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for today’s video we’re unboxing

another subscription box and this is


cohorted so this month in collaboration


avant skin care so if you want to see

what’s inside here

just keep on watching


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i’m filming three videos today because

they came all the same time

so i’m filming it before i go out with

my family just to

go for a walk you see me in the same

clothes with my other two

unboxing just because i’m doing it in

the same

day for this month um cohorted we have

collaboration with

advanced skin care and i already did my

lineup spoiler of this subscription box

and this box is worth more than 400


450 pounds but we will see inside and

get started so it came

with this white box

just take off the slit we have cohorted


beautiful if you’re new to cohort this

is a monthly

beauty subscription box premium

subscription box because it costs 39.9

including the shipping fee and you

receive every month

um beauty products from skin care to


i’m not 100 sure if my code it’s working

but if you want to try to use that one i

have it in the

description box below subscription box

is quite

different from other subscription

because it works like

a month up front it means that if you

subscribe today

you won’t receive this box but you will

receive the next one

the next month box which is the main box


you will pay today and also you will pay

on the first of may so it’s quite

expensive when you subscribe to this one


but if you want to have this box you can

still purchase this

box at the end i think they release at

the end of the month for

50 pounds a bit more but yes

so yes let’s open this box i hope i

explained it properly labs if you want

to know more about the subscription box

as always we’ll be in the description

box below

we have as always done um black tissue


it says cohorted the little card here it


we hope you enjoy your beauty box this

muffy box

was hand packed with love by suzanne

susan again

i think she packed also my last math box

i have full of products

here love this because it is my third

time so all the products is

everywhere so we have the booklet as

always that

cohort it could magazine it says quality

free sustainable

beauty advanced skin care april edition


and then we have the box value which is

493 pounds which is not bad

but my opinion i would tell it at the

end let’s see first the products inside

and here it says also that we’re getting

our skin prep

for spring with our highest ever box


guaranteed to leave you looking and

feeling ready for april 12th

so the first one here which is um from


this is the hydro bright collagen eye

restoring pads essential packed

and this one is a full size it has three


inside as you can see we have three


three eye masks so this um collagen eye

restoring pads product it’s little for

34 pounds

and it says wake up to brighter eyes

with this revolutionary eye set

saturated with the complex of active


aiming to smooth intensely hydrate and

minimize the appearance of finance dark

circle and puffiness

the science the hydrobrite collagen eye

restoring pots are infused with collagen

yellowic acid and aloe vera

so yes the ingredient lovelies water

glycerin collagen soap tumor

which is the hyaluronic acid i think

lavandula which is the lavender

and yes alan poin

i heard this ingredient before so yes

just few ingredients just

bear in mind that one and then we have

small product here has 10 ml and it’s

really full

99 pounds lovelies this small product

it’s written for 99 pounds and this is

the three

one yellow run filler collagen eye


and it says um it’s part of the avant

age restore range this revolutionary

formula contains signature ingredient


towards evening out the signs of aging

whilst maintaining a mattified


so the science hyaluronic acid aims to

penetrate deep into the skin to hydrate

and instantly helps improve the

appearance of violence and wrinkles

collagen works as an important building

blocks of elasticity

and helps smooth the sign of aging so

the next product we have the pro intense

hyaluronic acid

illuminating date cream it has 50 ml and

this one

it’s their best seller and it’s written

for 98 pounds

pro intense hyaluronic acid illuminating

day cream is an aging region cream that

aims to illuminate your skin

and consequently your day

the science pro intenceleronic acid

illuminating day cream combines the

signature ingredients ingredients yellow

ronic acid

water jojoba oil and soil lacitin

its powerful moisturizing properties

help to keep the skin hydrated

making it an excellent additive for meat


dry or overworked skin so

here we go um as always lovelies i will

try this product um

as you can see i have all ready my

makeup on i already

did my skin there so i will try this

product and then i will let you know i

will put this one on my empties

as always the next one we have is from


acid rejuvenating face exfoliator this

one is 50 ml2 and it’s written for 92


this one it says the glycolic acid

rejuvenating face exfoliator works too


exfoliate and dry texture it has been

