hey you guys welcome back to my youtube

channel today i’m going to share with


how i purposely gained eight pounds over

the course of probably the last 10 days

or so and the experiment that i ran

to just prove uh the lifestyle that i

have been

living really does work and why


other nutritional guidelines that are

kind of deemed for the general public

aren’t necessarily the best for us

especially us women who are in menopause

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check it out um this is by

no means any sort of um

dis or discredit to the lumen device

that’s what i’m going to be talking

about today

i absolutely love the device i think it

is a very intelligent tool for us to use

to help us determine if our

lifestyle choices are actually going to

help us yield the result that we’re

hoping for

but what i’m going to take you through

is the experiment that i

just did using the lumen nutritional

guidelines and what that ended up

resulting for me

and i’m gonna also make sure that i link

i think it goes on this side

uh the video that i did just a week ago

where i shared how i use the lumen to


lose eight pounds and so my goal is to

come back here in about a week or two

and share with you again how i lost this

eight pounds that i just gained

by going back to what i know works for

my body so

let’s get started so the experiment that

i decided to do

over the course of this last 10 days or

so was to

utilize the nutritional guidelines that

were offered to me

based on the results that i was getting

with my lumen

prior to this little experiment i was


my own nutritional experience and


along with the results that i was

getting from my lumen

and that’s what was dictating how i

would um

manage my nutritional intake based on

the results i was getting with the lumen

and what i knew worked for my body

that’s how i was able

to really utilize and tap into that fat


and lose that eight pounds that was

primarily body fat just a few weeks ago

what i did over the course of this last

little test was i

used the suggested macros from my lumen

and i didn’t

use what i had been using in the past

because i felt

that as a coach for women and someone

who is helping women

get the results they want with illumine

i had to test both theories i had to

test what i was doing and what i know

about my own nutritional

suggestions and then i wanted to also


what was just given to me with my device

and so

this is what the device generally gave


over the course of the past week or so

when i was

utilizing it through the breath

analyzation of whether my body was

usually utilizing carbohydrates

or fat as energy sources i am an

avid exerciser so i work out every day


60 minutes a day um generally that’s


primarily and then i always make sure

that i get about a 10 or 15 minute

strength workout

so these macro guidelines were based not

only on

what my breath analyzation was but it

was also based on

the exercise of time frame that i pumped

into my lumen also

so on average my recommendation was

about 165

macros of carbohydrates about 140

macros or grams not macros grams of fat

so 165 grams of carbs about 140 grams of

fats and about 130

grams of protein so this was the average

daily macro recommendation for me based


what my uh breath analyzation was

and what my exercise minutes were

for the day so it generally worked out

to about

three meals a day and to get all of this

food in in the course of my day i had to

shorten my fast

to about 16 hours a day so if you’re

been following me for any length of time

you know i am really adamant about about

20 hours of fasting especially for women

who are trying to reverse a lot of the

sugar backup and sugar-related diseases

that a lot of us are dealing with

insulin resistance fat storage all of

those hormonal imbalances

and i also really really encourage or

what i

coach women on is not really managing

macros so much but really figuring out

what food works for you so that you can


into a utilization type of atmosphere

for your body or what we like to call

here the energized sense of calm

when your body is internally uh


energy and you’re not relying on your

food sources to kind of get you through

these type of experiences throughout the

day you have an energized

even sense of calm based on the

utilization opportunity you’re creating

in your body

so i followed these pretty closely i can

tell you

that the feelings that i had over the

course of the last you know week and a

half or so

were not fun i felt like i was

cramming food in my my body throughout

the day i felt

very preoccupied about calculating food

out and

measuring food and tracking food i felt

very thick is the best term that i can


i felt very weighed down and there was a


of almost sadness that i felt

just by feeling like i was constantly in

a state

of feeding which is exactly the opposite

of the way

i generally feel with the lifestyle that

i’ve created that has allowed me to

become so healthy as a menopausal woman

so this was definitely an experience of

feeling like i was

forcing food in my body and the result

was not a good feeling

um throughout my workouts when i was

eating this much food and only fasting

for this amount of time

i was uh not able to

get like that internal energy and it was

really hard

for me to also manage my heart rate when

i was

in this phase of feeding

throughout the 10 day period so

it was not a good experience for me and

i did feel very

mentally and emotionally weighed down by

all the food decisions that i had to


so this is not a happy place for me to


and from what i can tell i did this

experiment with a group of women that

i’m coaching so there was i think about

six of us that did the same thing i said


let’s just follow the suggested macros

on our lumen for a week and see what


and everyone came back with the same

mental and emotional feelings

they thought they were going crazy

because they felt very weighed down they

felt very sluggish they felt very

fatigued and they started to get that

sense of almost like a sadness

about how it was they were showing up

and kind of

feeling how they were moving about their


so we all felt what i like to say food

poison almost

