“hi guys

thank you very much for joining me today

for this webinar

on price comparison a brief intro about


um i’m harry i’m one of the b2b partner

managers at ideally

i’ve got a lot of experience in the

e-commerce industry with performance


with a particular focus on affiliate so

i was really pleased when awen asked me

to put together this webinar

on price comparison for you guys uh yeah

idialo is europe’s leading

platform for price comparison we

are based in germany in berlin germany

but we work across six european

countries that’s germany france

spain italy austria and the uk

we’re based in germany because idiolode

is actually the fourth largest

e-commerce website in germany full stop

has well over 55 million users a month

so it’s truly a giant website we are

very big in the other markets where we

work and i work for the uk

my job as a b2b manager for the uk is i

have to work with as many

different shops and different networks

as i possibly can to make sure that our

users have

as much information as many different

offers as they can to compare

so yeah today over the next 20 to 25

minutes i’m going to go over price


and yeah what is price comparison how

does it work and why you should consider

using it as a performance marketing

channel for your business

and then i’ll briefly go through some of

the ways in which you can get the most

out of price comparison

and what type of products tend to

perform really well on the channel

so you’re going to start with a quick

statistic here for you according to the

uk competition and markets authority

an estimated 85 percent of all uk

internet users have used price

comparison websites at some point

or another so whether it’s the annoying

meerkat adverts or people comparing


uk shoppers really like to know that

they found a good deal

i think over the past year there’s been

a real shift in the way consumers are

spending their money

more people are shopping online now and

they’re spending more than they ever


i think as the high streets were closed

many more merchants turn to online sales

to create even more choice for shoppers

and uk shoppers are using platforms like

idialo and price comparison

to kind of cut through the noise and

find their favorite offers online

so how does price comparison work

price comparison um platforms collect

product data from as many different

merchants and compare them side by side

to help shoppers make informed decisions

yeah so basically we’re acting as an

intermediary between shoppers and


once the shop has found the offer they

love they refer directly to your shop’s

website where they make the purchase

uh price comparison it’s not just about

the price people are using us to compare

all sorts of things now

with in-depth product information price

history product and shop reviews

uh yeah people are using price

comparison sites not just to compare

prices but also to compare products

so in terms of our content we have

a team of over 500 guys at ideolo and

it’s their job to take

all the information from shops like

images and different reviews and

different specifications to make sure


our users have as much information at

their fingertips as possible to make

purchase decisions in terms of our

business model

price comparison sites make money by

charging retailers for the users that we


to your shops so this is either as a

fixed price

which is a cost per click cost per lead

out or by a percentage of the sale price

which is cpa cost per action or cost per


so now i’m going to quickly show you how

idialo works

yep this is idiolo here the price

comparison platform it works very much

the same as any other sort of

marketplace would

type in the products you’re looking for

for iphones

and you get a big list here of different

variants of iphone and you can see the

different prices

we also have many different categories

so you can see here all the sorts of

things that people

are comparing prices for online look

here at some food processors

yeah this is the list of the many many

types of food processors we make this

appears to be the most popular so as you

can see here we have lots of different


lots of different colors let’s click on

this one it’s a best seller

okay so basically this is your basic

price comparison we have lots of

different features here which our users


to compare prices here we have high def

uh imagery here

lots of different variants in terms of

colors it’s quite a cool feature up here

which kind of shows you

the way the price has evolved over time

so you can see in the past month or you

can look in the past six months

so you can really tell is is there a

best time of year to make this sort of


really cool feature we have here is a

price alert this really helps to boost

user engagement if

a user comes onto our website and says

441 pounds

uh it’s a bit rich for my blood they can

then put in a different price here

a price they’re happy to pay and if the

price does fall to that level

we will then contact the customer with

either a push notification

or an email and that really boosts user

engagement they come back to their

website and they often make a conversion

so in terms of what we show here lots of

different shops

showing you their price we have

different filters that we can use

many of our users tend to search for

prices and include the delivery prices

this is something which they tend to do