designed to help refine

brighten and renew skin the science that

glycolic acid rejuvenating face


combines signature ingredients such as

glycolic acid

and proline glycolic acid

aims to penetrate deep into the skin

while treating fine lines acne

blackheads dullness and oiliness for

your youthful appearance

really a nice words proline contributes

to the promotion for firmer

more illuminated skin and helps reduce

the appearance of sagging

wrinkles and fine lines so here we go

this this is the fourth product

and then the next one we have this

the harmonious rose quartz revitalizing

and firming mask

it has 50 2 and this one is a little for

79 pounds and this is their best

seller and it says this luxurious mask

aims to purify

pores and absorb impurities and excess


leaving you with balance healthy looking

skin it helps tighten

and clear congested pores and

contributes to brightening tone as it

draws out

impurities so yes

and then the last product we have in


we have the collagen intense regions


serum and this one has 30 ml

and this one is little full 91 pounds

wow and it says collagen intense regions

activator serum is infused with

brightening and illuminating signature

ingredients contribute contributing


visibly radiant and healthy skin

the science ionic formulation that

combines collagen and less

thin among other powerful actives and

ingredients collagen

aims to work as important building block

for elasticity and helps to reduce the

appearance of finance

and wrinkle lecithin helps hydrate

replenish and repair the skin making

it an excellent treatment for mature and

dry skin so yes here we go so this is

the last product

so we have two full six product this

month we have the serum we have the

exfoliator one

we have the firming mask we have the day

cream illuminating day cream we have the

eye cream one

and we have the eye mask one which is

here we go

so yes overall lovelies i would not


purchase every single product of in this

box it’s too too expensive

i think avon product it’s too expensive

um for what it is in my opinion

i’m using at the moment um

on my face i’m using atomic perfecting

collagen primer

um this one here which is i received

before it’s really a nice

primer um after i use this one i think


skin feels really smooth soft

yes but i think this one is 30 400

pounds i would not repurchase this one

i think i will still get all those

benefits all those

finish with other primer in affordable


um i hope you know what i mean because i

tried view of primer

i have same result as this one but this

one it cost

100 pounds and also i tried another

product from avant before

and my skin reacts to it i had

really small um bumps under my

skin after i used them after a week i

used it

so yes i’m i’m more careful now with

this brand because i think some of the

product i’m allergic to it

but not all because this one it works

really good to my skin

so yes overall definitely as i said i

would not repurchase

the single product from this box i know

few of

people love this brand like they enjoy

using their products and to be honest


we received this brand before in


like a mixed brand or we received also

this brand

before in other subscription boxes which


like an affordable subscription box like

glossy box or rocker box we received

this brand before so i know

i’m not 100 sure if i like this box

yes you get the 495 value one

but i really don’t feel that value

because i think it’s really an

overpriced brand for what it is

because it works like other product and

the ingredient as you can see

you can see this ingredient in other

product there’s no gold inside there’s

no like to get that price

i really hope you know what i mean so


i’m not really excited for this month to

be honest

yes i know subscription boxes

some boxes are really great some boxes

are really

meh but this box i don’t know i am not

hundred percent sure

um i’m not really excited to receive

this box

and looking on the booklet love this

they have a spoiler it says coming soon

spring feels limited edition

it’s time for a spring clean we have

curated the ultimate limited edition

beauty box punk

with skin care receiver to make a must

have that will put spring in your step

so there you have um limited edition

another limited

edition one which is available from may


which is nice now they i don’t know if


sold out or not but i will pop on the

in the description box below the link

they have the easter box one which is i

did my lineup i will pop on the top here

so yes if you want to check that one if

you want to get this box as i said love

this if you want to subscribe to cohort


you will not receive this box but you

will save the

main box but if you want to purchase

this box you can purchase it as a


box for 50 pounds and also if you want

to subscribe

to cohorted the spoiler

it’s here it’s a three mask one

i don’t remember the one but i will pop


and yes that’s all lovelies and you what

do you think of this box

are you thinking to subscribe are you

waiting for

this box let me know in the comment

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