what is going on if warriors this video

is brought to you by

my favorite intermittent fasting tool

lumen we’re gonna go ahead and break

down this update on lumen am i still

using lumen so you guys use lumen let’s

go ahead and tackle that right now so

i’ve been loving my lumen and i hope you

guys got yours it’s a super powerful

tool to let you know if you’re over

fasting or not one of the more important

things when it comes to fasting is for

your specific biology are you doing it

too much it is possible even though

studies can show things on a broader

scale there are individual biological

factors that makes it so that your

experience can be a little bit different

than others and if you are over fasting

for example if maybe you’re doing 36

hours or even 24 hours that’s too much

for you it’s going to be incredibly

difficult to know if it is or not

because you will have to go through an

entire tedious path of finding out if

body fat is going down the rate in which

your body fat is going down because even

though if you wake up and you’re burning

mostly carbs which means you’re probably

over fasting if you went into a

fast and then went to sleep with an

overnight fast something would be wrong

there but you’re still also burning fat

as well so it will be very tedious to

know if you’re being incredibly

effective and for intermittent fasting

this is one of the best tools to have in

your back pocket i’ve used this so many

times to measure at certain points when

i’m extending my fast for example i

normally do 20 hours of fasting but

sometimes i’ll do a 36 hour pass or

sometimes i’ll do a 23 hour fast

whenever i do those i always check in

the morning to see if i’m actually

burning fat still because i don’t want

to get into a point where i’m not

effective i want to be as efficient as

possible i do know that my normal

fasting schedule 20 hours of fasting

when checking my lumen in the morning

usually tells me that i am still burning

fat which is a good thing it means that

my routine is good for my biology my

routine is good for me but this is

incredibly versatile it also helps you

with other things for example i didn’t

always feel myself right before doing

resistance training but this showed me

how important that really is as it

breaks everything down for you and lets

you know hey look you should fuel

yourself now you are burning fat but you

want to be effective during this workout

so we’re here in my garage and we’re

going to go ahead and do my workout i’ve

already fueled myself with some protein

and carbohydrates at the recommendation

of the lumen and let’s go ahead and

check to see if i’ve metabolically

switched over to burning predominantly

carbohydrates to get me prepared for

this workout and then we’re going to go

ahead and test how much carbohydrates i

burned off

after the workout


well as you can see i am currently

burning carbohydrates as i go into my

workout which is perfect as i’ve already

fueled up this thing is cool super

dynamic lets you know where you are at

all times now let’s quickly go ahead and

jump into the workout





so i just got done with my resistance

training for today and now i’m going to

go ahead and check to see if the lumen

shows that i’ve burned some of that

carbohydrate or i’ve depleted some of

that glycogen already so let’s go ahead

and check that out

so as you can see i went from a four to

a three after this i am gonna eat

another meal but after that i’m not

going to eat at all so by the time i go

to sleep and wake up the luminous should

easily be telling me that i am burning

predominantly fat and i’m probably going

to be burning predominantly fat by the

end of the day even before i go to sleep

but this video was to show you guys

number one i’m still using the lumen and

you definitely should use the lumen as

well and number two the versatility of

the lumen how it helps you fuel for your

workouts how it also lets you calibrate

your fasting specific to you keep in

mind guys this is the only tool of its

kind there isn’t another handheld

portable device that determines if you

are burning fat or if you are burning

carbohydrates via your breath so the

team of researchers and scientists that

put this together kudos to them this

actually really helps the intermittent

fasting community hope this video helps

you guys and of course lumen love the

collaboration that we had before they

loved the response and the reception

that they were getting from you guys so

they bumped up the discount from forty

dollars to fifty dollars for the first

100 people that clicked the link down in

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get there make sure to put this promo

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your lumen as always guys pictures will

be pinned on the comment section down

below i’ll see you in the next one peace