this is lumen the first device for

hacking your metabolism

with just one breath lumen tells you

what you’re currently burning for energy

carbs or body fat so you can see what’s

going on with your metabolism in real


and what to do about it breathe in the

morning to get a personalized nutrition

plan for the day

one that’s based on your personal goals

and adaptable to your eating habits

breathe before meal to see how the last

one affected you and get recommendations

to keep your body on track

breathe to see if you have enough energy

for your workout or if you should feel


lumen doesn’t just tell you what to do

it gives you the whys behind it all

why your weight might be fluctuating why

you feel low on energy

why your body is storing carbs because

the truth is

you have a different metabolism than me

than him

than her which is why lumen is nutrition

designed for you