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so recently i’ve got a chance to try and

test some of the verso products i like

to share

my opinion and experience with this

brand with you so if you’d like to find

out more about these products keep



so as some of you may know versa is a

swedish brand that specializes in

anti-aging skincare they have this very

popular eye cream nourishing eye cream i


everybody had it somewhere in one of the

other calendars or subscription boxes

uh it featured quite a lot last year so

i think

most of you were probably able to try it

uh i have it in my collection too i’m

going to be talking about this but let’s

start from the beginning so the versus

products are usually numbered each

number tells you pretty much

what the use of a specific product is

they are numbered i wouldn’t say it’s a

particular order

you’ll see what i mean in a minute but

the numbers are definitely helpful

because the names sometimes may be a

little bit confusing

so let’s start with number one and just

let you know i don’t have all the

numbers but i have one two three

four and five i think there are more

i think i had a sheet mask and that was

number eight

so there must be a couple more numbers

there uh but let’s start with number one

uh and from number one i have only this

tiny product here

which is a verso micellar water i’ve

never tried a micellar water

that would be any different any better

any worse

micellar water is a micellar water to me


nothing much to add here the other

product i had with number one was

salicylic acid

um it was like an exfoliator in a


packaging but i just don’t really use

salicylic acid uh

because my skin is very sensitive so

salicylic acid is

mostly designed for like oily skin or

maybe combination because it just clean

cleanses the pores

um but for me you know it just wasn’t

something that i

would use so i just gave that away so

yeah number one

cleansing exfoliating products from what

i can get

let’s move on to number two and here i

have two products

and these two products are both with


so most not everything but most products

by verso contains a form of retinol

which is actually quite interesting

because we have that retinol even in

uh day creams or day serums uh this is

retinol aid it’s more like an

encapsulated form of retinol that

it’s released to your skin slowly it

doesn’t or it shouldn’t cause an

irritation on your skin and also

uh probably because it’s encapsulated

you could use it

in your morning skincare routine too

obviously you should always put

a sunscreen on top of that but you know

that’s something that probably

doesn’t have to be mentioned even all

right so two products here

one of them is verso day cream with

retinol eight and the other one

is daily facial fluid with regular aid


these products are pretty much the same

thing but just for the different skin


the day cream is how to describe it i

wouldn’t say it’s lightweight there is

some substance to it right but it’s not

like super heavy on your skin

uh so for my dry and sensitive skin is

just enough

i could have something a little bit

heavier and i’ll be fine too um

it absorbs quite well uh but if you have

like super oily skin

uh i think this fluid will be something

you’d enjoy much better uh

this is very very lightweight for me

this is more of a serum rather than the

face cream

uh i definitely have to have some

something else on top of that something

that will just

keep this look this moisture on my skin

it’s very lightweight

it absorbs super quickly doesn’t leave

any residue

i’m sure if you have oily skin this will

be your choice and you’ll be quite happy

with that one

for me this is definitely too light but

yeah i can still use the serum that’s

fine so we have number two which were

day creams now we have number three


are night creams so as i said there is

no particular order in here because

obviously this

doesn’t really show us what products

should be used first and what

like afterwards yeah so we have number

three i have two creams here

a versa nourishing cream and verso night

cream so versa nourishing cream contains

niacinamide whereas the night cream just

an ice cream contains

retinol eight so with these two creams i

slightly prefer the

retinol night cream rather than the

niacinamide the

cinnamite nourishing cream seems to be

and that might be surprising for you a

little bit too heavy even for me

it seems like very nourishing so if you

have like properly parched skin the new

max you enjoy this one for me

i mean it’s all right i can still use it

but it’s a little bit

too heavy on me so up to our number

fours and these like

these are face serums so i have a

hydration serum with niacinamide

uh antioxidant turmeric booster and

superfacial serum with retinol 8.

