“hi guys welcome to my channel my name’s

kelly and i’ve had this channel for

about six years and if you can’t see any

previous videos

except for my story time i left up

because i liked filming that and i

really liked how it turned out

but there are no other videos because

i’ve privatized them all

i wanted to kind of start again

all of those videos were spaced out from


a year two years apart from each other

um it’s very embarrassing really but uh

yeah i just wanted to start anew and


this channel that i’m hopefully gonna be

really proud of



yeah i thought a really nice simple

stripped back video to start with would

be kind of me just doing my night

routine that isn’t really my routine

it’s actually just

a lot more of a pampered version

to be honest before i go to bed i


sometimes get a shower

and sometimes put moisturizer on and


about it but i’ve had makeup on today

i’ve got in the shower washed it all off

i’ve cleansed my face with this

cleansing soap bar that i cannot

remember where it’s from

or what it’s called i don’t know how i

feel about the background i kind of just

threw it all together i hope it looks

nice i hope

it’s appealing i hope the light is okay

i’m using a lamp

not a ring light so


amateur hour over here but yeah i’ve

cleansed my face in the shower i did a

minute mask i actually used um


sanctuary spa

mini mask

mini mask minute mask and it’s the one

minute daily glow mask


i love this i’ve nearly ran out it’s

quite old because i don’t use it all the

time i wish it did because it really

helps my skin i also

unhealthily scrubbed my skin in the

shower um because

i don’t think i clean my skin as well as


need to most of the time i really want

to talk about the shampoo and

conditioner that i use in the shower and

it’s the

pantene pantene

why can’t i say that i think it’s

pantene right

um it’s the


um pro-v repair and protect for weak and

damaged hair the shampoo and the




i love these so much i’ve just used it

for the first time in the shower and my

hair feels great i haven’t brushed

through it yet or anything but like

yeah 10 out of 10 would recommend

those shampoo and conditioners they also

gave my face a wipe with the johnson

makeup removers just

because i never get my mascara off

without that and because i’m feeling

extra booty tonight and i need to start

doing this more often because i never do

it i used the dove derma spa

beauty sleep

bedtime bliss body lotion that is a

ah it smells

honestly it smells so good i would love

to know

surely it would say

like the oh lavender fragrance yeah that

makes sense so i’m gonna

roughly pursue my hair if there’s just

like one person watching this that has

been literally me for the past

like what eight

nine years

where like you watch everyone’s youtube

channel and like

i wish i could do that


i wish that was me and not even like for

all the big like materialistic things

but just because


how fun is building like a community

i’ve always just watched and

wanted to do it and

like done a video here and there

but never

like stuck to it or anything like that


honestly just pick up a camera

pick up a phone i’m filming on my phone

you can probably tell the quality’s

probably awful

but like

just do it because

i like regret not doing it for the past

seven eight years when i’ve wanted to do

it because think of how far

i would have been like

six seven years into having a youtube

channel and like that doesn’t need to

mean that it would be a career but

it would have just been like this

foundation that i’d built and stuck to

and i had to look back on and yeah i’m

sad that i don’t have that i also bought

this from starbucks today because



just because it was only 2.50 and it


fulfills all of my autumn dreams i know

it’s like

it’s the third of september it’s lucas’s

birthday but i feel like now it’s being

lucas’s birthday

i can be excited for

the rest of the year but yeah i’m gonna

use the breath of fresh air tonal water


lush i love this stuff i’m so bad at


things on my face i look

mental but yeah so

oh my god

whilst my tone of water’s drying on my


i thought i would let you know a few

bits about me and you know if anyone’s

interested in any kind of q a

leave some questions down below and i

will i’ll definitely do one if people

are interested um but i just thought i’d

throw some like key facts in this video

um so that you can kind of get to know


because i doubt there’ll be enough

questions like a full q a but yeah um

i’m 22. i had to think about that i’m 23

in november

my boyfriend is lucas and he’s 24 today

the 3rd of september

um he’s crazy he’s currently out in town

sporting a

mullet and a mustache because he just

wanted it for his birthday um

which i respect even though i didn’t


but yeah



lived together in a house in liverpool


um we have three cats i think that’s

kind of like the basis um

our cats we have a ginger cat called

doofenshmirtz we have

a like tortoiseshell cat called missy

and we have a black cat called freddy so

