“good morning everyone and

happy new year this is my first video


i wish you guys happiness success

love wealth and health in abundance


have an amazing 2021 no

2020 wasn’t the best year but let’s pray

and fingers crossed for a better 2021

right today’s video i hope you guys

enjoyed my

nighttime routine because this morning

i’m going to take you through my

morning my daytime routine you’re going

to see a lot of beauty box favorites in

this one

because i do get beauty boxes sent to me

every month and i do like to experiment

with the products i receive

so fresh face just woke up

done my nighttime routine yesterday um i

haven’t put anything on my skin this

morning yet i have my

shower what i use to cleanse first of

all my first step is

goat’s milk soap ghost milk soap has so

many benefits

it’s a gentle but deep cleanser it’s a

natural exfoliant

it’s rich in nutrients and vitamins

relieves irritation and inflammation

there’s so many benefits to this soap if

you suffer from

skin irritations like rosacea eczema

psoriasis contact dermatitis it has

healing properties that can help soothe


it maintains the ph balance of the skin

and i just find it really softens and

nourishes my skin i love

the way how that feels so that’s my step


but i do need to add that one to two

times a week i do like to exfoliate

and i use a physical exfoliant in the

mornings and what i have been using

is this dr brandt microdermabrasion

i’ve been using this for a few weeks now

i got this in one of my beauty boxes at

the end of november

i think it was look fantastic yeah i’m

sure it was look fantastic

and i just find that my skin feels so

radiant after using this

it’s made specifically for anti-aging

and it just gets right in and exfoliates

deeply it’s got

professional hybrid crystals in this yes

helps fade dark spots and it’s fragrance


so i’ve really been getting along well

with this um i do tend to use

in the evenings that i didn’t mention in

my previous video because it’s a whole

other regime an aka chemical mask

but i do like to use physical exfoliants

in the mornings

as well so i use this one to two times a

week but i did this yesterday so i’m not

going to show you that today but i just

wanted to

mention that as well so let me get

on and cleanse my face with my gross

milk so


can i just say that i have put one of

these into

my giveaway so be sure to still enter

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still running yeah one of these

goldsmith soaps i’ve put in there for


so if you haven’t tried the ghostbusters

face i

definitely definitely recommend it later

so nicely as well

okay let’s move on to the rest of my


okay so out of the bathroom now the next

part of my routine

is i then tone with my red ready steady


aha tonic this is such a beautiful toner

it actually contains lactic acid which

is one of the most gentle of the aha

acids so we have glycolic acid which is

a bit harsh on the skin this is much

gentler and this toner actually contains

a zelic

acid which is supposed to prevent

melanin production and that helps to

brighten the skin tone

and also address uneven skin tone and

dark spots

so that’s great for a woman of color

like myself when i use this my skin


fresh and glowy it’s just so nice let me


get my cotton wall and sweep this over

my face

i actually got this in my beauty box

this is another

beauty box favorite i’ve never used it


experience i’ve never heard of it but i

received it and i looked up the benefits

and i was like yeah i’m gonna give that

a try

and i just love it so this is a 50ml

and when this one’s out i will


purchase the full-sized product


gosh my eyebrows are terrible it’s

terrible this knockdown is killing me


what are you kidding my people like we

can’t do eyebrows country nails


you see that grime


okay so my next step my clarins

brightened milk treatment lotion and

this is from the white bus range

i just like this it’s really luxurious

it’s got a luxury spill and it just

sort of preps the skin for these serums

i’m about to apply so i just put tiny

with this in my hand

it’s a bit runny so it didn’t look as

tiny as it was but it is

smooth this over

and this again helps even the skin tone

and boosts


my next product back to this

staple product that i also use in my

nighttime routine if you saw this is the

ordinary caffeine solution

so i just get a small amount of this a

little goes a long way

with this product this is all i use that

tiny little bit

i don’t think i’ve run out of this for



dab it under there and this is meant to


brighten dark circles and reduce


in the eye contour


the next serum that i use is my vitamin


and this one is the dr dennis gross c

plus collagen

vitamin c serum this product is the balm

i absolutely love it i actually receive

this one in a beauty box as well this is

sample size but i’ll definitely

be purchasing a full size product the

mornings are all about brightening i

want my skin to be bright and glowy

during the day so i only use this

during the day because this doesn’t go

well with neo cinemas which is

my product that i use at night there was

a time that i was

using neocinamide in the morning and

night and i removed vitamin c

serum from my regime but then i got this

product and i’d wanted to try this

vitamin c serum for so

long because it was so highly rated it

was quite pricey

and i wasn’t sure if i wanted to spend

that much in the serum

so when i received this i had to

alternate and i took my niacinamide out


out of my morning routine so i could use

this and i’m so grateful i did and i’m

so happy to have this because it’s

so good it’s such a strong serum and

you just see such a difference i’ll pop

two drops of that

and just dab

i see such a difference with the serum i

really feel like my skin is brighter

after using this

definitely worth it my next product is

another treat from the ordinary and this

is the ordinary

hyaluronic acid everyone needs

hyaluronic acid in their

routine morning and night and this just


lasting hydration clumps the skin

retains moisture put three drops on my


rub them in and it just replenishes

the top layer of the skin and just

causes the skin to look smoother

so i just pat this in

and then we move on to moisturizing this

might be familiar to you guys because

this product was in my agora beauty edit


which was on sale last month so if you

bought my agora beauty edit

you will be familiar with this babe

and this is the avons supreme

hyaluronic acid and teach your


this cream


what can i say about this cream me loves

this cream

just put the teeniest amount because it

soaks into the skin

so nicely it’s non-greasy

it’s not sticky at all i do admit it’s


but it’s nicely fragrance it says in the

title it’s got a lot of hyaluronic acid

more of that better and it’s got a

luxurious texture and it just feels

great on the skin so lightweight

next argan oil another favorite

i don’t put this all over my face at

this time like i do

at night but i just dab a teeny amount

under my eye

to help with the dark circles argan oil

is a great

anti-oxidizing product

so dab

let’s set it in for a couple of minutes

before i apply my eye cream

i then get my avon and this

is the pro radiance bryson eye final


i received this recently in my december

beauty box room look fantastic

and i’m really liking it i do like the

avon skincare range

anyway and i find that it does the job

it seems to be illuminating my eye area

which is what i want so i’ll tap a

little bit of that

under my eye

a bit more above the eye

on this area

and then finally last but not least is

they say

spf guys it doesn’t matter what the

weather is whether it’s sun

rain sleet snow you need to wear spf

every day the ultraviolet rays are the


of sun damage they’re always present

regardless of the weather

and it’s estimated that 90 of skin aging

is due to the effects of the sun

so this is needed this is a necessity

this is probably one of

if not the most critical steps

of your morning routine the sun causes

the proteins in our skin to deteriorate

leading to the loss of our beautiful

youthful appearance over time so

this is a needs must for me boy the one

i’m using

is the morad city skin age defense board

spectrum and this is spf 15.

really really nice sunscreen this is a

mineral sunscreen

it’s fragrance free which is great and

it’s a pleasure to use

i find that it doesn’t leave a white

cast like

other sunscreens tend to do and

it goes on really nice underneath makeup

so i can put makeup over this and it’s


the white crust was a big issue for me i

tried on i tried so many different sun

creams i kept getting that

horrible white glass but this one

i haven’t found it to do it

as much if at all so really pleased with



and there we go guys that’s my daytime


thanks so much for watching i really

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