“hi everybody welcome back to my channel

if you’re new welcome my name is claire

i’ve got another unboxing to share with


and i’ve got cohorted and this month

it’s all avent products

let’s just take the sleeve off so if

you’re new to cohorted

i will just give you a quick load down

telling you all about it but if you’re

just curious and seeing what’s inside

this box then you will find a time stamp

down below in the comments

so you’re free to flick forward cohorted

is voted the number one

luxury beauty box in the uk the cost of

the box is 39.99 and that includes free

shipping within the uk

and they do ship worldwide for an

additional 12 pound

inside the box you receive a minimum of

five products and they range from

skincare hair care makeup body kit and

sometimes makeup tools as well

and as you’ve just seen just now

sometimes they have monthly beauty boxes

that are all by the same brand a couple

of months ago we had a mono skin box

which is really lovely

if you’re watching this and you’re dying

to subscribe to receive this box

unfortunately you can’t

cohorted work a month in advance so if

you were to subscribe

now in april your first box will be may

if you really really want this box then

there is a chance of being able to get

it usually around the middle to the end

of the month

sometimes they do have some boxes

available to purchase as one-offs and

they cost around 50 pounds so

yeah definitely check out the cohorted

website if you do have your eye on this

box they also do limited editions

you can cancel any month and the boxes

get sent out between the 5th

and the 15th of the month now this box

is kindly gifted to me as pr

in exchange for showing you and telling

you all about it on my channel

i have dipped in and out of subscribing

to cohorted for the last couple of years

myself they started sending these boxes

out to me

a couple of months ago so i’m really

grateful to be able to show you on my


and to get your feedback as well what

you think of them there’s two codes that

are available if you’re interested in

taking out a subscription

there’s welcome 15 inf with 15 off your

first box which is around six which is

six pound

i believe or if you’d prefer to have a

free beauty gift which i think is a

makeup product you are able to see this

on their website but i can’t remember

now what the makeup product is

you can use code cohorted gift me and

then you’ll receive that free extra item

in your first box

so i think that’s it as far as

information goes or links all codes

everything related to this box you’ll

find down in my description

so underneath this video you’ll see show

more or a downward arrow if you

click that that will bring up my

description and everything will be

listed down there so let’s get on to

showing you

what’s inside this box what it looks

like so inside we’ve got a little

magazine here

and it details everything about the

products inside the box so i’m able to

refer to that as we go along

plus it gives you the overall value as


it’s not sticky open this up

let’s give you a sneak peek so they’re

all avent skincare products

oh it’s got on the back there spring

feels it’s a limited edition box


in may doesn’t really say anything about

it but yeah

there’s a limited edition coming out in

may look at the value of this month’s


absolutely bonkers crazy

isn’t it crazy nearly 500 pound

worth of products in this box but

there is some controversy surrounding

the avent brand

not against the actual products


but the inflated costs there’s a lot of

information like on reddit for instance

and online

where people are saying how come we see

in a lot of advent products in

subscription boxes when they’re quite a

pricey brand

you might have heard about it so for me

personally even though this box is

nearly worth 500 pounds

i’m not really going to pay attention to

that value i’m not going to be promoting

you must get this box because it’s worth

500 pounds and you know you can buy a

one-off for 50.

