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and today we are going to be doing my

skincare routine and a couple people

have asked me if i could do that for


so that is what i’m going to be doing

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have for future videos so let’s just get

straight into this video

so the first step i always do is

either i use this theory cleansing cream

or i use this blemish control apricot

scrub i always scrub my face

once a week sometimes i would do it


once every two weeks it just depends how

my skin is

and today i am going to be scrubbing my


because i haven’t done it in a while so

that is going to be

the first step of my skincare routine

by the way i will link um down below the

prices in that video if you

fancy going to purchase some of these i

will link it down below for you

right so i have just wet my face

and i’m going to apply

a bit of this on my finger

and just start it around my first

move my nerves area that is where i get

really dry skin

and i’ll just do circular motions

all around my face for i don’t really

know how long i just

do it until i feel like

i’ve done right so i’ve just done that

for around

two minutes now so i’m gonna go wash


off and i’ll be back in a minute i am


and i’ve got water all down me that’s

always fun

but anyway so now i have washed that off

i’m going to be taking

this leave on moisture mask

and you leave it on for 10 minutes

yeah 5 to 10 minutes i always leave it


for 10 minutes so

i just

again got it around my face

i absolutely love this stuff by the way

from fitment

i don’t know if i can’t show you but i

definitely recommend it

i do sometimes use


other like sheet masks and that

and there are some times where i use eye

masks and that but i’m not doing any of


today i’m just going to use this like

mask instead

so now we are going to leave that for 10

minutes and

i will get back to you once the 10

minutes is over

so that is now 10 minutes over it’s all

soaked into my face next i’m going to

spray this facial spray

just user i do have all three of these

i’m just using this at the moment i just

it just like refreshes your face and i

love it

don’t open your mouth fur because you

don’t want to eat it so

then i use this glossybox skincare eye



this looks like that i would love to do

my skincare if anybody else was doing a


i just put a dot under each eye

and then rub it in

so are we all up to anything hang away

today because

here it’s so miserable and just it

hasn’t stopped running all day

so i’ve watched it just been chilling

all day

so once that is all rubbed in i then use

this vitamin e what the hell was that

vitamin e facial oil

again it’s another one from vitamin a

i just again put it all around my face

so then i just rub it all in

i feel like this video is going to be

the fastest video

i have ever done and the easiest video

because it is literally just my skincare


so now after i have done that

i’ll do my second to last step

at the moment i am using the avant


looks like that oh of course

it wouldn’t be a video if i didn’t drop

some up and this moisturizer

is actually blue

and again i just put

some dots around my face

i also put it on my eyelids and i



put it on my neck because

why not

and then i just obviously

a little bit all in

and then the last step i actually do

which actually

isn’t for my skin it’s actually for my


i do sometimes use lip scrub as well

but again i’m not going to this video

but i also use this

lip oil

and i do have a discount code with these

so i will put it down

below and like the website and all that


and that is my skincare routine and

i also realized i didn’t they’ll say the

names of some of the

products but i will link it all down

below for yesterday

and i think that’s it really this is

probably the most quickest video i’ve

ever done

but you wanted this guys you wanted

it so thank you so much for watching

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i hope you all have a great day bye