“i’m a huge fan of apps that can help us

with our money now that could be ones to

help you track your spending

it could be ones to help you make some

money it could be ones to help you put

some of your cash into savings all of

them are fantastic and there are some

great innovations

available to you and i’ve covered a lot

of these before what i’ve not spoken

about here on the channel and what i’m

going to do today

are money saving apps the ones that will

help you get the best deal the ones that

will get you

a discount the ones that might get you

something for free all these things that

mean that you’re going to part with less

cash and hopefully get whatever it is

you need for the best

possible price i’m andy webb thank you

so much for tuning in to this video

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right i’ve got my phone here i’ll whack

it up on the screen so you can see

exactly what’s going on with these apps

there are 19 different apps here that

i’m going to take you through i won’t

spend a huge amount of time on all of

them i’ll take you through a bit by bit


it would be the longest video ever but

let’s start off with some of the ones

which i think the key to money saving if

you want to find

something at the lowest possible price

you need to shop around and if you’re

out and about

one of the easiest ways to do that is

use an app like this idealo or price buy

they’re the top two here

you can use them on desktop as well if

you’re at home but they think they’re

great for being out and about

you search for the item you want or you

can browse through this will look at

this one

apple airpods pro popular item uh it

tells you some of the top prices right

now but hit show all and then you’ll see


at lots and lots and lots of different

retailers go back and you’ve got this

price history function which is

fantastic so you get a sense of

is the price you’re paying right now a

good price compared to how much it’s

normally selling at

there’s different bits that you can

search through there similarly one that

one i mentioned

price buy does it’s a very very similar

thing uh you can search for the stuff

uh airpods pro again you’ve got little

graph up here showing you that

uh history of the different prices

there’s more features if you did this

on the desktop you can sort of go in at

different retailers and see the history


but ultimately this is a great way to

help you find

the lowest possible price for whatever

it is that you want to buy

so absolutely i would look at those you

can also with both of these things you

can set price alerts if there’s

something you want and it does come down

in value

set the price alert and you can get an

email or a notification to say hey it’s

now available

at this price so again you’re waiting

for that low price but you don’t have to

do that just with your normal

purchases that you’re going to make your

home furnishings your tech whatever it

might be

you can do it in other places you can

again compare different prices with apps

just watch is one of my favorites i’m a

huge film fan i like to try

and you know catch up with stuff i know

we haven’t had so many cinema releases

and therefore rental releases uh over

the last year

but it’s a great way of just looking

stuff so let’s say uh let’s look at

tenet okay which came out

uh or to rent at the start of 2021

and you pick it up and what it shows you

uh here it gives a moment to sort of


but you can look for the best prices

standard definition the best price in hd

the price price

in 4k if you wanted and in fact often

you can see that there’s no difference

in price between some of these things so

you may as well

you know go for the hd one or whatever

it might be don’t know why the pictures

aren’t popping through maybe it’s

because i’m streaming it on here at the

same time

but that one is a great way to find

there we go it’s popped through now

great way to help you find the lowest

price if you’re going to rent a movie

it’s also really handy as well to see

for older films which streaming services

they’re on

but that’s not really money saving

that’s just an extra feature that it’s

got in there

um similarly atm locator now if you

i know we don’t use cash much at all

especially over the last year

but if you do need money there’s nothing

more frustrating is there than having to


whatever it is 199 perhaps more to get

money out particular ones in the little

office and stuff

so this one from link the atm finder

helps you sort of zoom in on any kind of

area let’s go to

uh where are we now let’s have a look at

leads scroll in here search for atms

and it pops up with this kind of

selection you see a few different

options here

a green atm means it’s free you can get

your money out for free

a purple atm means there’s a charge you

click on it here it tells you one pound

89. it’ll also tell you and there’s none

obviously in that area but it also tells

you if there’s a post office because

post offices are a great place now where

you can go to and take money out if

there’s no atm around you

or no bank branch so again this one is a

great way to save you a bit of cash

