“hi guys it’s Lia welcome to my channel

hope everybody’s feeling very very well

so today we’re gonna unbox our June Rock

box this is a monthly subscription it

cost thirteen pound nine to five per

month that doesn’t include postage and

packaging a collection of beauty items

from makeup skincare haircare you name

it they do it

okay box is a particular favorite of

mine and I probably have a subscription

for over a year now so let’s enter the

unlock so when you get your box okay

let’s get straight in you’ve got about

two here for what’s the one voucher and

then you get a leaflet just explaining a

little bit about the box so this month’s

theme is all about selfie a selfie ready

box okay so this is what the contacts

look like so let’s just put my glasses

on so can you see what I’m talking about

first item I see is the ICO it’s black

magic eyeliner this is a full-size

product it’s a recommended of 16 pounds

and you can get this eye Coco to UK to

start with we have the ICO liquid

eyeliner this is designed for that

after-hours allure look make him messy

eyeliner thing of the past as bye bye

traditional Japanese calligraphy this

liner makes wind eyes effortlessly in

for those of us that aren’t gifted with

the talent of makeup brushes Smith and

allows the singlet stroke which stays on

all day without fading so perfect so

much just don’t even have a look it’s a

bit of a big box or a little item

but hey ho so it’s just literally you

standard a little pen na very very fine

I’ll look forward to trying that I mean

I’m not great and precise with our liner

so might take a few guys but my

technique has improved slightly so yeah

that’s a good one I like like the cool

to try net alright next we have Avant

this is the supreme hyaluronic acid ante

oxidize and do moisturize that this is a

deluxe travel-size it has a recommended

of 20 pounds good things really do come

to those and small packages this

moisturizer deeply penetrates is going

to hydrate and instantly improve the

appearance of any fine lines it contains

avocado oil which initially hydrates and

softens the skin when applying white

from the center of the face out and a

little tip if you gently tap your face

while moisturizing it would stimulate

circulation okay so that’s that this is

a really good brand I have got a few

items and I particularly like he hand

cream that the SAP brand does so I won’t

get around to using it there was no

smell so yeah

second item good one okay next we have

eye therapy this is a full-size product

this is a recommended of 1 pound 95 so

no matter how much sleep you get you

still have tired eyes right

we know feelin these beauties are an

intense eye treatment which nourished

the eye reduces puffiness dryness and

the appearance of those dark circles

suitable for all skin types simple to

use just cleanse the area place on 15 to

20 minutes and relax now I have had

these before and I absolutely love them

and I do feel like they actually do work

so I look forward to trying those next

we have a lipstick this is by May this

is a velvet

hydro matte lipstick in each of your new

everyday lipstick color we may have

found the one for you the super soft and

super hydrating velvet formula provides

the perfect matte color without drying

out your lips

it’s a paraben free formula with added

vitamin E this will be the gasps night

essential in no time

recommended it is 25 pound you can get

this at may be calm and this is a

full-size product and the color we have

is called chu’lak so that’s how alone

it’s very pretty

it’s got the made logo on there as well

but I don’t know if you can take that up

so yeah beautiful color it’s a very

natural nude color very pretty or late

that’s quite orange a which I do you

like that’s nice that is really nice I

like that a lot

I’ve got yeast for sure like that and

then finally we have the Charles where I

can turn diamond shine and shampoo and

conditioner as you all love last month’s

Charles work weddington goodies were

here this month with her power coupled

the shampoo and conditioner instantly

revitalizes dog looking hair and leaves

it with Southie were these Sparkle both

are rich with the fragrance lock

technology leaving your hair smelling

fresh all day recommended is four pound

get this at Boots calm and these are the

deluxe travel-size and you get both for

child these are quite a hefty light you

can get quite a few washes out of these

for sure so I think that’s really pretty

good I’ll use them okay so I really

really do I just love rocker box

I think the products that you get are

things that everybody use so just to

recap we’ve got the beautiful mermaid

lipstick we’ve got the event monster


we’ve got the ice therapy

I’m asked got the witch I’m looking very

forward to trying the ico eyeliner and

then we got the Charles Wellington

shampoo and conditioner and a decent

size – okay so if you like these kind of

unboxings don’t forget to you please

subscribe trying to still reach my two

thousand goal so every little helps I

would really really appreciate it and

always began please please take care of

yourself and each other and bye for now

take care bye bye