Kelsey Media is an independent publishing house that has been successful in adapting to changing times and trends. Founded in 1977, Kelsey Media began its journey by focusing on regional news for local markets in England and Wales. As the times changed and interest in digital media continued to grow, Kelsey Media began to expand its scope and publication list to meet the changing needs of consumers. Rather than focusing on exclusive regional news, they now publish national and international magazines across a wide range of industries and topics.

Kelsey Media’s publishing portfolio covers a broad spectrum of print and digital titles. These titles range from consumer magazines to professional and trade magazines and from local and regional to national and international titles. Examples of consumer titles include Motor Cycle Trader, Real Motors, and Octane. Examples of trade titles include Professional Pest Controller, Professional House Builder, and Property Investor. Kelsey Media also produces a range of digital publications such as the Real Home Ideas magazine and Automotive Professional.

Kelsey Media is always ready to react to trends and adopt strategies that keep it at the forefront of the industry. When digital magazines came into the spotlight, Kelsey Media created a versatile digital publishing platform that allowed its titles to be used on multiple devices and platforms. This strategy proved to be a success, as its titles are now digitally accessible anywhere around the world.