“good afternoon everyone so I just want

to show you how exactly to use they’ve

been with it when you’re sourcing

products for Amazon FBA so as you can

see I’m I’m going to give you a account

in a software called FBA with it and

that way you’ll be able to source

products efficiently now if you have

never ever used FBA Wizzle before it’s a

very straightforward process it’s very

easy and also there is an Academy here

so when you press that Academy obviously

I haven’t signed in yet um you can see

all the videos in order to use all the

functionality is that MBA wizard offers

okay now assuming that you’ve got some

experience I’m going to show you how to

do a basic Amazon scan so you can here

you press on Amazon’s come here alright

and then you need to pick the retailer

okay so the loads of different retailers

for the UK market that’s the market that

we are interested in so you need to pick

a retailer now obviously every with

being software sometimes it makes

mistakes if you want to avoid those

mistakes the best thing is to press e a

and on the mode so that’s like retailers

whether you just showed the best results

really so for example let’s say want to

see cool shop now keep in mind that we

need to try to use retailers offering

cash back so by using a specific website

I can get up to four point two percent

in cash back so that’s something to keep

in mind so cool shop for example so what

have they got they’ve got games incomes

baby enjoy his beauty and so on and so


keep in mind that many categories are

restricted and therefore for example

Hilton beauties on the category that’s

restricted to Amazon I am NOT on gated

yet so with we need to avoid those

categories for example games and

consoles Falun Gong sport in Asia movies

and series for example yeah so that’s

what we’ll be looking for now pro press

it is the one that we choose like that

the custom URL and category URL but we

can avoid that for now so yeah alright

that’s return on investment okay so

that’s the percentage that needs to be

at least 40% that’s what we’re looking

for sales rank used to be at least 200

thousand minimum profit I’m looking for

around 10 pounds at least up to fees

well that’s basically the v80 and so on

and so on

I’m gonna delete the previous results so

you can see everything from fish any

press starts can

so it says results deleted at the

previous results that I have from

previous counts scan successfully

created and this is a scanning problems

blunder block so at the moment it’s

looking for items it takes quite a long

time sometimes so you don’t need to just

stay and wait for it where it’s

performing the scan you can start

straightaway another one so what you can

do is you can load the last settings

yeah and just change the retailer so

let’s say for example Argus because I

know that did go show some result

straight away

everything without health and beauty

which is a lot category and we keep the

same presses here all right sales run

profit so on and so on

start the scan and we leave it like that

way with scanning so basically I’m

looking for around I need around 200

products sauce the week from those 200

products I’m gonna show you how exactly

the sauce or product we just need some

results that’s thermal scan euros that’s

basically euro flips

from Amazon UK to the German Amazon the

Italian the French or the Spanish so we

can look for a category in Amazon for

example let’s say DVD and blu-ray


minimum are I will be 40% sales rank two

thousand and number of sellers for just

try to use as many of those options as

possible so the items that you’re gonna

find will be better that way and also

the profit margins will be higher down

down side the mall all these procedures

you use the the less results you’re

gonna get hi devanam hold the buy box

you can use that sometimes Heidi there

is no buy box hide oversized products I

don’t like sending oversized products

are going to lead your results you know

I’m starting a new euro that way so you

can now let’s use all these options here

you can see what everyone of them is

doing individual are not gonna stroll

every single one is gone the video will

be way too long can nobody will watch it

to the end you can see all of that in

the Academy here also if there are any

questions or anything you’re not sure

about you can I’m not sure if you can

get to the Facebook group you probably

can’t just ask me and I’ll be here to

help you

okay so sourcing a product yeah my first

product came out it’s a 1 on DVD you can

see the picture here so we can see the

UK price is $6.99

and the same item is being sold in

Germany by Amazon for 1723 now in

Germany is being sold in Euros and here

you can see the explanation yeah this is

the buy box price plus any shipping and

so on so if you press on the website

we’ll go press on both of them and here

we can see that it has 12 sellers at the

moment the approximate amount of fees

the approximate amount of profit the ROI

percentage and the sales now you need to

install a few Chrome extensions on your

browser and the most important one is

being so I’ve got camel camel and keeper

it here somewhere I can’t find it at the


sorry um so here we can see that it is

scanning in the meantime while you’re

staying here I’m receiving an email

alert when the scan is complete so I can

check all the items so yeah when you

hold your button here and just yeah so

here you can see the same DVD in the UK

market which is you can see the sales

per month

you can see how many reviews it has you

can see how many FB ACLs that’s really

important obviously you need to install

the FBA wizard we can calculate the

potential profit and so on and so on so

here we can see so the most important

thing here yeah is the sales rank the

Greenline yeah that is really important

why why is that because that’s how much

the product sells yeah

now the age here the Green Line is the

more the product sells you now if it is

a straight line like that up here where

the mouse is

that’s a product nobody buys we avoid

those products there’s absolutely no

point in that product yeah obviously

I’ll just buy it I won’t be able to sell

it and I’m gonna lose money that way so

yeah we check the Green Line does the

most important thing how edgy it is if

it is very edgy then that means that

this is a product that sells a lot

that’s the exception called keeper is

basically what tells you if that product

sells if you can sell it and so on and

so on

so we can press check stock here

so you get keeper again so you can see

if Amazon dots orange pinkie is a Muslim

if a Muslim are selling the item then

it’s probably a good idea to avoid it

because you don’t know if they’re gone

but still you need to see how many items

they’ve got so here we can see that

Amazon is sending it for seven quid yeah

which is really really cheap but they’ve

got only three items and stock which

means that they’re gonna run out of that

item very very soon because it’s selling