a lot of we have things here which is

really great for boosting conversion


we can show which sort of payment

methods that shops use

and this is good if you wanted to just

use paypal you’d pick one shop over


we also have here information about

delivery times

this is great this is something we

really notice that our

customers tend to value if they can get

their products a bit quicker

they’re often happy to spend a little

bit more money

so going down here you can see the

prices in different countries

this is the countries that idiolo is

operational in

we have product specifications here so

as i say it’s not just prices

user reviews so you can actually read

the reviews

of our users who have bought this

particular product and we also have shop


this is a great way to make sure that

you can boost your conversion rates

if you are encouraging your users to

leave reviews on

idiolo if a if a user comes on and sees

that they have two offers

and one of them is a five-star shop

they’re more than likely to go to them

so yeah as you can see it’s not just

prices that we’re comparing it’s lots of

different information

okay so yeah i’ve just included this

slide here just to show you

um where these different things are

sitting if you want to come back later

and look at this this is where we

display this sort of information

so why price comparison why is it going

to be a good

channel for your uh your particular

online shop

so there are various reasons why price

comparison is a good performance

marketing channel for you

and i’d say the main one tends to be our

conversion rates

people don’t tend to come to price

comparison websites for browsing

we tend to sit quite um too much towards

the end of a customer shopping journey

they’ve often done all the research they

need they know what product it is that

they would like to buy and they’re

simply looking for the

best offer once they’ve found that offer

they’re very likely to click through to

that offer and make a conversion

a really good example for this is like

fragrances so

you me everyone we all have a kind of

fragrance which we’re partial to

uh maybe two or three throughout your

lifetime and it’s not really the shop

that sells this product that you’re

loyal to but it is the product

so we notice in the fragrance categories

some of our top performing shops can see

click to sale conversion rates of well

over 20

increase sales is the next one i put

yeah by having your products on a

comparison site is a great way to

increase the amount of shoppers seeing

your products and to boost sales

i think the fact that most comparison

sites refer shoppers directly to your


is also a really big plus in terms of

brand recognition if a customer has come

to you from a comparison site they’ve

created an account they’ve made a


as long as they’re happy with their

journey then they’re very much more

likely to use your

services again in the future

strategic planning is another great one

so a really good thing for our users and


in terms of price comparison is how

transparent it is

you can see all the other merchants

selling the same products that you are

you can see the sort of prices that

they’re offering

you can also see as i just showed you

how the price has evolved over time

i think this sort of data is really

great when you’re planning your own

pricing strategies

and for planning discount periods when

you perhaps like to increase the amount

of sales

and in general understanding what your

competition is doing and the different

areas that they are pushing prices is

never a bad thing for future planning

uh yeah i’ve had millions of users here

so yeah as i mentioned at the beginning

of the presentation

people love to compare prices we’re

helping millions of users each year at

idiom to find the products that they


i think having your offers on a price

comparison site puts you in touch with

these savvy shoppers

who are as i mentioned ready to buy i’ve

got another great reason as low risk

so a point of price comparison is quite

easy to control

whether you get a lead out or not is

very dependent on

a few different points but the main

point is always going to be the price

working on a cpc which is a cost per

click or a cpa which is a percentage of

the sale

is great as you only ever pay if a

customer makes a purchase or is sent

directly to your website

that customer is usually very likely to

convert so if you wanted to increase the

amount of sales that you’re making

um it’s just the case of going onto the

platform and bringing your prices to a

competitive level

i often say to people when i’m speaking

to them about price comparison

you should not expect to get mountains

of traffic from us uh but the quality of

the traffic that we’re sending is always

going to be very high

and lastly i put greater visibility so

working with price comparison will

increase the shop’s visibility but also

adds a certain amount of authenticity to


i think our users really love it when

they see big shops that they know

um on price comparison because it shows

they stand by their prices

but at the same time i also believe they

love it when they see a shop maybe they

don’t know

um i feel like you always feel you’ve

saved a bit more money by not going to

one of the big usual suspects

i think platforms like idialo and price

comparison give a real voice to smaller

merchants against some of the big boys

