“what is going on guys it’s Jordan here

back again with another video and as you

can see I’m actually watching one of my

old ones because I’ve been bothered by a

few people recently yeah

a lot people asking me like can you make

another video about how to make much

save money sorry

you know obviously we’re coming up to

the tail end of 2019 it’s October now

1st of October and what we have coming

up will be Halloween I’m so close we

have Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas

and that’s about it I guess but the

festive period for most people is gonna

be very stressful in terms of their

pocket spending a lot of money and

making a lot of people happy with gifts

and love and affection and YouTube

videos and nothing to say I’ve literally

been watching this video back for about

an hour now I want to say if not like 30

minutes or so trying to think like what

can I add to this now that has two years

old about how to save money

join the cells and blah blah blah and

every time I watch it annoys me because

I i watch it I’ll record something and

then I realize that I’ve been talking

for 12 minutes or 20 minutes this is

only a two and a half minute video is so

comprehensive it’s so concise and I

really want to make like a whole new

video just so I can brag about it and be

a whole look new video look at me

teaching right but this is such a good

video and I feel like the best advice I

can give to you guys would be to go back

and check out what I’m gonna do now in

like in lieu of having new ideas is kind

of commentate over this original video

purely because there are some new things

that I want to touch on that I can’t

touch on without going into the context

of this anyway so I figured I might as

well just comment say and add things as

the video goes on purely because like

you’ll be easier for me and probably

make a better video than like talking

over a fresh tape anyway so without

further ado if you haven’t watch this

video yet do go and watch it if you have

seen it already

shout out to you man you’re the best

obviously centaurian gang under 21

subscribers yeah let’s get into it

tomorrow is Black Friday and I know

everyone will be looking to splash some

cash on a whole host of new clothes tech

and wherever else you can find in Amazon

get a new stuff is great the staying out

of debt is a dream come true

making a good saving is easy on a day

like this of making a great saving let

me show you how it’s done first of all

before you even think about taking part

on a greatest pouring event of all time

you all need to draw up a budget and if

possible make a list of all the things

you need this is to ensure you don’t get

sucked into the deals paradise once you

have a list even if it’s only a mental

one use price comparison sites like ID

law to find someone at cheapest sites

offering what you need right off the bat

it will guarantee some additional

savings and even though if you identify

some cheaper sites than like Amazon for

example don’t even be afraid to use eBay

this is how you make every saving Cal

because some top brands like aguas dicen

curries and Hafetz they will use eBay

and have these outlet stores where they

offer the exact same products but for a

much cheaper price

so all tried to compare between these

two and if you really want to stretch

your pound dump

so I mentioned in this video that’s good

surviving secondhand one thing that I

didn’t mention was that sometimes you

can buy a bundle on eBay so my mom does

this a lot well I said she wants to buy

a Peppa Pig wave from the show like of

pepper and Dad and the car for example

Tobiah dose free individually might be

like free pound for pepper ten-minute

the car and then five pound for dad for

example which is 18 pounds alternatively

she can find a bundle who have like

Peppa’s house oh five five or four

family members the car and the granddad

and grandma and some other things for

fifteen pounds and like okay that’s a

lie but made for at 20 pounds for

example which is two pounds more

expensive but you get so much more on

that bundle instead of buying them

individually so if you’re someone like

minded to my mom who like resale dat

herself anyway look for some deals see

if you can find something that has a

bundle that might be a bit more at first

but if you can resell to other bits they

don’t need you can make back all the

money anyway so understand that things

aren’t always cheaper by themselves

especially if you want to buy the

second-hand because people don’t always

know the value of what they’re selling

also I only mentioned eBay on the video

but obviously I don’t knows me knows

that I’m the boot sell guy so do check

out boot sells as well because generally

people that sell things I mean like I’ve

been making my money for the series on

my channel from

to boots I was selling it on eBay so

that should be an indication enough that

the people at boot sells sell things

under market value generally so if you

want to make an even bigger saving do

checkout boot sells first before you buy

things online if possible anyway but

yeah back into the video don’t be afraid

to get secondhand stuff good this is

gonna guarantee a much cheaper price

than retail it’s also important to note

