“the force is strong with this little one


oh have i got some toys


so today is an incredibly different

video it is all about

star wars as you can see i am in a

completely different location in my


wearing gorgeous dreaded

jedi robes so if you’d like to see

what green thing i have to show you

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oh how much fun could i have this is

adam’s custom

lightsaber it is absolutely amazing it

changes all colors and everything and


you can actually do a few jewels with it

as well so i’m going to turn off because

as you can hear is incredibly allowed so

today is as you can see is incredibly

different and i did warn you that 2021

for me personally

would be bringing different franchises

to you mostly the wizarding world but

from now on

um occasionally we will have a few

different franchises thrown in there

so today is all about the mandalorian

the new series that is on disney plus

now the main focus is going to be

the gorgeous little green thing that


like this

now in 1977 a new franchise was born it

was the star wars

films the trilogy now obviously i don’t

know how much people knew back then

because i wasn’t actually born in 1977 i

wasn’t born for another three

years um and no was adam so you know he

became a massive star wars fan at a very

very young age

i love the star wars films not as much


him and i don’t pretend to know loads i

still don’t know the sequence of what

they are in

and so don’t even get me started on that

um i’ve met some incredible people from

the franchise myself

including these incredible photographs

of me adam

and ray park who played darth maul

in the newer trilogies and that came out

in the 90s

in fact i think this one was it 97 or 98

that one came out please correct me if

i’m wrong i apologize

again i don’t pretend to know loads

about star wars i really don’t

we do have a connection to star wars but

monika actually worked

on the rise of skywalker and as you if

you go i think it’s a quarter of the way

through the credits

and you look on the right hand side of

the screen you will see the name monica

price and that is my baby girl

so i’m incredibly proud of that so last

year the incredible

new series called mandalorian was

released on

disney plus not many people knew what

was going to happen

in the mandalorian i’m not going to say

much about it um in detail because


i don’t want to spoil it people who

haven’t watched it as

yet but i think a lot of people know

very well

about the little green animal that

looked all

or being that looked a bit like uh

yoda from the original film series and


is well was called the child and in the


what i can say is that a relationship

builds between a mandalorian

um which is a i can’t really say what he

is because adam’s not here to tell me

but he’s a he’s kind of a warrior i’m

going to explain it to obviously people

who don’t

know he’s a warrior who wears this

incredible armor

that he actually has to earn and it’s so

strong that

even um lightsabers can’t damage the

armor itself

best is it mascara best car i think it’s


so of course this mandalorian who’s

meant to be an incredibly tough warrior

he has got to go and uh bring this

child this creature that he doesn’t know

about to

these people he’s actually paid um


to go and find this creature and when he

finds this creature it is the cutest


on the planet and there is an instant

kind of

you can see there’s an instant love

there like a father and son kind of


as it goes along he becomes very much a

father figure to this little creature

and doesn’t hand the child over he

actually is there tasked with protecting

this incredible species um from the star

wars universe

uh lucasfilm universal i say and uh

and yes he is just adorable now what i

want to show you today is some items

that i’ve actually got adam

for christmas that were really really

gorgeous and one item that i actually

bought for myself

which is the cutest thing ever so the

first thing i

did i want to show you quickly is this

really cute

uh cushion that i bought from geeky i

don’t actually think they’re

they’re available i think they sold that

pretty quickly but this

is the child his name is grogu and he is


absolutely adorable this is his pod it’s

like a little cot

in a way like a little crib and it’s uh

fully protects him from any problems

um and he kind of lives in there and he

can shut it and open it out well and so


and and he has the power of the force

but he’s very young

um i say young if you know uh yoda

he is uh 700 years plus isn’t he

and he is still very much you know

fine um grogu is groggy as a baby

in mandalorian and he’s 50 years old

wouldn’t that be great if he was still

really young at 15. so a few other items

this is actually harry’s

item monica bought this for him if you

look on social media on places like

zavi mertroid uh emp

anywhere like that you will see that the


the child as we like to call him um is


sought after and is one of the biggest


at the moment because the mandalorian

has become such a huge

smash now one of the things i really do

love about mandalorian

is it was actually done and actually

made on a really small

budget and it’s created in a studio

with the most amazing technologies

you’ve got these huge

almost cinema screens around the

characters and this little tiny set

i say a little tiny compared to some

places it’s tiny all right

and this little tiny set and images that

are on the screen

are very much like a 3d image but the

amazing thing is is when the characters


the image moves so it looks like they

are actually

outside and they’re not their inside

insight it’s so

so so clever so i highly recommend if

you do get a

disney plus watch the making of the

mandalorian i haven’t watched season two


um of the making of so i really need to

get into that because i really love that

i also want to um do a shout out

to laura ramsey um i know this isn’t a

harry potter video but i really want to

say a shout out to you

because your friend cat milford uh

messaged me on um facebook to say that

you have been a light

at the end of these incr in during these

massively dark times for her

and for christmas you’ve been going

through a lot of problems at yourself

with your father being poorly

and apparently she is just overwhelmed

because even though you were so tired

you were so focused on your father you

still gave so much of your time to her

so she would have a wonderful christmas

