“wow she really needs a breath she really

needs a bra to apologize


hello everybody and welcome back to my


how are you all doing thank you all so

much for coming

i know you’re all wondering what did you

keep from your ivy park hall

i mean the truth of the matter is it’s

still sitting next door in a massive box

i’m not send it back yet but i still got


um i thought i was dead certain the

trainers but then i started to realize

that the trainers have an

inch of tongue on the front and i just

can’t do i can’t make them work and look

flattering with anything that i’m


but they are still fabulous if you don’t

mind an into tongue

then that sounds quite dirty

i meant shutong okay i’ll stop talking

about tongues now

wow yes i’m still

on the tracksuit i think i’m like okay

but we’ll see i’ll of course let you

know let’s of course let you know

anyway do let me be rude sorry hello to

the people who are new to

hello my name is sarah i’m a performer

choreographer professional eddie art

and i make videos about my freelance

life and also

bring you things that bring me joy but

speaking of joy this lock down this

latter part of this lockdown

has not been bringing me all of the joy

so what i’ve been doing is trying to

create situations

and scenarios and doing things that make

me happy

and so this video is about one of those

things is that creating

my perfect saturday evening

something better than having a weekend

that’s a weekend not like a working

weekend like a proper

weekend so uh

i hope you enjoy being on this saturday

with me you know if you like the video

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love you okay bye

so i had an idea i thought let’s give

you an example of like my perfect

saturday evening and it’s going to start


dinner we’ve got takeaway guacamoles

we’re porsche

and then we are then my

hub has a zoom with his friends she’s

like perfect for me

i’m gonna do a bit of tidying in the

bedroom have a bath

do some facial look we’re gonna we

are gonna have the best time just come

with me

you don’t need to see me eat hello and

welcome to the blanc spa

today we shall have a bath there’s some

candles around it

and we shall do some facial stuff but


of all brush that hair young lady

she got this hairbrush is like an orgasm

on a stick

hair up out of the way oh no first step

of the skincare drink the water

i’m gonna put my contact lenses in


it’s just easier it’s been a nice

saturday i

i went to devoted and disgruntled

it was like chats and provocations all

day and so that was like

good for the brain the soul so into my

brain i’ve been like fed and

i kind of took part in conversations

all about the arts

body shop chamomile cleanser it’s all

over my


oh yeah i’ve been feeling my skin’s been

quite clogged up because i’ve been in

the studio a lot so lots of like

grossness here so we’re gonna use

my trusty get that on

probably putting this on before i get in

the bath is that


it um it takes a long time to dry

so um steam from the bath

might make it harder to



oh yeah so after this dries i’m gonna

put this on because this will soften

and nourish the skin afterwards um

it’s yellow so romantic

mate no i’m not gonna film in the bath

i’m gonna enjoy it it’s my time my


um i’m gonna watch

some youtube i’ve got this habit of

watching like

people are nearly like half my age on

youtube i just

i just love a vlog you’re not mean and i

can’t find anybody who’s really my age

doing what i do but i just i love a


just i need to start going for myself

who cares it’s just what i like

all right see you after bye

bath over i’m not going to um

whiten my teeth i’m using high smiles

i’ve got their toothpaste

so it’s the black like charcoal

nighttime base

my face it’s quite very soft to touch

and it’s feeling quite tight

which i love but that feels a bit dry


for um i had an advent calendar at

christmas time which was from

look fantastic and it was all skincare


and so i got to try out lots of

different things and this has been one


one of the highlights and i’m really

scared for it to finish

because it’s really expensive to buy is

that zooming in i can’t tell

um it’s called medicaid hydrate b5

liquid rehydration serum um

and you’ve got to put you’ve used quite

a lot of the product which is why it’s

not lasting very long

what no

go away

see me point is hi i’m clara i’m just

here getting ready for bedroom in the


in my gym dance i’m i’m feeling really


just respect yourself and feel good

about yourself

it’s all about empowerment

and keeping your pants clean

that’s it

what do i feel like i need

you need more moisture so i’m going to

use this again from my

um focus there it is

it’s the avant harmonious rose quartz

revitalizing firming mask

and it’s a mask that you just put on and

you um

you don’t take off some eight-hour


you know your usual it’s an

eight-hour miracle

cream for the her hmm

she’s clean she’s fresh now

sam has started to zoom so now it’s just

me time i’m going to

do the bedroom but i’m going to clean it


so i can sit and just watch a film watch

a film with you tonight we can chill out

a little glass prosecco

ah it’s the perfect time okay bye


this is where it starts first i lost

johnny and i’m losing maura

so there you have it my perfect saturday

i’m here lying on my clean

sheeted bed room is looking nice candles

are on the window is open

fresh air drinking a glass of the old

presex with a few little blueberries in

it because

makes me feel a bit bouge got a little

tea cake

makes me humble and that’s it watching

some netflix watching firefly lane it’s

i’m two episodes in i’m loving it so yes

my face mask is still tacky it’s nice

it’s good quality it’s good quality

stuff that is

wow she really needs a breath she really

needs a bra i do apologize

oh it is a time to be alive i say anyway

you can see all these half of me in here

so i’m gonna just chill out have a

lovely saturday and i’ll see you again

bye cheers button

so there you go that’s this week’s video

thank you so much for watching

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just go for it um i hope you’re all

doing well i know

these times of uncertainty are wreaking

havoc on us all in so many different


i will see you all next week thank you

so much

love you all speak to you later good

good good good

good goodbye

you can go now that’s my end pose