when i read about it and it said a towel

mask i thought it would be

almost a bit difficult to apply i

thought maybe it would be um

although it’s thick i thought it would

be a little bit coarser because i know

that it’s got rice brown in it and

things but actually it was completely

the opposite it was really easy to apply

i love that i love the fragrance

very florally

but not too much so


really rich

feels really really rich i can tell

immediately that it’s

um a night cream because it’s exactly

what you’d expect from an eye cream

so anti-aging obviously you know

i’m getting on a bit so um you know that

would be a really big concern of mine

and also i do have dry skin um

so i’m always looking for something um

that’s gonna penetrate deep down and

really really moisturize

without leaving that horrible kind of


as well