hi friends and welcome back to the

channel karakori here and we are here on

oh my gosh episode 13 of the summer cut

series we are actually nearing the end

of summer i don’t know how that’s

happened but if you guys have enjoyed

the series so far it is coming close to

an end so be sure to let me know down in

the comments below if you’d like to see

this continue into maybe a little

something else another series here let

me know now for today’s episode we’re

gonna dive into something you guys have

been asking me about throughout this

entire series we’re gonna be talking

today about

metabolism and in particular we are

gonna be discussing

the lumen i don’t know if you guys have

heard of this device but this has been

kind of trendy for a while now i’ve seen

a lot of different people discuss this

device and this device is somewhat

sexy advertised as being able to hack

your metabolism so you guys know how i

do on this channel this is going to be a

little bit of a vlog and a dietitian

talk because i am going to give you guys

my honest opinions on this device how i

think it works if i think you guys could

benefit from it advantages and

disadvantages i am going to go through

the whole thing with you guys today’s

video i am partnering with lumen but

wait wait wait before you before you

make any assumptions i’ve been using

this actually since april i want to say

april or may they sent it to me been

using it a long time lumen was very open

and willing to let me film and do this

review with my honest thoughts they are

well aware i am going to give my honest


advantages and disadvantages and they’re

actually not even reviewing this video

before it goes live maybe some of you

guys don’t realize that but just to note

with a lot of sponsored videos most

companies you work with will want to

review the content before you post it

and before they pay you and lumen was


go ahead girl we know you’re a dietitian

we want to hear your honest review and

have at it so i hope that helps you guys

i always give honest reviews anyways

otherwise i wouldn’t choose to work with

a company hope that makes sense but

regardless i think you guys are going to

quite enjoy today’s video we have a lot

to talk about i do want to mention i

will have a discount code available for

you guys that is cara 30 and that will

give you 30 off if you are interested in

using the lumen once you watch this

entire video and get an idea if you

think you would like using it i’ll have

all those details down in the

description box below let’s start with

what the lumen is if you haven’t heard

of it this is a device to essentially

help you figure out what fuel source you

are burning so targeted as being able to

hack your metabolism by breathing into

this device it gives you a readout on a

number scale and lets you know if you’re


fuel source wise whether it’s

carbohydrates or fat it’s kind of like a

breathalyzer if you will if you were to

have to do that to test alcohol kind of

like a similar experience you have to do

a couple breathing exercises into the

unit in order to get your readout these

types of devices have been around for a

while in a clinical setting in a much

bigger type

scenario of how to actually measure your

carbon dioxide levels which is what

tells you if you’re burning fat or carbs

so essentially what this is going to

give you is your respiratory exchange

ratio or your rer so as i said these

have been used clinically for a very

long time but lumen came out with

something very small

it’s digital it’s easy to carry on your

person and you can track it yourself

without having to go into a clinic or a

hospital to get that information when i

got this the first thing it reminded me

of is when i was in

grad school actually which was a long

time ago there was something called a

med gem which

actually measures your indirect

calorimetry and tells you what your

resting metabolic rate was and it kind

of reminds me of this because it was a

smaller device it was handheld that you

breathed into so i’m i’m impressed that

they came out with something like this

because you actually haven’t seen

something available to us as consumers

that you could purchase to better

understand your metabolism is you need

to have wi-fi because you pair this

device with your smartphone okay so it’s

actually a really easy you pair it it’s

it’s really that simple it’s not

complicated you pair this device with

your phone it’s super easy and you

download the lumen app which the lumen

app is really kind of a superstar in all

this i’ll be honest between the device

but also what the app

features once you get logged into the