that’s not me but i just thought i would

let you know where my thoughts

surrounding avent are not to say that

they’re bad

nothing like that but anyway enough of


so what can i tell you about here we’re

getting our skin prepped for spring with

a highest ever box value guaranteed to

leave you

looking and feeling ready for april the

12th haven’t focused on creating

non-invasive products that can be used

at home

delivering visible results by

meticulously scrutinizing each

ingredient that formulate their products

and always stand in by a blend of nature

and science the goal is to make you feel

confident in your own skin

and it says as seen in vanity fair and

all products are also cruelty free

so yeah so i’ll just go through it one

by one showing you what’s inside

so the first product is for your eyes

it’s a three-in-one hyaluron collagen

eye filler

and there’s 10 mils here

this eye formula is part of the avent

age restore range

hyaluronic acid aims to penetrate deep

into the skin to hydrate and instantly

help improve the appearance of fine

lines and wrinkles

collagen works as an important building

block for elasticity

and helps smooth the signs of aging i

have got one of these already

and i haven’t used it yet i received it

in a different subscription box

there feels really nice it does feel


so the recommended retail price for this

three in one eye formula is 99 pound

it’s so hard isn’t it it’s a lot of

money next we’ve got a day cream and

this is their pro-intense hyaluronic

acid illuminating day cream

we’ve got 50 mils here the recommended

retail price for this day cream is 98

pounds and it’s one of their best


pro-intense hyaluronic acid illuminating

day cream is an

age radiance cream that aims to

illuminate your skin and consequently

your day

this cream combines the signature

ingredients hyaluronic acid sea water

jojoba oil and soy lectin its powerful

moisturizing properties help to keep the

skin hydrated making it an excellent

additive for mature

dry and overworked skin and then it goes

into telling you how to apply it to your

jaw cheeks forehead

and places on your skin there

so this has actually got a little seal

on it so i’m not going to open it now

i’m going to keep it next we’ve got an

exfoliator this is a glycolic acid

rejuvenating face exfoliator and there’s

50 mls here

now this is one product that

unfortunately doesn’t agree with me

i don’t like this product on my skin not

to say that it’s a really bad product

because we’re all different aren’t we

but yeah i’ve tried this a few times and

i just don’t like it i just find it a

little bit too harsh on my skin

so i’m going to it’s got a seal on it

yeah it’s got a seal so i’m going to

pass that on

the recommended retail price for this

exfoliator is 92 pound

it works to gently exfoliate and

retexture it has been designed to help

refine brighten and renew skin

it combines signature ingredients such

as glycolic acid and proline

glycolic acid aims to penetrate deep

into the skin while treating fine lines

acne blackheads dull and oiliness for a

youthful appearance

proline contributes to the promotion of

firmer more illuminated skin and helps

reduce the appearance of sagging

wrinkles and fine lines

it’s got a face exfoliator next we’ve

got a face mask and i’ve tried this

before and i do really like this one

this is a harmonious rose quartz


and firming mask and it’s 50 mls here

they’re nice and thick and pink

the recommended retail price for this

mask is 79 pounds and it aims to purify

pores and absorbs impurities and excess

sebum leaving you with balanced healthy

looking skin

it helps tighten and clear congested

pores and contributes to brightening


as it draws out impurities it’s got a

face mask next we’ve got a serum and i’m

not sure if i’ve ever tried this one i

think this is a new one for me this is a

collagen intense radiance activator


and we’ve got 30 mils here

oh it feels nice yeah it does feel

really nice

i love the scent it smells almost like

watermelon that sort of freshness you

know it’s not strong

it’s not strong at all so what can i

tell you

the recommended retail price is 91 pound

a unique formulation that combines

collagen and

lectin am i saying that like lecithin

like a thin

amongst other powerful actives and


collagen aims to work as an important

building block for elasticity and helps

reduce the appearance of fine lines and


lechothine helps hydrate replenish and

repair the skin

making it an excellent treatment for

mature and dry skin

so yes we’ve got a face serum there and

lastly we’ve got some patches

these are hydra bright collagen eye

restoring pads

and there’s three pairs in here

little box got little eye patches there

i pop these in a little fridge i got a

cosmetics fridge that me and my daughter


and we put things like eye patches and

creams and things and then sprays facial


very small but it just feels so nice so

yeah so there’s three

there so what can i tell you about them

so this pack of three would cost you

34 pounds it says these pads are infused

with collagen hyaluronic acid and aloe


collagen aims to work as an important

building block for elasticity and helps

reduce the appearance of fine lines and

wrinkles i feel like i’m repeating

myself now

there’s a lot of collagen hyaluronic


on all of these products which is

brilliant i feel like i’m just repeating

everything now so apologies if you’re

thinking yes yes clear we know we know

aloe vera helps stimulate collagen

synthesis and acts as an astringent to

tighten pores and helps reduce

the appearance of oily skin so we’ve got

some deeply hydrating

eye patches there so those are all the

products i’m just going to gather them

all up and i’ll be back

so we’ve got a glycolic acid face

exfoliator we’ve got a harmonious rose


facial mask we’ve got a hyaluronic acid

illuminating day cream

we’ve got a collagen intense facial

serum we’ve got a three in one collagen

eye formula and lastly pack of three


eye patches so the cost of the

subscription is 39.99

and as you saw at the start it has a

value of just under

500 pounds there is some controversy

surrounding this brand

but not about the products so regardless

of the actual cost of the products i’m

just thinking of the products inside the


and what i think of them and whether i

think they’re worth 39.99

and i have to say yes i love the pink

mask anyway

the illuminating day cream i’m sure i’ve

tried it before and i really like it

i’ve already got the eye formula the

only product i don’t like is the

exfoliator so i am going to be passing

that on to a friend but i do think for


this is a really lovely box especially

if you do love other

unfortunately you’re not able to

subscribe and receive this box but

do keep an eye out middle of the month

onwards to see if they have got

any of these boxes up for one-off

purchases so as always i’d love to know

your thoughts what do you think of this


have you subscribed to cohorted have you

received your box yet what do you think

of the products or are you watching this

wondering if this is

a sort of subscription that you might

delve into or not all your thoughts and

opinions i’d love to know so please

comment down below but i hope you

enjoyed watching if you did it’d be

lovely if you give me a big thumbs up

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please subscribe to my channel for lots

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i’ll speak soon