“hi there hope you’re all okay i’m vicki

vicki cutler and i help people to save

money on their boring bills

welcome to this week’s vicky’s top tips

so christmas is coming it’s that time

when we have to start doing the shopping

if you haven’t already done it

i’m about to start doing my christmas

shopping and where i can

i’m going to support local businesses

i’m going to buy

locally made produce and handcrafted


but there is always something that you

need to buy online

and usually the thing that we all do is

just go to amazon and buy on there

but often if you look around you can

find the same thing

at a cheaper price the problem is it’s

the searching

going through different websites looking

for prices

and it tends to be time consuming and

i’m not a very good online shopper so

i don’t do much of that however i found

a website called

idelo and all you do is you put in there

what it is that you want it does the

searching for you

and it will show you a list of websites

where you can get the goods

how much they’re going to be and it

gives you a link directly to the website

so it’s great saves you lots and lots of


another way of saving money is always

sign up for newsletters when you go onto

a website

when you’re creating your account sign

up for the newsletter they will

invariably send you an introductory


i’ve been known to have two or three

different accounts with uh with

different online companies

so that i get the introductory offer and

it’s usually 10 or 15 percent off your

first order

yes you’re going to get lots of emails

afterwards but they’re often giving you

other special offers

and what you can do if you don’t don’t

want to get lots of emails

is set up one email account or two email

accounts that are just for your online


and then you can either read or delete

as you please

when you shop we often put things in our

cart and then

take them out put them back now if you

leave items in your

cart and as long as you’ve logged into

the account you will often get a

reminder afterwards i know sometimes i

get an email to say

um you’ve you’ve got items in your cart

and you haven’t checked out

now sometimes companies will send you a

personal um personal offer

to make you go back and buy whatever is

in your cart

so try leaving things in the cart and

see if you get a special offer from that

just make sure that you’re signed into

the account before you do it

following brands and stores on social


is the big thing now all of these

companies are advertising on social


and often they will put special offers

or special deals

on social media before they send send

you the information or before you see it

on a website

so follow whoever it is that you like


and watch out for special deals now one

thing to be aware of with this is

make sure that the company that you are

looking at

it is the genuine company because there

are lots of people who are setting up

copy sites and what they’re doing then

is capturing your information

and they may well use that for identity

theft so just make sure it’s the correct


apparently tuesday wednesday and

thursday are the best days to

shop for special deals so if you’ve got

some shopping to do

wait until one of those days and you’re

more likely to get a special offer

using ebay now often a lot of the big

stores will

put some of their end of lines on ebay

as well so you may well get a special

deal on there

they’re usually new or maybe you may

well even find a really good

second-hand thing a fraction of the of

the price

and if you’re looking on ebay go to www

www.fatfingers.com as well

because that’s where you’ll find items

that have been incorrectly listed on

ebay and you’ll get all sorts of

bargains on there

you can use a company called pouch which

is an extension that you put onto your

computer and then when you go onto a

website it’ll pop

up if there are any special deals on

there any vouchers or discounts

available on there and it’ll do that for

all different websites

always shop through a cashback site so

you’ve got quid co

and you’ve got top cash and what happens

is because you’ve shopped through them

that generates some cash back for you

also if you’re a

utility warehouse customer if you shop

through the clubhouse

and then use your cashback card my

cashback hero

to pay for your goods you will get

cashback which comes

off your utility bill so i needed to

order something from

argos i went through our clubhouse which

generated me one percent cashback

i then paid at the end with my cashback

card and got a further five percent


so that means that next month when i get

my utility bill

i am going to have a discount of six

pounds so basically argos is paying six

pounds of my utility bill so it’s


so i hope some of these hints and tips

have helped you this week

if you’d like to know any more

information about having a uw cashback


or if you’ve got any great hints and


on getting cash back or getting

discounts on online shopping then i

would love to hear about them

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