“There is female tech
talent and we need different perspectives

and we need different experiences
when we’re developing products

that are supposed to be for everyone.

I think it’s important that women

feel confident doing whatever it is
they’re good at and they want to do.

And I think there are
some very specific blockers

that women run into around
not feeling great at math,

not feeling like they can have a voice
in a room full of people,

who don’t look like them or have had
different experiences than them.

I think it’s important
to support each other when it comes to

to receiving feedback, for example,
we’re so critical with ourselves.

But it’s good to hear that sometimes maybe

we should not.


is one of the most genuinely
inclusive cultures that I’ve ever seen.

So people are really free
to bring their whole selves.

They provide
me the space to be authentically me

as a woman
in tech and a brown woman in tech.

I feel like I can bring myself to the company and bring my skills and my strengths.