they’re my three babies

um yeah oh

and i’m in

uni studying business with marketing

which mark it in

is my passion i love it so much

if i have some marketing videos up

enjoy them but who knows if i will or

not i’m well aware by the way that i

keep looking over there

and i’m sorry say hi

she just doesn’t know what she’s like


is this crazy lady

talking to her phone on top of a couple

of boxes is what she’s thinking i

haven’t really oily



sweat really badly

just like not great and i got the


day cream and i know it says day cream

and i’m using it at night but i don’t

have a night cream that i like and i

still want to put moisturizer on my face


i’m using this it’s the mattifying day

cream 24-hour moisture uh with natural

aloe vera and it’s for combination skin

but it like really does mattify my face

i also have the um

miracle patch

the spot patches to try out

do you put this on after moisturizer


i’m not 100 sure

if i just put moisturizer like on my


and my forehead because i don’t really

it’s the tiniest amount

of this

i understand that this

video is a mess right now

but if i just put it on

it smells so strong

but i just put it like

here and under my eyes i’ve also got a



oh it’s

killing me i hate stars

really stressed me out i’ve seen loads

of different types of these this is the

rail i think that’s how you say that

the rail beauty

it had really good reviews on amazon

so if

this is any good which i will know by

the time i upload this video i will

leave it linked below yeah sorry as i

was saying i had really good reviews on

amazon but i have seen like loads of

people use different


and this was the cheapest it was like

9.99 but it was for 96 patches whereas a

lot of them were like 9 to 11 pounds but

for like

30 patches so this has

a lot more okay how to use

place patch sticky side down on blemish

where for at least four hours for best

results can be worn overnight or during

the day under makeup so you can take on

your day with confidence so this is one

identify and cleanse the infected area

so i’m gonna put one here on my nose and

i’m aware i have a spot here that keeps

coming back and there’s probably one on

my chin there’s always one on my chin

and then

says remove one patch from the

perforated back sheet and apply to the

cleansed area

three wait four to six hours or until

you see that the patch has turned a

faint white four remove the patch

cleanse and moisturize the area this is

what the patches look like if you can


they are quite small i think they’re all

that size yeah they’re all that size so


oh the ones are actually like real

discreet i think

surprisingly i’ve popped all my spots so

they’re not spots anymore and they’re


scabs okay i think if i touch my skin



i’m gonna cause spots

so i’m gonna

leave it at what three yeah i’m not sure

what it looks like in

the camera but in the mirror i can only

really tell i’m wearing them when the

light bounces off them

and also i know where i put them so

yeah but if you can’t tell i put one

here because i had an abscess here and i

can feel there’s still something in it

so i actually kind of really want to see

if it will suck that out

and i put one here because that spot

keeps returning i keep popping it and

what i’m

what i want them for is to stop the red

marks because i only really


like a spotty looking face because i pop

my spot so

hopefully this will really help reduce

like these here

these aren’t spots anymore they’re the

scabs of where

the spots were

doofus staring me out from the


i really like my background i’m looking

in the mirror

to the reflection of my phone because

that’s how i’m seeing and i really love

it i like it it looks cozy it’s giving


exactly the vibes i want it to get okay

so the last thing kind of skincare i’m

gonna do

is this



argan oil

peony sweet almond

age protect and uv

velvet perfecting

rose sugar lip scrub that

is a mouthful

i really like this i have used quite a

bit of it so

i do really like it

it also

kind of tastes nice but

i don’t like

because i’m tempted to lick my lips

and then they get trapped

they have like these little bits in for

like them being a scrub but i kind of

just like using it as like an oil

that sits

on my lips because it hydrates them

really nicely that is



all the skin care bits

done i’m not going to

blow dry my hair because it’s nighttime

it’s unnecessary heat on my hair thank

you guys so much for watching i hope you

enjoyed and it’s a really all over there

kind of video


this is just what i was going to do

anyway is have kind of like a little

pamper night to myself

and i’ve been

really procrastinating starting this

youtube channel or resume in it or

whatever you want to call it but this is

really like my fresh start to it i hope

i have


you and um hopefully i’ll be back

to see you in the next video if you

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a bit more about my life a bit more

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