“hey there you guys welcome back to my

channel so in today’s

video i am giving you an update on my

skincare project plan and i’m happy to

announce that we are rolling out

one product but i made tons and tons of


on the other things so i think next

month we’ll be running out

uh a couple of more things uh then i

anticipated so if this is something that

interests you

then just keep on watching now

unfortunately i do not remember the

order that i did my previous

um my previous uh

introduction whatever my previous update

so i’m just gonna pull out things as

they go and i’ll show you progress

pictures and so on and so forth so

i’m just going to start off with the

most exciting thing which

is the product that we are rolling out

so this

is the balance me pha clarifying

mist so at this i’ll put pictures here

so that you can see the progress

we started about uh oh god i think i

used up like four fifths of the product

and now it is completely done so this is

going into my empties

i actually really really enjoyed that

product because it um

it is a clarifying mess so it did kind

of help

um maybe uh help

or help fight

those um pesky little zits and

yeah this was really really nice i

really enjoyed it it smelled

kind of herbal but sure that doesn’t

make that much of a difference to me but

it worked so that’s all good um

now on to the next thing which is not as


this is the nail berry little treasure

cuticle oil so um the line hasn’t gone

down that much it’s just

yeah you will see in the progress

pictures like you know there’s

there isn’t enough a lot of um ways like

that i can use it i literally just use

it on my cuticles

and i use it about two or three times a


um definitely more than i used to and as

you can see

it moved just a little uh so yeah this

is going to be here for

the long haul and this is a really nice

cuticle oil it does the job

so it’s not bad on to the next thing is

my dr pop-up multi-purpose soothing

balm so this is what it looks like and

oh my god i can’t believe the progress

that i made these take

ages to use up i would say

one two maybe three in three months we

will be done

with that because it takes ages to

finish them they are so

so efficient and they’re so effective as

well this is my favorite

lip balm ever um i have

loads of backup lip balms and i actually

started to use the eos one

and it does not compare the dr papa one

it is the best end of story

um next up i have this caudally the eye


oh my god you guys i am

i was pushing off filming this video for


long for a couple of days at least

because i was trying to finish this off


i wasn’t able to like knowing my luck

it’ll probably be done in like two days

but sure what can i do uh this is a

nice eye cream nothing special it does

the job

especially for night time you know it

it’s fine but it’s it’s not my favorite


i can’t believe i’m so so so so close

but yeah i just want to use it up and

get it out of my collection

um it’s all right okay

next up i have the silk care uh

quinn so sweet and natural lip scrub so

this is what the actual product looks

like and as you can see

there is some progress i have to admit

um i use this about once

maybe twice a week um and you don’t

actually need a lot

of it to um you know to do the

exfoliation process

uh but i love the smell of it smells

like blueberries oh

it’s so good and it is a sugar scrub so

you know it’s nice and sweet

on um the lips i really enjoyed this

little scrub and it’s going to be here


for a long while which you know i am

totally fine with i

just i love it that much that you know i

don’t mind having it as long as

as i possibly can next up i have

my good molecules overnight exfoliating


treatment and guys i think next month

we’re gonna we’re gonna be pulling it

close but i think uh by next month i

will be finished with it because i have

about a quarter left

and i used about a quarter as well

so maybe a little less than a quarter uh


we are you know we are coming close to

actually finishing it next month and

i really really enjoy that i use this

about two or three times a week

um especially you know at night and it

helps to keep

my skin some wash clear

i think the niacinamide serum was the

one that actually kept

my skin really really free of acne

uh but this definitely helps um another

thing for from good molecules let’s just

get this

done and over with is the uh hyaluronic


serum this is what this little guy looks

like and

oh the dog is playing with the with the


we might have some noise here and there

um yeah

i i am steady going this is going to be

in here for a while but i don’t mind

because um

i really enjoy this hyaluronic serum it

is one of the best hyaluronic serums

that i’ve

used uh it does not peel it actually

hydrates my skin when i wake up in the

morning after using this my skin feels

so much more um plumped up

uh it just feels really really good i

really enjoy that one so uh yeah

you know yeah it’s gonna be here a while

but i don’t mind because it’s really

really good

okay the next little thing from good

molecules is the clarify

and cleanse uh bar and

i remember the picture that i took so

you know basically it’s a toe

bar like thing for the face um

and i remember taking the picture and i

had so much of it and look at this

this isn’t that much i think one

or two more months and we should be done


that now this is not my favorite way to


um cleanser on my face

but i have it and i will use it um

it works really really nice at removing


and it also helps to keep my skin uh

clear but i would not repurchase because

i’m not the biggest fan of the way that

it has to be

applied um okay next up something that


are really really close to finishing as

well is the mona skin

line smoothing night renewal complex

this is

a poor combination skin so uh exactly

exactly my skin

type oh god i think i said i think

in the introduction i said like oh sure

five more uses and i’ll be done with it

i use this about two or three times a

week for the past month and

look how much we still have left um i’ll

definitely be finished with it by next

month but um yeah this just

it’s an ever never-ending product um i

don’t necessarily like it actually it

doesn’t actually break me out i thought

it did

but it doesn’t um it’s just a nice

kind of overnight uh mask it’s

nothing special definitely will not

repurchase because

i don’t really see the effects of it but

you know it’s nice to have but not

not absolutely great another thing that

we’re really close to

finishing see there’s so many products

that if i maybe

have hold enough um filming this video

for another week or two

i probably would have finished a lot

more but i can’t i have a schedule

i want to keep it you know within the

schedule so um yeah we’ll just

we will just roll out so many products

next month i am so excited about that

but anyway this is the avant

rose papaya vitamin b5 uh

proline ala9 and papaya again

okay gentle rose expo no

gentle rose beautifying face exfoliant

this is what the product looks like oh

my god i actually have

i think i have like two more uses left

in this one because

i um i have gotten rid of all the air

out of this um exfoliant and i actually

have to you know squeeze it at the sides

to get some product

out so i think two two or three more

uses and that will be

uh done but yeah this is a nice


um it is um it is a physical exfoliant


i actually prefer physical experience

because i can see or i can feel it

you know working on my skin um

it was good it was good that’s all i can


it was good and the last product that i

have in my skincare project

pan is this a pre uh platinum film

firm and lift cram so

um yeah there’s some decent progress

here i actually don’t use it every night


only use it with the hyaluronic

serum and now that i have rolled out

the pha clarifying mist i will be using

this with the product that i will be


in so this will definitely go by quicker

it is a

lovely thick rich moisturizer

that is just perfect for nighttime


it’s all it it gives you like a layer of

hydration uh when you you know when you

go to bed and

it just feels really really good i

really enjoy that one

and um i’m happy to have it you know

okay but it is time to roll in a new

product into my project and it is


mist replacing my phj clarifying mist


is the balance me beauty sleep

hyaluronic mist so it is a

targeted treatment mist high in relaxing

bioactives to promote a good

night’s sleep and hydrate your neck and


while you catch up on some

so yeah this is what it looks like this

is full

because i’ve only received this in uh

one of my boxes

this month which you will see after

this project pan actually

yeah so spoiler alert this is what i got

in one of my boxes um but yeah i am

putting this

in because i want to um yeah i just want

to replace a like for like product i

will try to do that with most of the


but i don’t think it might be um i don’t

think it will

be um possible for some of the products

but sure we can try

uh but yeah this is a brand new full and

um hopefully i will be able to use that

up within the month but uh we will see

but yeah that completes uh today’s video

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