we were just way down here’s what i

do normally and what i’m going to go

back to it started yesterday

actually to get me back into a


stage this these are the macros

that i ended up without even trying just

going off how i intuitively eat

um and how i am able to maintain you


no insulin resistance no diabetic states

and how i really put my body in a

utilization of food energy stage as

opposed to a storage

i generally consume less than 75 grams

of carbs a day

optimally i’m about 50 without even

trying or denying anything i’m between

50 and 75 grams of carbs a day

my fats is really where i get the most

amount of energy and um kind of

support throughout the day even through

my exercise and that’s

shooting for or just knowing that about

a hundred grams of fats

is where i actually feel my best and


less than 40 grams of protein now here’s

where the nutrition

and fitness industry absolutely loses

their mind

in this area and this area

because this is really the guidelines

that most people will tell you

you need to stay in to support your body


to support what it is you want to do in

your fitness

this left me in a weight gain

a storage of energy mode meaning i would

have to

exercise away this

in order to maintain what it is that i

want to maintain not only in my fitness

but my physique and that is a really

unhealthy mindset for me

around food so i don’t like to feel like

i’m eating to just

exercise away the food this is also one

of those areas that i just don’t have

the body chemistry or even the hormones


to properly utilize this

heavy of a day of food in a 16 hour

fasted state

even with exercise so this is really

what i

teach women in my intermittent fasting

course and what i

teach women about managing what

feels good to you and not letting other


dictate to you what they think is going

to work best

this is where i am at my prime this is

where i feel the energized sense of calm

this is where my workouts are their

absolute best even as a 55 year old


i operate like a conditioned athlete

when i follow

this style of nutrition for myself

i do that within two meals in a day so

that means i

work out i usually put a little fat in

my coffee

post-workout just to kind of maintain my


throughout the rest of the day and i

stay in

a fasted state until

i have one of my two meals later in the


now when you have a pure fat remember

you can stay in a fasted state as long

as you’re not

fasting for cellular recovery so when i


fasting i mean the opportunity for my

body to

tap in and utilize what i have in


as energy so i’m in a utilization stage

when i add some fats to my coffee post


and i generally fast between 18 and 20


so the majority of my day is not

really concerned with this i have this

within my two meals

this is where i am burning fat as my

primary source of energy and i

am in that energized sense of calm this

is where i

am now and where i will stay uh

with using the lumen as my tool to prove

that this works for me the other thing i

wanted to say about the lumen is the

lumen tells us whether we are

metabolically flexible or how

metabolically flexible we are

and the improvements that we can make on

that through nutritional choices that

we’re making

how well we’re sleeping and what we’re

doing through our exercise

when i was following this my metabolic

flexibility was on the rise

and when i was following this my

metabolic flexibility declined

because i was always in a storage

mode my body and my lifestyle my


my hormones don’t afford me the

opportunity to utilize

this much food within a 24 hour period

my body is in a utilization mode when i

provide an environment for my body to


in nutrients utilize them

put them where they need to go and then

tap into the things that i have

in storage to fuel me through the rest

of the day

so if you’re a who’s feeling frustrated


her body and you are perimenopausal

menopausal or post-menopausal and you’re


more of a lifestyle that looks like

this or looks like this and you’re not

happy with the results that you’re

getting i would

really really recommend experimenting

with a lifestyle like this this is what

i call the keto

like approach to nutrition higher

naturally occurring

fats moderate to low amounts of protein

and a very conscious carbohydrate

type of nutritional plan when you figure


what grouping of macro counts work for


then all you have to do is rinse and

repeat that

throughout the days that you’re

exercising or maybe pull back on days

that you’re not exercising

and then really know that you can get

enough nutrition

into meals with an 18 18 to 20 hour

uh fasting protocol giving yourself that

four hours to feast like i said i


every day i’m a runner i generally run

between 45 and 60 minutes a day

and i can do that very efficiently and

very effectively

on this type of macro plan so i hope

this helps i hope this encourages you to

do a little

digging around and a little research and

even some experimenting with

the food lifestyle that you have

incorporated for yourself

as we age we just don’t need as much


as we used to you’re not going to put


in starvation mode you’re going to allow

an opportunity for your body to utilize

the energy that you have available so

that you don’t put yourself

in storage mode i hope this encourages

you to do a little research and to do

some thinking for yourself about

what food makes sense for you what type

of fasting window will make sense for


so that you can tap into the utilization

of your energy

and not become a storage bank for it

please make sure that you leave me some

comments in the comment section below

ask me any questions

that you would like i will be sharing an

update like i said with the progress

that i’m going to make going back to

what i know

works for me it was a really fun

experience i don’t feel any

kind of emotional connection to the

weight that i’ve picked up or any of the

body fat that my

body has stored because i know exactly

what to do to reverse it and get me back

where i was before i started

so i hope that encourages you as well

thanks for tuning in i hope to see you

guys back here on thursday at 9 a.m

central standard time hope you enjoyed

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