yeah i’d just like to quickly go into

some detail about our app and being

mobile ready

uh so 66 of all internet shoppers in the


are mobile one of the biggest challenges

for smaller newer merchants is tapping

into these shoppers

without a dedicated mobile app having

your offers on a price comparison

platform like udlo brings your offers to

these users

so the app also has some different

features which we don’t have on our

desktop version

we have this innovative barcode uh

scanner so if you’re out on the high

street and you see a product that you

like you can literally scan it

with your phone’s camera and you’ll be

able to see a list of the merchants

selling it and their prices

you can kind of quickly tell if you’re

going to save money by shopping online

or buying that

product there as i mentioned previously

we have the price alarm so we’d send a

push notification

to that user um if the price reaches a

desired amount

and we generally offer great ux in terms

of mobile shoppers

bringing shops offers to these mo

bringing your

products to mobile users is one of the

real great benefits of working with

platforms in general

particularly for price comparison so

who uses price comparison and so yeah

we’ll have a quick look at our

age and gender demographics

in terms of who uses price comparison

i’ve chosen to show ideolo uk’s


we have a really wide age range of

people that are using it but it’s


25 to 34 year olds um i guess this is a

generation that has grown up with


and there may be a bit more savvy in

terms of their shopping needs

in terms of our gender demographics we

are a bit more popular with male users

a lot of our most popular offers tend to

be higher average order value

items such as consumer electronics tvs

fridges and things

and they are loosely associated with

mail shoppers i’m going to go into

a bit more detail about our best

performing categories a bit later

i would say it’s tough to be kind of

give a broad gender demographic as it

very much depends on

the product category that the product

sits in but what i would say is that we

have a really strong representation

on ages and genders across the scope who

use price comparison

so which products work well for us


so pretty much anything can work well on

price comparison

as long as the product is comparable as

a rule price comparison sites such as


require three merchants to provide an

offer for a product to create a price

comparison page

so a product will only work on the

channel if they are available from


stores if a product does not go into a

price comparison it will be listed on

its own

um but would not be in a price

comparison so price comparison is what

we do

if it’s in an if it’s on its own it’s

very unlikely to convert

eighty percent of the lead outs that we

generate for shops go to our price

comparison listings

so what i would say is maybe not ideal

um as a campaign for launching a product

or for own brand products

it really works well for products who

are sold by multiple retailers

all right so i mentioned all product

categories have the potential to perform

really well in price comparison but we

do have our best categories which are on

the screen here

consumer electronics is our largest


as i mentioned people will be most

likely to compare prices for high

average order value things such as

smartphones or tvs we’re also really

strong with like outdoor

and outdoor jackets and bikes are

particularly strong in the uk for us

as i mentioned earlier cosmetics is

really good one for us we get

huge volumes of searches for perfumes

and makeup products

gaming is really big for us particularly

this year as the new consoles have come

out that’s a really good one for us

and family categories such as baby and

child are really strong a lot of baby

products like buggies can be really


this time when families are really

trying to save money so that’s a good

one for us

what i would say is that these are our

best categories but we do know it’s a

lot of change all the time

don’t be afraid to try out the price

comparison concept if your product does

not fall into these particular


okay so yeah here’s some information

about which products our users tend to

click on

as i mentioned there’s many different

things that influence the conversion

rate of a product

but the main one will always be the


our data tells us that 50 of the

leadouts we generate

go to the product in position one so the

most competitive product

um i think this number is probably a bit

higher perhaps users would value things

like delivery time or payment methods

and they’d choose that over paying a few

less pounds

um our data tells us that 18 of the

leadouts we generate go to the second

most competitive offer

and the 10 goes to the third most


offer kind of this step kind of

demonstrates which offers are getting


really emphasizes the important big best

with your price and strategy

to generate sales via price comparison

so what do we need from you guys

so here comes the technical bit price

comparison sites pull

all your information from product feeds

you guys will work with product feeds if

you work with online stores

you work with a when you provide them

with your product feed

these feeds contain all of the

information on all your products and are

updated by

the shop so we have accurate and upstate


um our needs are pretty standard in

terms of what we need from a price