that these cells will continue over the

weekend into Cyber Monday you even get

further reductions post Christmas and

January Boxing Day sales so don’t rush

into buying things on Friday anyway once

you’ve found some sites and the products

you want open a live chat and also chat

bot with some discounts trust me even

though it’s kind of embarrassing this

works much more often than not even in

store if you offer cashier for other

discounts and things that aren’t offer

they usually have a couple hidden it was

obviously if you’re a student you’re in

luck you’ll guaranteed all year long

discs are using services like NUS extra

uni days or student beans and other

student related sites that give you top

they’ll choose codes or de special

websites even if you’re not a student to

find someone who is you can also use

cash back sites so one thing that I

mentioned here that is I mean the rules

haven’t changed but NUS extra isn’t

called extra anymore think of totem so

don’t like google it I’m gonna find it

it’s cool totem now tio TEM but like the

fact remains the same you can still get

student discounts online very quickly

very easily I think you need aids is one

of the best because it’s free and they

have everything on this site anyway but

that’s all the free marketing I’m going

to do so back into the video when it

comes to cashback and reward sites and

things like that

one thing I didn’t mention which is a

very good thing I should have mentioned

at the time was bank accounts so

recently I’ve been doing a lot of bank

account flipping where just switch

account and get free money I switch and

get free money but one thing that I

haven’t taken advantage of yet is cash

back and reward systems in bank accounts

so one of my friends he actually used

American Express

and they had a period where if you open

her I think Amex called account you got

20,000 free air miles so he did that and

then he referred himself to the same

account it was over address which they

allowed him to do over the phone and got

another 20,000 air miles for that

account for the back opened me again

plus 10,000 for the referral plus 10,000

for switching bank accounts so initially

got 70,000 80,000 points

AMS points just as opening two bank

accounts and that meant he could go on

holiday to New York and back probably I

don’t know how many miles works but his

words are four times like four trips so

Darren back twice I don’t know if that’s

true because they’re just giving out

free ala days out there American Express

but you definitely can get a hell of a

lot of points all just loads of cash

back by navigating the deals properly I

haven’t done it myself recently so I

don’t know what out today deals but

there there are always those out there

and there are always ways to make extra

money on the side just by doing this all

flipping stuff it’s annoying like I put

in this video this is one to two years

old certainly matter but Zeke and gift

card granny don’t appear to be operating

anymore haven’t checked I don’t know why

it’s kind of annoying there are still

ways to buy second-hand gift cards if

you do it through like eBay sometimes or

on the side I haven’t seen myself I

don’t check I don’t do this this is one

of my secrets but all right so that’s

the video and one thing that I didn’t

mention because I didn’t have it at a

time but I do have now on I’ve been

using basically since the day are still

is video drops is honey now I don’t want

to go into honey two months because I

feel like all of your favorite youtubers

already have eschewing me but honey is

like it literally is free money

and the facts that I’m not getting paid

to review this sweater but it isn’t the

advertisement tells you that I genuinely

believe in it because I’ve been using it

like crazy because it’s it’s literally a

free plugin all you going to do is go

into honey download it into your Chrome

browser or safari whatever you use and

that’s it you continue browsing as

normal and when you go to check out

online for like eBay Amazon or wherever

you want to buy something from honey

automatically puts those codes into the

the voucher code section applies all of

the deals that they have and it picks

the best one based on what you know

based on the money based of what you

save so like honey is amazing I don’t

know why no one uses it like my mom

still doesn’t use it and it’s funny

because obviously it’s only available on

laptop at a moment I know they have a

phone app but it doesn’t plug into your

phone browser which is annoying you’d

think there’d be a way around that I

don’t know how how the program works but

hopefully they will fix that otherwise

if you if you’re okay with browsing on

your computer they set up on your phone

just please get honey and it’s a shame

but I’m not getting paid to say that but

I will be paid in customer loyalty know

what I’m talking about

but yeah that’s that’s it for this video

as you can probably tell I really

enjoyed making this and I still enjoy

watching it right now like it’s cool to

go back and to reflect on how bloody

smart I was back at 2017 so pat on the

back shout out man like I would have

been 19 years old 19 your Jordan was the

man with his video and yeah go back and

watch it peace