well someone’s gonna bite you they’re

gonna sell those free in no time but

then we’ve got two more for fuelled by

Amazon which means that either I need to

sell cheaper than them so I can win the

buy box oh I’ll wait for them to run out

of stock cos this is possible as well

this guy here just one he’s go around to

stop very quick this guy his 11 so he’s

gonna stay a while

as a whole this is probably a product

that I would own risk it oh there was

another thing I’m very very important so

that’s how we do a product reason just

find out if that product is sellable if

there’s a good profit on it and all that

stuff yet that’s how you check also you

need to check how many other people are

selling because if Amazon have ninety

nine nine thousand items there is no

point of looking on dot product anymore

cause they’re not go and give the buy

box to anyone they’re selling it way too

cheap for anyone to make profit on it

they just their own product on their own

website so there is nothing we can do

and we just appoint that product now

another thing here is we so that’s in

German that’s the UK version right yeah

so there’s another thing so when you’re

checking about when you open the product

page yeah

novels on UK

you need to scroll down and click that

button sell on Amazon now there are many

brands which I get it

here we go like this one you need

approval to lose this product refurbish

you need approval blah blah blah request

approval so this is a problem that we

will stay away from reason why is

because it’s unsellable I need approval

to sell this product here and obviously

you need to apply for approval so that

that’s what I need to be able to say

that yeah make sure your invoice is what

you have include your name and address

include the name inaudible the


shoulder combined purchase of at least

10 units or meet pricing information so

this is a a gated product a gated print

so everything that’s a brand like like

Disney coca-cola Lego and so on and so


need to be very very careful with it

because it might be unsellable because

it might be a gated product so that’s

one of the things so gated products do

not count the successful sourcing is a

successful successful assault source

product because it’s gated in I can’t I

can’t sell it that’s even a mistake that

I’ve done in the past where I wasn’t

aware that the product is getting and

just bulk on the expensive product and I

couldn’t list it so yeah we need to be

careful with that so we keep looking at

the products you scroll the pictures

most importantly you take care of the

sales rank yeah you see how products are

selling and for example yet this one is

selling and we’re just showing off this

one so we look for another one this one

sells made

be quite well boy you can see that it’s

being dominated it’s being dominated by

Amazon so they’re probably not going to

share the buy box and we won’t be able

to sell it cheaper than Amazon because

they’re buying thousands and thousands

of units this is an example of a probe

that hasn’t made the sale it doesn’t

sell at all so we just ignore that this

is a sellable product when you see

something like that obviously does the

euro flips that we are looking at so

that’s not the best thing really it’s

better this is a bit risky with the euro

flips in my opinion to be honest but

it’s still we can list the products and

give them a try let’s see the houses can

going view any results the no results

yet the reason why is probably cos I’ve

used way too many presents and everyone

is just looking for windows really so

from those presets you can modify it

like that just to find the best winners

possible but it will be as I said there

won’t be many products matching all

these presets or the best thing is since

sometimes the best thing is just to

don’t use any of these presses and just

look for products and then eventually

you you can still press a like them when

the results start coming out so we’re

gonna see it let’s say for example you

can do your own research to find out

what’s profitable one Amazon so for

example you can just like Amazon Best

Sellers UK now I’m looking for somebody

with experience in that area because if

you’re brand new there’s quite a lot


for example you need to be aware of

gated brands gated products things that

you can’t sell for example that is a

really nice product to be honest 20 quid

but yeah so basically you need to be

watching for products my idea is to be

selling all the products within a week


so I need best sellers yeah selling well

at the same time making profit on it

although I fully realize that the

profits not going to be huge we don’t

want huge profits because that’s the big

profits are being made on unsellable

products really which I really help so

we want to turn all the products within

a week if possible as much as possible

and that’s it pretty much

so I hope that was useful guys you can

use this one for eBay skin as well so

it’s basically the same like Amazon skin

but its cunning eBay which is useful as

well you can use that now and what I’m

looking for so let’s leave that for a

second I hope just use the Academy guys

and you don’t learn it’s way better

explained in I did also use the Academy

there’s explanation for every single

option in Amazon in a be a wizard Pro so

I need around 200 products a week to be

soft and then stuck to letting just show

you quickly how to stock an item so you

do your research you find a problem that

you think might profitable that you

think is a good investment and all you

need to is to stack it for me so for

example you think that this one is a

profitable problem this is a problem

that I’ll be happy with that I can make

profit on and that I can sell it really

quick as well so let’s not forget about

that within a week so all you need to do

is stack it you see that star here you

press add to stock item add it to stack

and you just stack stack stack 200

products each week and then I will come

and check them out on the stack page I’m

not going to open it because I already

have item there and I don’t want anyone

to see the items so I come and I do my

research so basically you pick the

products then I check all of them

because I won’t be happy with all them

probably so I’m gonna pick a few stock

200 products I’m gonna pick 100 for

example yeah and then obviously I’ll

decide if I won’t make the purchase and

send the product to Amazon so um as a

whole 200 products a week to be stacked

and then they will be checked by me and

that’s it really

that’s how it works so yeah thanks for

spending your time and just see that

don’t forget use the Academy if you have

any questions or anything you’ll be able

to see my phone number and just contact

me straightaway so there are any

questions anything you’re not sure about

or if you just want to talk with me for

whatever reason just contact me and

we’ll discuss it further thank you very

much for watching and have a nice day