guys hope you all had a

wonderful christmas i just thought i’d

come on here and do a bit of a

skin care routine because i’ve got a lot

of skincare products for christmas

and see if it’s any good for me so these

products might change and

i’m just gonna be testing out different

products ready first i’ve got my

morphe eyelash case i’m just gonna put

my eyelashes in there

these are brand new today

okay so now i’m gonna be using the body

shop chamomile


my face


now your face is going to look

super greasy but when you

see my wife oh my god i just got this

today which is a body shop


this feels so nice


how amazing is that

it just all transferred onto

the flannel

honestly like what is one of my favorite


i’ve ever tried um

so i literally never use wipes anymore

so anyway look at the makeup



which i just got today as well


it’s thick oh it’s a very

thick kind of um texture

which wasn’t expecting


so i’m now going to exfoliate my face

i’m actually going to be using

the avant gentle rose beautifying

face exfoliant


make sure

instead of moisturizer tonight i’m going

to be using

a sample from the body shop and it is a


overnight nourishing rescue mask


so green




okay so i’m just going to leave that for

10 minutes

wanna put that on i’m gonna be using

the sheer lip butter by body shop again


i’ll just wait

okay so it’s set to rub it in

i’m gonna


just get some tissue

it says to wipe it

okay so i think you just have to leave

it like that and then in the morning

i just have to wash off so yeah

i will come back in the morning and

yeah wash it off and let you know how

that goes

see you in the morning guys good

morning guys so i left my spot overnight

um and it’s pretty much not visible

um anymore so i’m just gonna still feel


um so i’m gonna just wash my face and


you can see the green


now i’m gonna go in with moisturizer

and i’m going to be using the avant


hyaluronic acid anti-oxidizing dual


this stuff smells amazing



and that is my skincare routine

starting from today um yeah anyway i

hope you enjoyed my glasses of steam up

i hope you enjoyed this video um

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and yeah i hope you have blessed

blessed rest of the year

and goes into 2021 safely i’ll

see you guys later