hi guys we have a question for you do

you know what pink taxes research by the

price comparison website ID LOH has

shown that females are paying more for

perfume than men are for the male

versions of the same brands female

consumers pay on average 60 pee more per

10 mil of fragrance to put that into


female UK shoppers are paying nearly 14

pounds more for the likes of Dolce &

Gabbana’s 200 mil light blue code two

toilets when the Pour Homme equivalent

was typically sold for 50 pounds and 65

pence so what is the pink tax well it’s

when women are charged more for products

and services above the standard costs

for the comparable products aimed at men

and more often than not these products

have been colored pink to show that

they’re for a female audience you’ll

notice this particularly on items like

razors hair care products and beauty

products in January of this year

shoppers bit back at the shaving

supplies giant Gillette after they

released an advert challenging toxic

masculinity claiming the company were

being hypocrites as they charge more for

women’s razors than they do for men’s

ones is this the best a man can get

another example of the pink tax is

barberries 100 mil Burberry Brit for her

Oda toilet which costs women 63 pounds

but take the male equivalent Burberry

Brit for him the same size the same

strength and it’s full pounds cheaper

costing 59 pounds and 50 mil of Carolina

Herrera CH for women Oh de Toilette

costs forty pounds and eighty-one pence

compared to thirty-six pounds and fifty

nine tenths for the men’s fragrance of

course not all aftershave and perfumes

show a price difference affected by the

pink tax and in some cases men cents

were even more expensive but the figures

have shown that a vast majority of

female fragrances cost more than that of

the male equivalents so what do you make

of this tell us in the comments below