helps you find the cheapest atm near you

similarly petrol prices right we know

that petrol prices vary

from four quarts to four core so you can

have a look so let’s put in a random

postcard let’s just choose some sort of

london postcode here

whack that in see what pops up oh here

we go it’s telling me that i can go to

asda as the cheapest price that’s

the best blue green another aster as

they’re a little bit more expensive just

goes to show that prices can change

uh morris and sainsbury’s keep scrolling

and there’s an so and you see the

difference in your price

and it may well be again don’t go out of

your way to try and save yourself

a penny on the lead to the fuel it’s not

going to make that much difference

but if you have a couple on your journey

that you’re making

spend 30 seconds looking at that and

find out where you’re going to top up

and get the lowest price

not just petrol you could also find the

lowest price for your parking

uh happy parking this is a great one as

well uh random locator here edinburgh

when i went there on

a trip a while ago on holiday pop up it

pops and it shows you

color codes are different prices for

different car parks you can look for the

cheapest ones

near you the near like there’s a free

one take me there bit far out of town

but it won’t cost me anything

again if you’re looking for somewhere

you want to particularly in town centers

find some cheap or free parking

happy parking is a great one to have um

now that’s kind of finding the best

price very quickly i’m not going to go

into detail on these because you know

how these work

if you have found something going back

to that id low in price by

looking around searching for stuff if

you found something at a low price

let’s see if you can get it for less if

you can discount some money off that

by applying a voucher code voucher codes

and voucher cloud are a couple of really

good ones that i have on my phone

now remember i’m not talking about

cashback sites which operate in the same


the difference with cashback is you are

given that money after your purchase and

it’s not always guaranteed although i’m

a huge fan of it and you absolutely

should do it i’ve got a whole video you

might want to check out if you’re new to


it can make you a huge amount of money

over the year using a voucher code

getting that discount taking off your


before you spend it you have absolutely

guaranteed save that money

so it’s well worth i think having some

of these available on your phone for

when you’re out and about and you see

something and go right

that’s a great one here’s a little code

i can add in obviously if you’re on a

desktop you’ve got a few more options i

would just google

for the voucher code because more

options might come up right let’s move

on to

some food money saving apps now again

i’ve spoken before in a previous video

about loyalty cards and loyalty schemes

they’re fantastic the supermarket you go

to if it’s got one you should sign up to


but again you’re earning points you’re

making points if you actually want to

save some money get money off

the stuff that you’re going to buy a

couple of ones worth getting if you shop

these places are co-op and lidl

co-op every single week has new vouchers

that are added which

if you add them to your card it will

then take it off the bill if you buy

those products now these are

very specific here uh milk cheese i mean

it’s quite broad isn’t it you know a lot

of people buy milk and cheese anyway

a lot of people buy fresh fruit so it’s

quite nice quite often i’ve seen on this

like one pound off your shop

so it’s well worth looking at that add

them to your card

and then when you swipe it you’ll be

taken off at the till

the little one has these as well lots of

vouchers that go on there of particular

products but also there are going to be

at times special ones like this one here

um i’ve got some where they go five

pounds off a 25 pound spin

again these change these don’t they’re

not there all the time but they’re well

worth taking advantage of

and in fact what’s quite good about the

little one is it has a little tab here

for partner

offers now you can ignore some of these

or you might be able to get a better


elsewhere but for example a good one

here six months free tidal at the moment

through that app that’s how you can get

that music streaming

for free for six months which is a

really really good offer there’s also a

way to save money on cinema tickets i

know they’re not open but movie rentals

as well

through this without having to sign up

to any other scheme it’s absolutely free

you sign up here and there’s money off

those when you can go

so that’s a really good one as well now

this next two are too good to go in oleo

they’re really good about food waste so

i mean i doubt about you i hate food


generally there’s very little that we do

ever throw away and often that’s kind of

like no

fruit and veg where it’s kind of that

although the date’s good something’s

gone dodgy with it but we try to use

everything up and don’t throw things


same with goods we know kind of where

the best before date is