so let’s start with the niacinamide

serum because this one is actually my

least favorite out of these three

my problem with this is that it actually

causes some irritation

on my skin nothing that i can feel but i

can definitely see it so i have this

natural redness on my cheeks and this

kind of enhances this redness which is

probably the opposite of

what should happen here uh the

niacinamide is said to be particularly

beneficial for

oily skin but apparently every skin type

should be able to benefit somehow from


uh for me this doesn’t work

and this is not the first time i tried

this serum i had this

a couple of months ago and i had the

same reaction so

there must be something with the

concentration or the form of niacinamide

because it’s not

that they react the same way on to every

niacinamide serum so i think there must

be something where the concentration or

form of niacinamide because it’s not

that i react the same way

uh to any nastined serum there are nice

thermite serums that i

use and everything is fine so yeah my

least favorite out of these

let’s move on to the better choices here

next up we have a super facial serum

with retinol 8.

i prefer to use my retinols in the


i mean i do like the fact that you have

this option to use them in the morning

this serum can be used in the morning


i mean that’s not a surprise because we

did have a

daily facial creams with retinol too uh

but i do prefer to use other active

ingredients in my morning skincare

routine so i use that serum in the


and it’s like really nice very

lightweight quickly absorbing serum so

i’m pretty sure this should be good for

everybody and the last of our fours is

antioxidant turmeric buster this again

can be used in the morning and evening

for me this product actually makes more

sense in the morning because

since this is like an antioxidant it

just protects us from free radicals

uh it makes more sense to use this when

we actually go out

um unless you maybe go out at night then

i don’t know

but it kind of makes sense to use in the

morning to me

uh and this is actually really nice this

is very lightweight very like almost

watery serum so again this could be

perfect for any skin type if you have


dry skin you might actually want to mix

it with hyaluronic acid

or some hydration hydrating serum so

yeah so these were our fours we’re

moving to the last category here

number five and here i have two products

one of them very well known already this

is eye cream

extra nourish and this one is super eye

serum with retinol eight

so yeah fives are eye products i’m

actually quite happy to have a retinal

serum for my

eye area and the reason for that is i

kind of feel that this area is a bit


in terms of like retinol intake and i

know that there are some dermatologists

or cosmetologists who say that you can

pretty much use whatever you

use on your face on your eye area and

then pretty much eye creams are just

like a marketing

uh thing um but i have very sensitive

eyes so i wouldn’t risk it

so that’s why i prefer uh to use

something that is designed

specifically for this area area and

i’m quite happy to have something like

this very lightweight again

almost like lotion watery type of


uh absorbs super quickly uh and yeah i

actually enjoyed using that quite a lot

and the last product is this nourishing

eye cream i love it but i know for some

of you this might be a little bit too

heavy i mean obviously this is a

nourishing cream you expect some

nourishing you expect this to be thicker

so there shouldn’t be any surprises here

i love it

um if you prefer more like a gel cooling

formula then you won’t be happy with

this but

if you just prefer to feel some like

action under your eyes like

that there’s something there uh then you

should be happy with this cream so these

are all the products i tested

uh what do you guys think have you tried

any of these products and what’s your

experience with that

personally i love the fact that this

brand seems to be very inclusive there

are versions of each product that are

more suitable for oily skin for

sensitive skin for dry skin i mean

everybody will be able to find something

for themselves uh and actually like the

this is

very like anti-aging concentrated line

so i think this will be more suitable

for people at certain age like i don’t

know 25

plus maybe uh that depends on how


uh you are about your um anti-aging


routine um but definitely there are

quite many options for everybody here

there is this sort of problem i have

with this niacinamide serum i don’t know

if it’s just me

or maybe some of you had the same

experience too

uh but it seems to be the problem only

with this specific serum because i tried

this nourishing cream night cream with

niacinamide and it was all right so

i’m not sure i’m not sure what the

problem is maybe there’s another

ingredient in the serum that actually

causes this reaction who knows um please

let me know if you have a similar

experience with

this serium or any other versa products

i would love to hear your thoughts

i would actually recommend trying and

this seems to be a good brand and

if you are serious about your retinols

then this brand actually offers you

retinols that you can use twice a day so


that sounds quite cool thank you very

much for watching if you’d like to see

other brands i reviewed recently check

these videos on my left side

and i’m going to see you very soon take

care bye