“that square is probably about three

pound i’m not even joking

super cute


hello and thank you for clicking on this

video in this video i’m going to be

having a little bit of a pamper and i’m

going to be using a lot of the

skincare products that i received in the

glossybox advent calendar

i’ve been testing them out and today i’m

going to show you how i pamper myself

and give you a little bit of feedback on

the products as i promised in that video

as you can probably hear in my voice i’m

a little bit under the weather i’m not

feeling too great

so this is a perfect opportunity for me

to try out these products and show you

what i do when i feel like i need a

little bit of tlc fortunately i’ve also

had a little bit of a skin breakout

from wearing masks and makeup which is a

little bit frustrating i always try and

keep on top of my skincare

and keeping really clean skin but having

makeup and then having a mask sort of

over my face

for long periods of time just means that

my skin isn’t dealing with it very well

so a pamper routine and little skincare

top up is

also very much needed at this moment in

time so today is also

hair wash day i wash my hair twice a

week i do have a dedicated hair care

routine video

which i will link down below but i’m

going to be doing that also i’m just

going to have a bath

have a little bit of a relax do my hair

and then come back and we’re going to go

through the skincare products

and i’m going to give you like i said a

little bit of a review so

without further ado let’s get into the



want to keep it nice and clean not freak

out and cause a scene

i try to hold it together keep it


not sure who i really am just be

cute and super bland i try to hold it


keep it together been playing

it down but i’m so getting tired

and i’ve just sprayed on my hair the

iq101 spray

so this isn’t from the glossybox

calendar but this is part of my haircare


as i mentioned earlier i do have a

dedicated video so left a link of that


down in the description box i’ve also

just brushing my hair with a wet brush

so these are a lot more gentle on your

hair they’re made to brush hair when wet

it’s not going to be as harsh on your

hair and i find that these are actually

more effective than

sort of normal hair brushes anyway so

now for the fun bit we can move on to

the skincare first of all i’m going to

put on

my really cute skincare headband from

the vintage cosmetic company

so this i did receive in the glossybox

advent calendar

and i’m just going to use this to keep

the hair off my face

whilst i i’m doing my skincare basically

super cute okay so now that’s on we can

get on with the skincare so to start

with i’m going to do a face mask and i’m

going to use the body shop himalayan

charcoal mask

that came in the calendar so this one is

designed to remove impurities to unclog

your pores

and just all of the stuff that i feel

like i need right now so to apply this

mask i’m going to use my

face mask brush that i got off amazon

and this is amazing it means that i

don’t need to get my hands full of

charcoal face mask

which is amazing so i’m just going to

focus this on to

the t-zone area that’s the bit where i

feel like i need the most help with a

mask like this a tiny bit

onto the center of my forehead but

avoiding my eyebrows

so i’m going to leave that to sit on

there and work its magic for around 10

to 15 minutes

and then i’m going to rinse it all off

and we’re going to carry on with some

more skincare products so just rinsed

all that off and

my skin feels so soft just

really really clear and all of my pores

feel really smooth

can’t feel any texture on my skin so

that’s definitely gets a thumbs up from

me next i’m going to be trying

the glossybox three-in-one moisturizer

i’ve already been trying this

for the last maybe a week i think it is


and i really like this it leaves your

skin feeling

really really moisturized really


really fresh and i’m really impressed

that it’s actually the first thing that

i’ve tried from the glossybox skincare

range i really enjoy it i like it it

makes my skin

feel like nourished and glowy and

that’s really important to get that from

a moisturizer i’ve just popped out on my


and massaged it in a little bit so the

next one is a product

that shocked me in that video and that

is the

advanced hyaluronic collagen aqua eye


this is a three one hyaluron filler

collagen eye formula

and this is 99 pounds so this is a very

expensive product

and i’ve been using this for the last


there was a couple of days where i

didn’t use it because i completely

forgot that i was trying it and use my

serravi one that i use usually eye

creams i find are so difficult to

know whether they’re effective whether

they’re working and whether they’re

worth it

from just trying it for a little bit the

serra review one at first i remember

