and it’s time for

mrs. mommy penny talks and I’ve had a

bit of a break hope you didn’t miss me

last week I was away for half time so

now I’m back now I’ve decided to change

the location of my podcast so today I’m

sat in my kitchen at my breakfast bar

and I’m testing the audio to see if it

actually works without those horrendous

headphones so I’m simultaneously doing

this Facebook live and I’m recording it

on audacity as well which the levels

seem to be okay maybe a little bit loud

let’s just turn that down a little bit

that’s better that’s better

so yes welcome to mrs. my own penny

talks so what I want to talk to you

about today is I’m going to tell you

what about my week in a few days in

Norfolk last week I’m also going to talk

to you about the reverse advent calendar

which is a new campaign as part of the

UK money bloggers which is going live

this week and I’m also going to talk to

you about spending Diaries and a very

simple thing I’ve realized this week

which has made it easier for me so yes

last week I was in Norfolk and I did an

Airbnb had gained a lot of Airbnb used

it for the first time this year it’s

just it’s such a cheap way to book a few

nights in a location that you want to go

to so I only booked it I think I booked

it maybe like four or five days before

we went away and I managed to find this

really cute little Chalet and by this

post in Norfolk went to this place

called Monde as wonders Lee I hope I’m

saying that right

Monday’s Lee which is on the coast just

for a south of chroma

and it was like a holiday shall I live

in a chalet park but it was really nice

two bedrooms in a cute living room

bathroom and kitchen really big outside

space which the boys loved they brought

all their rugby balls and football balls

to play around with and it was 40 quid

annoying not 40 quid that’s a really

really good great location

the cliffs were literally like three

minute walk away and you could walk down

the cliffs via this sort of zigzag path

called the cardiac path I realized why

it’s called the cardiac pump and I

walked back up it it’s quite hot going

and so yes

Beach really really close by so yeah and

when we when we arrived there the tide

was out and it’s just miles and miles of

sandy beach it was absolutely beautiful

you’ve got the breakers as well so then

we walked we walked along the beach to

sort of main the main town of mundus Lee

and had a bit of an explore around the

village and we were there for four days

all together so what we did was just

sort of taught up and down the coast and

went to go see as many sort of beaches

in place as possible so he went to

chroma and had a walk up appearing on

the beach she would have a rocky beach

there where crabs come from very famous

for perhaps didn’t have crab when I went

to crane with her instead we had luxury

hot chocolates in the cafe in the pier

that was very nice the boys love but um

what else did we do I see my favourite

bit of the whole holiday was amazing was

I just did a random google search I

should have done some research before we

went but I didn’t but I’m where to find

seals and the best place to find seals

at the moment is this place called

horsie gap and so we went there and got

onto the beach so there’s loads of cars

in the car park so I knew that was stuff

going on but got to the beach there was

a few seal sort of bobbing around the

city which is very exciting and then

walks along the beach maybe about half a

mile and there was literally fun

and 500 seals on the beach three

different groups of them in between the

breakers the tide had gone out and there

was like baby seals moms and dads seals

like playing in the water seals happen

fine it was it was amazing and when they

got freaked out they all sort of wobbled

really fast off the beach at the sea it

was amazing it’s not the most amazing

things I’ve seen like nature wise just

in the wild I can’t believe there were

like five hundred seals on the beach in

the UK and I spent about an hour just

standing there watching them all and

trying to get videos and pictures of

them and the boys decided they didn’t

want to see the seals there was those

that there’s loads of sand dunes along

that beach so they decided to jump up

and down the sand dunes an hour thank

you boys but appreciating my nature we

went to be ruled a word as well now if

you don’t know what the wielder word is

it’s this like mythical theme-park thing

in the forest and like a river you go on

a boat to get in there and there’s all

these sort of hot things dotted around

there’s lots of climbing things in

between the trees where you can climb

between the trees and concert wires and

down huge slides and stuff and I’ve been

there a couple of times before and on

reflection probably better when the kids

are little er because they got bored

quite quickly and oh my god she was so

expensive B it was 70 pounds for four of

us to go in and when the boys only

actually wanted to stay there like I

think we were there for three hours yes

quite a lot of money not money saving in

the slightest but and yeah really really

great four days and we had beautiful

sunshine for most of it and yeah I

highly recommend it but air B&B is a

great way to get cheap accommodation and

yeah I highly recommend going to Norfolk

so that means we’ve been to three

different places and

now early in the summer we went to wells

next to the sea but a month ago

I just went but we can put myself to

stay and not far actually from where we

were last week I saw lots of seals there

and yeah this time mantas lease oh yes I

mend it oh definitely in it and take the

boys back there in the summer because

it’s like two two and a half hours away

from where I live in Hartford year so

yeah it’s good

