“hello and welcome guys to another

unboxing video today we have a special


for valentine’s day for couples that


far apart

and basically have a long distance


and you need


give it

smart bulb and

some light

basically smart bulb if you if you have

like this or i don’t know whatever you


i’ve been asked to describe his idea

to the camera so the idea is you get two

of these one for yourself and one for

your significant other

and you connect the bulb to your wi-fi

and basically you can control the lights

or that is in your significant other’s

house room anywhere you put it so if you

are in the mood you can turn on the

light and they know that you’re in the


so you just

can create some kind of code

and just have fun with the flights

what i would do is

turn on strobe at three in the morning

when they’re sleeping don’t do that

why not

okay i know mine is watching don’t do


do it do it

or give me the login


now let’s see how heavy is the package


what do you think is this one oh okay


it’s not much it’s about 100 grams or

something and this one

the heavier so 250 300


okay i’ll try

i would say


and you a 250. i said to 5300 in that


oh no say 250 or 300


so i will go with 400. okay so it

totally in total mine is 400 and you are

in total is 550 grams

that’s a lot of grams

so let’s see how heavy it is

let’s go and see

so first of all

bald yes

one close to 100 grams

so i think you want me



one for me yes one for you


in total okay let’s let’s see what’s in


so in in general you’re closer if you

count them both together so one point

for me

two one

so i just bought the cheapest light from

the ikea

just because i don’t have where to put

this bolt in my house

so that it will it looks like that


now we’re going to demonstrate the whole

idea and today john montes will be my



no homo

remember it yes

so let’s go and open up the package

should we start begin with that one

with that one okay so you watch

either me or him

and always cut towards yourself or



nice break it out just out of the box

so for the light we went with

the advanced smart plus like sponsors


we wrote a letter come on guys

so this

small thingy

small small town



so the problem is that

this lights too small

for this bulb

as you can see

are you sure if it goes the whole way

it is out

i tried it i know it

won’t stand perfectly here you need to

know how do you put it in

putting in yes it goes


and you

click it

like that

so it does go there

yeah but yes it touches it touches

touches but it won’t stand uh when you

put it on on table

because the cable is because of the

cable cable goes here and then

do it and you will see it need it can go

a little bit

more inside but oh but because of the

bulb it can’t go yeah i see what you

mean okay so for that i have something


oh smart to fix that i have

those things

that you can go to and just little

things that you put on

the bottom of the furniture or the couch

or something yeah no it’s nice idea so

do it

so now i will solve that i will solve

the electrical thingy

this one costed six euros

so basically go for it and the bulb cost

it to 13 euros


okay and the problem is fixed it ain’t

stupid if it works

now let’s talk a little bit about the

specs about the smart bulb specs

so it’s e14 uh

4.9 watt bulb for 240 watts so volts

volts sorry

so it has 470 lumens or something

and uh

well can change rgb colors and also from

cold to hot

white color



compatible with google assistant and


now let’s turn on the bulb and

see should i do it like before like


three two one

good thing leds don’t put out much of

the heat no because

dutch in the glass

so first of all i need to set up the

bulb with my wi-fi so i go to the

legends app

if you’re a new user register and then

you will see

no devices and you will need to add one

but because we want uh

that our

significant hour would control only one

bulb if you have other bulbs for example

so we need to go to me

home management and create another home

add a name



he named it

rooms i think intel’s bedroom i’m

and that’s how you create new home


you will go here to the other

home and add device

weld needs to be blinking and as you can

see on this wife it already shows that

there is a bulb so go to add you will be

alerted yes and you will need to write

in a password and password and it will

connect it let’s


it works

it’s also very bright

now it’s connected and next

and here we have i can add to the room

if i want

volume nice


so here we are here we can control it



and and

now it’s your turn my turn you are

registered right yes i am

so i need to what i need to press

management and

i think i need to press

love room home

and then add member

oh via app account i can just

you mother

oh i use my st my steam


this is how i invited him okay and now

you need to accept accept

using pokemon item

and now you can control the light

so here’s my girlfriend as i said

now he can control it as


just press

you see

and i can also see what he’s doing

here is my screen

what else can i control

so for example is

the light is turned on off

turn it off

and leave it like that

if you

want to

turn it on in a specific settings you go

to more

and press


and then add a schedule choose the time

that in one minute

in one minute

it will turn on

on and then you can choose if you want

it to wake up in


example this color

and you press save it and in one minute

it will automatically turn on in that


that specific

color and we are not connected to the

same wi-fi so you can do it from

whenever place you want and you if you

have an internet okay it should turn on

now what you see

in a specific color

the amazon

you change the color right

maybe yes

yeah you change he changed at the same


so this is the principle so

my girlfriend will will have one of so i

will one set up

and i will have one set up and we can

control each other’s

setup so for example you can decide what

the red color that means she’s angry or

you are angry and we will know or for

example we are away and we come home and


come out and see that

the light is turned on and you are

waiting for her or him

so that’s kinda sweet or not i don’t


and remember my significant other will

tell me and remember always turn on the

strobe light for three in the morning

you know

there’s no strobe

really seriously it is colorful i think

i need like put on and yes speed like

that all right it’s close enough that’s

the fastest you can get close enough

so this is the whole idea for a

valentine’s day for a long distance

relationships on a budget

small budget yeah because i saw

the light on the instagram

that i think costs more than 100

euros if you and your girlfriend touch

the light at the same time

it will shine but this is a budget

version if you don’t want to spend a lot

of money and what are the chances that

you will touch the light together

without like

a lot of chances

so you will be sitting in there like

that yep yep okay


i think it’s a nice idea and if you want

it use it do it buy

a smart bullet and screw it


whatever you wish for


that’s it want to see something

nah is it good

is it good idea or not i don’t know i

will tell

if your relationship will continue then

maybe yes if not even though

so thank you guys for watching

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and we will see in the next