someone asking me do you like it and

feeling like i couldn’t really give them

an answer because it’s one of those

things that you don’t see dramatic

results in a short period of time and

this one i feel like

my under eye hasn’t been dry makeup’s

been sitting on it really really well

since i started using this

so it’s definitely not dried my under

eye out and i’ve not had any reactions

to it

i did have the super facialist

hyaluronic eye cream and that

really irritated my eyes they would

sting and water every time i used it

this i’ve had no problems with so

literally just squirt a little bit onto

my ring finger

and just about that amount and then

share it between both my eyes

that square is probably about three

pound i’m not even joking

it’s it’s very expensive it makes me

nervous when i have it on my fingers but

i will have to update you on this i

think further in the future because i do

think that eye creams do take a while to

sort of actually work i don’t want to go

recommending a 9 to 9 pound eye cream

if i don’t believe that it works so i’m

just going to pop that on my under eye

and then i just rub that really really

gently on the under eye area

and then just outside of my eyes and i

tap the excess onto

my eyelids so yeah like i said this does

feel really hydrating

makeup’s been sitting on my eyes really

well i haven’t noticed a dramatic

increase in like

the appearance of fine lines and

wrinkles as of yet but like i said it’s

only been a week and

i don’t really feel like with any eye

cream you wake up next day and go my

eyes are like a

baby’s eyes again i don’t feel like that

happens with anything so now we’ve

applied those products i of course need


follow up with a face mist in the

glossybox calendar i received the pixi

glow mist

and i have been loving this it’s such a

good face mist

i have been using this every night and

every morning just to give my skin

a little bit of a spritz so i’m going to

do that now

so that is the first pixie product that

i’ve actually tried and i’m really

impressed with it

it’s very hydrating it’s got a beautiful

smell to it and i would definitely

recommend this and 100 would buy this

again once this runs out and then on to

the final

product so this is the glow recipe

watermelon glow

sleeping mask now it is the evening so

i’m going to be putting this on

now and i will be sleeping in it like

you’re supposed to

and the smell of this is amazing it’s

honestly incredible

i’ve used this once this mask and i

remember waking up and feeling

like my skin did actually look really


so that’s a good thing but i’ve only

used it once so having said that

i did wake up with hydrated skin so

that’s what it’s supposed to do

the consistency of this is sort of like

a gel consistency

i love the smell of this and so what i’m

going to do is i’m just going to

put that onto my skin

and just gently rub it in

so i literally haven’t had a single

product from that calendar

that i’ve tried yet that i don’t like

like seriously though i am really

impressed with the quality of the


and how they’ve been functioning so far

which is really really good

i have used the iconic london eyeshadow

palette as well i will have a tutorial


the makeup bits that will be coming soon

so i’ve massaged that into the skin

and i feel really relaxed really

sort of smooth hydrated plumped

everything that you were supposed to

feel from a little skincare routine so

now that i

have done all of my skincare i feel like

i can now relax

i am gonna stick some netflix on i think

i’m gonna watch gossip girl

i really wanted to start it again i’ve

watched it before but since it’s come on

netflix and i’ve finished what i’ve been

watching recently

i’m going to try that i’m going to put

it on i’m going to light a little

cinnamon pumpkin candle my studio which

smells absolutely incredible and is

lasting me forever

because you literally need to have it on

for 10 minutes and your full room smells

like cinnamon pumpkin

it is incredible so all of the products

that i have featured in this video will

be linked down below

i hope that you enjoyed this little

pamper routine with me and like i said

the makeup products that i received in

the glossybox advent calendar we’ll be

doing a separate makeup tutorial

to test those out as well because there

was a really good balance of makeup and

skincare stuff i hope that you enjoyed

this video i feel a lot more relaxed a

lot more pampered

and i’m hoping that this cold is going

to clear up sometime soon because

although it’s not serious illness and

it’s not the big c

word it’s a little c word which is a

cold then

it still sort of takes a lot out of you

yeah i hope that this clears up soon

but thank you very much for watching

this video if you did enjoy it please

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