the use by date is so we don’t get a

situation where anything’s

not needed but that’s not always the

case and not just personal stuff as well

there are

obviously organizations out there cafes

restaurants supermarkets where they

might have food left over that hasn’t

gone and they don’t want to go to waste

so these two apps will give them

let you get access to these things from

other people’s stuff they get rid of or

shops and cafes getting rid of

either for free or for a very low price

so let’s look at two good to go first of


and now this one is pretty hit and miss

depending where you live obviously in a

larger area

you’re going to have more options i’ve

randomly chosen a place in kent here

and this gives you an idea of some of

the things that are going on

so um we could there’s one left here

costa coffee in dartford

um there’s a limited number when they’re

gone they’re gone but for three pounds i

could get 10 pounds worth of

leftovers which they you go and collect

at the end of the day

so if it’s cost to coffee it’s likely to

be what wraps and pastries and things

like that isn’t it

you get it you reserve it and then let

you know you’ve got it and you have to

make sure you’re there to collect it

and sometimes it’s big change like that

sometimes it’s going to be

places you’ve never heard of like what

the hell is that magic box from pastinos

but again it’s giving you stuff which

normally cost a lot more money

at a lower price obviously the date

is going to be very soon so that day or

the next day but again it can save you

some cash on some of these essentials

and you can see that although it’s very


morrison’s is often on there as well

again ten pounds worth of food

for three pounds you know it could be a

range of fruit veg bakery cakes and

maybe even cheese

um all items would be past the best

before date but we’re perfectly good

to eat so some really good ways there to

save some money i’d say

oleo is really similar but this is more

likely to be people giving stuff away

themselves so there’s the things they’ve

got left over so again

random sort of location looking at this

here a lady called beth she’s put on

some micro

fried rice and some sweetness our sauce

she doesn’t want that anymore if you

want it you get in touch with her and

she arranges it for you to collect it

for free you don’t have to pay anything

at all it’s to get rid of

that waste here’s someone called alice

she’s got biscuits for cheese

in date she doesn’t want them anymore so

it’s well worth having a look at this

it is gonna be hit or miss i must say if

you’re in a smaller area where there

aren’t people sign up to it

you’ve got less of a chance of nabbing

something but likewise if there’s less

people on there if something does get

listed then you’ve got a stronger

opportunity you’re more likely to be

able to nab it before they do

great thing about one mainly food is

also a non-food section

so again someone’s giving away a

pineapple mug here and a glade airspray

if they rock your boat if you want those

you can get them for free rather than

buying them yourself you are saving

some money so definitely check out those

too too good to go

and oleo olio they’re both really good

now on a similar kind of

way in terms of that kind of ecological

uh aspects but also money saving this

one called refill

now the downside for this one right now

is we’re not really going out and about

also it’s cold when i’m recording this

but in the summer this

is a fantastic way to help you refill

your water bottle

for free so it’s a hot day you’re out

and about maybe in the past you’d pop

into boots or the supermarket and you’d

buy a bottle of water

one is expensive two you know it’s again

single-use plastic isn’t great

here find a refill station it pops open

the app

you can choose where you want to be with

this uh

let’s have a look let’s put in uh we’ll

give it let’s say london right

i know london is huge uh but let’s see

what pops up return

search it through it finds the area that

you’re talking about

uh let’s go there westfield

uh again click on that and it’s telling

me that in the way in this area here

there are three different places i can

go to if i want to

uh there’s a railway station there uh

there’s a costa coffee there

and there’s also another railway station

if you want to there’s a reef you can

either ask at the counter lots of pubs

restaurants gyms

cafes all sorts of places you can go in

refill your

water bottle up without spending

anything really really great app i love

this one saves you money but also it’s

great for the environment

right racing through these i told you

there’s a lot of apps i don’t want to be

too long all of these

uh this next bundle the final bundle

they’re ones which

i kind of think are really really good

maybe a bit limited right now while

we’re having restricted but when things

are out download them now make sure

you’ve got them because when things get

back to normal

and these can save you some decent cash

hotel tonight

this is a great one for last minute

stays so if you are thinking

i need to be at a hotel um i haven’t

booked an advance sometimes that can