from a feed with the product name urls

and their price

images etc but we do have a few extra

requirements which are

quite specific to price comparison in

the middle there you can see

what is important for us article numbers

and eans which i’ll go into

in the next slide the manufacture of the

product which is always important

the side on the the right hand side here

the recommended

these are some of the things which are

really good for boosting conversion uh

delivery times and shipping costs are

really important

as i mentioned i use this tend to filter

and have prices in

delivery prices included so this is a

really good way of doing it

um if you don’t have uh the delivery

costs in your feed if a search

with that filter on your products will

be filtered out and won’t appear

also adding variants such as sizes and

different colors allows your products to


with our many different filters this is

always good um

if you are interested in putting

together a perfect feed for price

comparison please get in touch with me

and i’ll be able to send you

an example of our perfect product feed

so what are eans and why are they so

important to us

so basically an ean or a gtin or a h a

n is a unique product identifier and

it’s basically the number you see at the

bottom of

every barcode we use these and we need

these because we

use these click identifiers to identify

products and pull them into

our price comparison listings without

these we’re not going to

going to be able to generate a lot of

traffic or conversions

so eins is something that you can get

easily from your product suppliers

um if you’re interested in working with

price comparison let this be the key

takeaway from this webinar

we really need these identifiers in

order for us to be able to create


and to send you good quality traffic

so yeah now i’m going to go into a few

things which you can do to maximize

make sure you’re getting the most out of

your price comparison campaigns

yeah so there’s a few things i recommend

you guys when working with price


as i mentioned before it’s a really good

tool for keeping an eye on your


if you’re looking to run some discounts

look into what competitors are offering

and what time of year and the prices

tend to be stable or drop you can then

decide when you’re going to have a sale

period you can really use price

comparison as a great tool for moving


as i say it’s quite easy to control if

you want to increase sales as a case of

targeting a period of time

and discounting your products to be


you should also be forming relationships

with your dedicated account manager

at ideolo we have a team of account

managers who are there to help you to

get the most out of your campaigns

whether that be doing like optimization

checks on your feed

or to let you know roughly where your

products are placing um in our price

comparison listings

we’re always there to help you so this

is something i certainly recommend that

you take advantage of

there’s also the possibility to use

voucher codes and discount codes

to boost your product performance by

using voucher codes

you can temporarily undercut competitors

prices and reap the benefits

using code is also a great way to

increase engagement with users

and i think if you use a voucher code

you have a real sense that you’re

saving money which our users tend to


there’s also the possibility

occasionally to run display marketing

campaigns with us

so banners on the website as a rule

price comparison sites

must remain impartial we can’t be seen

to be pushing one shop over another

um but if your shop is running a special

sale for a period

there’s often a possibility that we can

do some sort of banner adverts

on categories to try and boost exposure

for your sale so this isn’t always

possible but

i’d say it’s well worth getting in

contact with your account manager

discusses this is something that you can


and lastly here up another great way to

boost conversions is to encourage your

users to leave reviews

on aviolo when a customer is picking uh

their favorite offer seeing positive

reviews is a fantastic way to

boost trust um this is something i would

definitely recommend and it’s a real

good way

of making sure that you get that lead

out over your competitors

yeah so great short bit sweet uh we’ve

come to the end of the webinar on price


i hope you found it interesting um some

of the key takeaways for this area i

guess our price comparison

is a really great performance marketing

channel for products sold by multiple

retailers it’s not necessarily the best

platform for launching a product or for

personalized things

if you structure your campaigns

correctly you can generate a fantastic

conversion rates really drive sales

with feeds please make sure your feeds

are up to date with all the right

products information specifically

product identifiers this is a really

great way to make sure we’re able to

pull the information and give it to our


and they’re always we’re always here to

help you to maximize your campaign

and you’ll have dedicated account

managers i really recommend that you use


resource and on that note i’d just like

to say thank you very much for joining

me today

and if you have any questions about

price comparison and specific to your

particular shop my email is

on the screen there and i’m more than

happy to help you guys

so thank you very much for listening and

have a great day