so she is incredibly grateful so i

wanted to do that shout out for you my

love so thank you for bringing light

to cat that’s just such a lovely thing

laura don’t

stop being you you’re obviously an

incredible character for her to have

messaged me about that

so i hope you have a wonderful new year

my love and i really hope your dad feels

better very soon

so other things that i bought i bought

these for harry and adam now these

are the build-a-bear grogues the build

bed the child from mandalorian

but i bought them two different ones so

this is one cause obviously you know the

bilderberg coming out with some

incredible items at the moment

and they’ve just obviously released the

child so you have one that makes the

noises from the tvs from the

series oh no this is the theme shoe

and then you have this one that does the


when you’ve quite finished

this one does the noises this is harry’s

so so so cute does more sound like that

but i have more to show you

now one of the other items that i got

for adam is this gorgeous

um ingot it is from i think it this is

made by

fanatic who also do the harry potter um

tickets the silver and gold-plated

tickets that they’ve done for the euro


and platform 93 quarters and so on and

the quidditch world cup but they do this

one which is the mandalorian one and i

had to get this for him because it is so

so beautiful look at the detail on that

so you’ve

he’s obviously on tatooine i think it’s

tatooine and you’ve got

um the child in his little kind of

cocoon there you’ve got the mandalorian

mando there and then you have the two

sons iconic

two tatooine just there if i’m getting

any of this wrong

i’m gonna have so many people yelling at

me and adam yelling at me for getting it

wrong as well

so uh yeah so this is the main reason i

wanted to do this video okay because i

saw this advertised a little while ago

and even though i’m not a massive star

wars fan um compared to adam i like star

wars but i’m not

massively in love with the franchise but

i saw this

and the child is so cute i had to have

it even janice right i don’t think she’s

watched many star wars films and she

so loves this thing okay and this is the

interactive um child from mandalorian

it says 25 sounds sorry 25 plus

sounds um and movements a combination

right so just watch this i will take

them out the box so watch this to start

with right

you’ve gotta rub his head

isn’t he so goat so we’re gonna open him

he also comes with a mandalorian

necklace as well

so i’m gonna open him he’s not going in

this he’s not staying in this box he’s

going on display honestly

he is so so adorable

i’ll tell you something because this

costume my adam’s made this cloak it is

so warm so let’s have a look see how we

do this then i’m not quite sure

there’s a clippy thing under here do you

twit ah

right yeah ah okay you twist

it you do you twist it these are about

60 60 pound i don’t know if there’s any

kind of special offers anywhere

or anything like that i don’t know he is


the cutest he hasn’t got feet and he

doesn’t walk

so he has got little feet but he kind of


um he doesn’t tend to there we are just

put him to

on all right so what you’ve got to do

is hold his head let’s hold his head

touch his head

it’s that good

oh my god

i don’t know

he’s just so gorgeous and he’s like the

what i love about it the mandalorian is

the mandalorian is like a proper kind of

tough warrior you know killing machine

and um i think he could sense his

necklace kenny

and uh he just he’s when it comes to

groga he’s such a soft dude so cute

i think he’s just going to continue it

hey croco how are you doing


honestly he is just the cutest thing


we’re gonna put him with display in here

i’m just gonna rub his head all the time

and when you lay him flat

he sleeps

okay you’re meant to sleep grogoo go

sleep good boy

how adorable is that

honestly i highly recommend watching the

mandalorian it is

outstanding if you’re not if you don’t

think you’re a star wars fan right

you’re not sure watch the mandalorian

and i think it will change your mind


because there’s so much that goes into

this show and it’s amazing because it’s

low budget

yet you would never say it was low

budget because of the work that goes

into each episode

it’s just outstanding i was really

optimistic about watching it i’ve got to

be honest i watch it just to please adam

and then after i watched it it was like

oh my god are you serious right i think

grog is meant to sense the necklaces e

where is it groggy you got it where is


does he censor i can’t i don’t have to

read the instructions i have no idea

right we’ll put it on him for now so we

didn’t lose it

because he can wear it like

that so oh my god he is just

the cutest thing ever honestly i am just

so in love with this child

literally i think when i got him harry

was like oh my god

he’s for everybody to be greedy

so it does it doesn’t do just like with

pro with um

toys you have like you know sound one

sound two sound three and it’s played in

sequence over and over and over again

i think grogu does um different

combinations of them so there’s 25

different ones

but he does combinations of different

ones so it is just

such a beautiful toy well is it a toy

i’ve been walking around with a pram


but like oh my god betray you’ve had a

baby we had no idea and then that’s

laying inside

even though he’s standing up he’s just


you’re awake now do you ever shut up

oh my god how adorable is this right


so that is the end of my video um

if you’ve enjoyed this first star wars

video let me know in the comments below

um i’ve absolutely loved this i just

wanted to show you a few things that

we’ve had for christmas

uh there are because i’m talking here do

you mind


there is so much star wars stuff i could

show you

um that is in this house because you can

see the cabinet there right

this table is my husband’s it’s

literally there

but this is what it looks like it is

just outstanding

so i have got so much more i could show

you if you like this video let me know

i really want to start looking into more

franchises because there are so many of


that are harry potter fans but you love

other franchises too

like stranger things for example come on


so let me know in the comments below

what you thought of this video

uh me and grogu are gonna go now because

i’m gonna go play with it

take care i love you all until next time

i will see you there


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