did I spend lots of money over the week

I reckon I spend about four or five

hundred pounds for the week no not that

much three hundred pounds yeah so that

included food and not 70 quid on the

world reward and so yeah it was it was

it was great fun part terms if we had a

really really good time so what that

means now is I have to cut back a little

bit so spending Diaries let’s talk to

you about spending diaries I’ve got got

the new book google book I opened it up

and it’s actually been used not some

process but I’m so here I’m starting my

spending diary from the beginning of

November now very important to do this

everyday write down everything you’ve

spent I’ve lost but anything so far

today that’s good

that’s any 11 o’clock so we’ve got more

time to go but I’m yeah write down

everything you’ve spent every day and

then pad it all up penny total and this

is the new thing for my spending diary

that I’ve not actually done before and

it’s actually a really can’t believe why

haven’t done this before and it makes it

even more sort of mindful about what

you’re spending but I’ve done a

cumulative total of how much money I’ve

spent so far spare a mind it’s the fifth

of November we’re not very far into the

moment and I’ve already spent 265 pounds

in five days and everything goes onto

this list every little thing so Jack

Jack had some pocket money yesterday

five pounds and so that goes onto the

list we spent four pounds on an

both for Josh’s eyes his eye there was

four pounds spent there

there are petrol got some petrol

yesterday I’ve done a little bit of top

up shops need to stop at the top up

shops and just focus on big weekly shops

because looking at the food so far in

five days I spent sixty five pounds on

food and that’s not even proper full

jobs got some clothes Jaya that’s 58

pounds say yeah 265 pounds spent so far

on five days what I’m trying to do is

keep my monthly spends this is sort of

everyday essentials to oh I forgot about

dinner money that went on there as well

yes to pay for dinner money and a school

trip for Dylan and yeah I think the

running total is gonna keep me really

mindful of this thousand pounds number

for the month and hopefully it’s gonna

stop me

buying non-essential stuff cuz yeah I

want to keep that that thousand pounds

spend under control I managed to do it

in September I didn’t do it at all in

October had some really big expenses

birthday gifts a lot of legal costs had

to go through in October so you helped

over ended up being a couple of thousand

rather than a thousand so yeah I’m

hoping when you spend or he’s gonna keep

everything on track do you do a spending

diary does it help you to keep control

your spending really important this time

of the year in the lead-up to Christmas

I’m halfway through writing an article

for my website about keeping things

under control for Christmas and not

getting yourself into debt just for one

day of gifts and food and booze and

chocolates yes that blog post is coming

soon but on that note of Christmas and

and and a bit of giving back to other

people less fortunate I’m part of a big

campaign with the UK money bloggers


we are working so there’s there’s about

300 people in this community of people

that write about all different aspects

of money this frugal bloggers this food

there’s there’s money making that money

saving there’s family bloggers there’s

death robbers there’s all all kinds of

bloggers in the community and we work

together every year on food bank advent

campaign so what this means is it’s a

great time of the year to star in early

November so you get box and you put an

item of groceries into that box every

day for 25 days and then you get that to

your local food bank the end of November

beginning of December so perfect timing

for them when they’re producing there

when they’re putting all their Christmas

or packages together and so yeah there’s

lots of sort of pictures on social media

and people starting these collections

it’s just a really lovely thing to do

because food banks are just so in need

of all of these items check with your

local food bank the sort of things

they’re looking for

I read an article that Sarah and Sarah

Williams who’s one of the key members of

UK money bloggers and her local food

bank got enough pasta they’ve got enough

baked beans but they need things like

UHT milk and toiletry items so yeah put

an item in every day for the month of

November and then give it all to your

food bank there’s this probably of the

300 hopefully all 300 people will be

doing the campaign they’re probably not

there so let’s say 50 people do in the

community and then we get loads of our

readers to do the campaign as well it’ll

be a huge impact on giving more to food

banks that desperately in need of these

products so yes I will if you have a

look on my blog my latest post is all

about food back Advent to give you some

ideas what you could be putting in your

box and I’ve started a hamper

but yeah get involved get involved and

give back to give to charities so that’s

my podcast for this week bit shorter

this week 13 minutes I’ll be back next

week or building up to Black Friday on


massive chopping time make sure you’ve

got your lists ready fill your kids

because it might be a good time to do

your shopping on Black Friday when you

can save some money yeah thanks for

listening or watching and I will pop

this onto YouTube and on to the podcast

in platforms I must just talk about I’m

using this thing called libsyn and it

shares my podcast around the world

automatically it’s very good very good

so I had lots of listens to my podcast

very exciting so yes thank you for

listening to episode 8 of mrs. morrow

penny talks and I’ll see you again next