hey best pally i’m ally hello i’m lumen

oh dear woman sent me this advice and

i’m super stoked on it because

supposedly you breathe into it

and then it tells you if you’re burning

carbs or fat and you can keep track of

that and then over time it can tell you

your level of metabolic flexibility

i think having that ability is epic

hence the echo i’ll explain more what it

is later but first let’s just get this


oh i’m already liking this it’s magnetic

look at that glow

it sounds like the future it feels like

the future you can know all of my things

turn all categories on again this is

feeling like a future but in a

surveillance way because it now knows my

weight down to the

10th decimal place share info about you

oh it wants to know my activity level

i don’t exercise on a regular basis all

the way up to i’m training for an iron


exercise every day that’s me sleep

schedule i just have to pick one i can’t

say this one unless i’m

late on a youtube video than this one i

was trying to measure the air you can

inhale into your lungs

good thing i did that mask thing

and i was trying to say before i was

slightly interrupted by this talking


i wore this for 24 hours so clearly i’m

gonna be great at this now it’s time to

do my actual first measurement

with weights oh that’s a different video

okay interesting so it’s measuring the

amount of co2

that i’m expelling and that’s how

they’re gonna tell if i’m burning fat or

carbs which there’s a crazy way to do

this in a lab where you’re wearing this

like big dome helmet thing but now you

can do it

sitting on your couch here we go

and the results are you’re burning

mostly fat dope also

that’s kind of what i expected and so

now i’m gonna use this for four weeks

and it’s gonna get an idea of what my

body’s doing

and then i assume it’ll say to me holy

crap ally you’re super human let’s just

compare their burning mostly fat


to my ketones out certainly sacrificing

my blood to a device

is not as cool as breathing into it what

do we got

point three so i’m not in ketosis even

though that

lumen was like hey you’re burning fat

it’ll be interesting to compare these

two and also if you haven’t seen the

video where i use this

to compete in my own metabolic olympics

you should check that out

today was my first morning breath which

now makes me feel bad this little guy

has to smell my morning breath anyway

look i got a two score which is my goal

of one or two which i didn’t know was my

goal but there we go it also asked me a

bunch of questions about my activity

yesterday and

how many servings of carbs i had which i

didn’t know how much a serving was i


how many grams i had apparently 15 grams

is one serving so i had

13 servings of carbs i swear i’m not

lying little guy but still managed to be

a two get nutrition plan

so today it’s saying i should have 105

grams of carbs

which i planned on having 280. i

might just stick to my own nutrition

plan and see what happens get a baseline

first before

i let this guy change what i’m doing

protein 103 oh heck no

i’m doing 125. not that i’m not open to

experimenting in adjustments it’s just


i have what i’m doing figure it out and

i want to know a baseline first but in

general i think it’s really cool that

they’re giving me

my macros based on anything up until now

i was making up my own macros based on

i don’t know a wide range of information

that i’ve gotten out there and then

adjusting based on how i felt

how i performed what i look like but

that’s taken a lot of

time and effort and like guessing but

this plan is based on data and that’s

super cool so i do see myself

making adjustments in the future and

actually trusting this thing

time for my second morning breath

measurement i did take a 30 minute walk

before this

although it’s still a fasted breath i’m

just not sure if they want me

right in the morning when i wake up or

if this will still be okay i hope this

doesn’t mess with my data some of the

data they’re collecting right now is

what i did yesterday

interesting they’re asking me about my

overnight fast my only option is to go

till 6 pm but i’m pretty

darn sure that i’m not going to eat well

after that totally my fasting window is

too bad

for th