one expert one question one answer today

we have

barack obama of online marketing leo

barack hillary

i’m sorry to be here finally

thanks uh for coming to me and i want to

shoot one question to you regarding

online marketing and data from process

because you are a huge expert

you have refugee expertise on

data privacy and the the question is

what uh how we can use the name

conversion for creators so name

conversion for creatives is coming from

the fact that privacy was

becoming a big issue ios actually cut

down completed the ability to match the


to the activity on the app

and what we’re talking about now is okay

if you cannot measure

what a banner actually brought the user

in how can you actually work around it

and create an experience that the user

will understand much better sorry the

data consumers and much better where the

user comes from and how he’s using it

and when we’re talking about net

conversion for creators we’re talking

about basically creating an experience

for the user

that on the one side you see in

advertisement of a product


whatever it is

and then we’re trying to create the same

experience when you run into the app and

then we can measure it without

connecting the two anymore because we’re

going to know what people are clicking

on what they’re interested in

because we have the name called version

so we have for example what is the main

element was a product what was the sub

element it was a price what was the main

color and so on and so on

that helping them to understand better

how to use it and then when they run

into the website we know exactly how

they reacted more or less because we

know what they were searching whether

we’re clicking on and we can do this

synergy between these two worlds that

are unpossible today to connect anymore

cool man thank you so much that was

three minute boosters to his church leo

george if you have any question

regarding online marketing please feel

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