make them very expensive

but obviously you know check on the

booking site see what’s available but

this one

will have deals for places which have

rooms they just want to get rid of them


again looking at particularly low prices

again around london because of when i’m

recording this right now which you’re in

a lockdown so people aren’t going about

you’re not able to really go anywhere

and but you can obviously see some good

hotels potentially quite expensive


with a bit of a discount now i’m not

saying as i said you’ll get the lowest

possible price for a stay

you might be able to find a cheaper

hotel which isn’t listed on here if you

go through the normal

kind of search results and comparison

sites but if you want to find somewhere

nice you might get it a lot less so

that’s a really great one

similarly we can’t go out and about we

can’t go out for for drinks and meals

um but dusk and embargo can be really

good um because they will offer


different locations they work slightly

differently mainly they are london-based

although i think dusk also has

an option in uh around manchester as

well and there are all sorts of bars

that will give you a free drink

do you i think you only get one free

drink a night i can’t remember exactly

now whether it’s

on the app or whether that’s per

location but again potentially i think

you could do

a bit of a crawl go from one bar to the

next getting a free drink

in each one and if you and your friends

have all got the same app with the same


then it’s a really really cheap night

out you’re saving money and often

after that free drink there might be

other specials and discounts as well so

that’s really good so that’s dusk

and the other one embargo has a similar

thing again it’s not working right now

because things aren’t open

but they’ve also got an opportunity for

you to collect loyalty cards and stamps

at the different restaurants and bars

which if you’ve been there maybe checked

in seven times eight times

you’ll then get a free beat next time

that you go now the last two to talk


i don’t actually have the accounts with

them so i can’t show you the apps and


but you know them already probably

meerkat meals taste card

great ways to save money on your food

and your drink when you’re out and about

taste cards you can get all sorts of

free trials for this i generally list

those best offers

over on the blog so if you want to get a

three month free trial four months for a

pound whatever it might be

time that application when you get it


let’s say the summer holidays when you

like to be out eating out more often or

whatever it might be

50 off loads of meals there’s also

discounts on things like cinema tickets

movie rentals and stuff as well

during lockdown you can still use it you

can get a 50 off at pizza hut if you

want to so it’s a good way of saving

some cash on takeaways meerkat meals

very very very similar proposition

you can only get it if you take out an

insurance policy

via compare the market but there are all

sorts of loopholes and ways around that

you can get it for one pound two pounds

maybe by taking out a day travel

insurance policy

and then you get access to it for the

full 12 months again money off

your meals but also two for one cinema

tickets as well so good way to save

some cash so lots of different apps

there 19 different apps which

hopefully will save you some money take

you through them all one by one again

obviously you can click back

to watch uh the bits about those each

time but there’s idea low and price buy

which are great price comparison

apps just watch also as a price

comparison but for movie rentals

atm locator will help you find the

cheapest and the free atms in your area

petrol prices will help you find the

cheapest petrol prices as you’d suggest

appy parking helps you find the cheapest

parking spaces you can compare

the expensive and the cheap maybe even

somewhere free to park up

voucher codes and voucher cloud just two

of the top main

voucher code apps which are worth

getting to bring the price down even


uh the two supermarket ones which

actually give you an immediate discount

on some purchases generally via coupons

that you then add to your loyalty card

that scan at the teal are co-op and lidl


again go to the app great way to find

out what’s there and add them straight


some free food or some cheap food that

would be going away going to

waste too good to go and oleo they’re

great for that

and then we have refill which is a way

to help you find uh free water refills

in your area can save some money stop

you having to buy

some fresh water in single-use plastic


and then we’ve got hotel tonight to find

last minute hotel deals around the uk

embargo and dust get you free and cheap

drinks on a night out when we’re allowed

to do that again

finally taste card and meerkat meals

meerkat movies

they’re both there to help you get

discounts on your food and drink when

you’re eating out and also

on things like cinema tickets there we

go if you found this video useful if you

think you are going to save some money

as a result

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