y’all it is diamond forever and today i

am coming at you guys with the skincare


i’ve had a couple people ask me about it

and i am not going to lie

right now my skin does not look the best

i’m really having some trouble with


acne scars acne

so my skin is not the best right now but

everyone’s skin isn’t perfect so i feel

like this will be a good

opportunity to show how i deal with


breakouts and different issues and

things like that so i am just going to

jump right into the video if you have

any questions at all

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but now i’m just going to dive right in

to start off i grab a little headband to

wrap around my hair to get my hair out

of the way

and it also makes sure that my hair

doesn’t get wet as well

after i have that on i just put my hair

in a little ponytail

just to further get my hair out of the


the next step before touching your face

is washing your hands it’s very

important to

start there so that you have very clean

hands when touching your face

you don’t want to bring any bacteria

or germs to your face because that’s

just not a good idea at all

the first product that i use is the avon

biphase hyaluronic acid rejuvenating

micellar water

and i really love this product it does a

amazing job at getting everything off my

eyes i use it for my eye makeup remover

and it is amazing it gets anything off


little to no work or effort put in

and it works on glitters it works on

everything so i highly recommend this

i will link this in the description box

below as well as everything else

and i just use that to go ahead and just

get off all my eye makeup

and as you guys can see like i said it

took it right off with just

little to no effort put in by me and i

look kind of crazy right there

and i’m gonna move on to the next eye

and do the same thing

after removing all of my eye makeup i go

in with some makeup wipes and i’m not

very picky on the brand i use

this particular brand was for marshalls

and i just go in and remove

all of my makeup that was left over

after using the micellar water


the next product i use is the shea

moisture makeup melting cleansing balm

and it does an amazing job of just

getting all of that leftover makeup

because believe it or not your makeup

wives your micellar water it does not

get up everything

and you guys can tell i really like it

because i’m down to the bottom of it

and i will be repurchasing this product

it just really does a good job

of getting all that residual makeup out

of your skin and out of your pores

and it can get a little bit messy

depending on how much makeup you have

left over

or if you were to just use this product

by itself without going

in first with makeup wipes or micellar

water it would be very messy

but yeah and it leaves your skin very

soft and just feeling really good after

using it so i definitely recommend this


not only will your skin be deeply

cleaned but also

moisturized as well

after thoroughly cleansing that all out

i go in with my cleanser paired with my

cleansing brush that i got from amazon

and i got my cleanser in a boxycharm box

and i definitely recommend this

cleanser for anyone with sensitive skin

it is just very

calming and it’s very cleansing at the

same time

and it does have my solar in it it is by

the brand elements and i will also have

it linked below

and it’s a foaming cleanser as well i

personally prefer foaming cleansers just

because i feel like they do a better job

of making me feel like my skin is

cleaner and

when it’s not a foaming cleanser i don’t

know i just don’t feel the same effect

so i use this with my cleansing brush

and it’s important to use this in

circular motions

and just do a good job of getting your

entire face

thoroughly cleaned

also be sure to clean your brush after

each use because you don’t want to be

cleaning your face with a dirty

brush next i go in with a cotton round

and some witch hazel on it

and i just use this to tone my face and

just to get the last little bit of any

dirt or anything

out of my skin


i then use a q-tip to clean my ears

please do this at your own risk i’m sure

you’ve heard that it’s not really

good for you they say but this is how i

clean my ears and you can make the

decision on how to clean yours

the next step of my routine is

exfoliating and i do this probably three

times a week

and i am using the neutrogena oil free

grapefruit exfoliator and it is for

daily use so it’s more

gentle and it can be used more

frequently please do not make the

mistake of

over exfoliating your face like i did

it’s not a good

thing and it will definitely leave your


super super dry so it’s important to

find a good balance of how much you’re

exfoliating and that will depend

on the intensity of the product you’re

using as well as your skin type

i then go in with my serum and it is a

vegan skincare

hyaluronic acid and collagen serum and i


do about two to three drops of this on

my skin

and i will rub it in with my jade roller

jade rollers are really good to use when

rubbing in oils or serums

because they promote elasticity they


and also promote blood circulation in

the skin

okay we are finally getting towards the

end here and next is my eye cream

i use the mirad eye cream and i will

warn you guys this is a little bit


i received this in a boxycharm box so i

did not have to purchase it myself

but i do believe it’s probably like 70

dollars for this eye cream but it is a

very good eye cream so i definitely

would recommend it and i will be

repurchasing when i run out

a little bit definitely goes a long way

you just want to dab a little bit around

the perimeter of your eye

and then rub that in

this next step is a little bit new to my

routine i have started using a retinol

night cream

before i would just use a normal

nighttime moisturizer

but i am trying out the retinol and so

far so good i really am liking the

results i’m getting

finally the last step of my routine is

topping everything off with a coconut

oil just to seal all the moisture in

and some of you may feel like i am going

a little bit overboard with all the


but please trust me i need it i have

very dry skin

and i really do need to pack all that

extra moisture in my skin because my

skin just

absorbs everything that i give it so i

have found that i need to pack on a

little bit more than the average person

just to make sure that i am not drying

out throughout the day


okay i guess i lied there are a couple

more steps in my routine but technically

this is lip care

so i go in with a lip scrub of choice um

it really doesn’t matter what kind you


lush has really good lip scrubs but i

will take that

and just rub it all over my lips just to

exfoliate the lips

and i do this on the same days that i

exfoliate my face so

i will do this probably three times a

week as well

after washing off the leftovers of the

scrub i then go in with the lip mask

every night

and this is a really good lip mask it

smells really good and it’s super


and now i am all done if you haven’t

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thank you guys so much for tuning in to

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all the love i really really appreciate


and i will see you guys in the next

video bye