i’m just kidding this isn’t a vape it’s

actually a metabolism tracker and it’s

by lumen

and it’s way cool

what i wanted to do today is actually

share a little bit about this device i

want to review it and tell you what it

can do because it’s pretty cool and i

didn’t know about it until recently and


hey i’m sharing it with you guys maybe

you guys didn’t know about it either

like i said before it tracks your

metabolism it tells you how much fat

you’re burning versus how much carbs

you’re burning and it gives you a whole

bunch of other insight and information

specifically about you because you’re

the one using the device so it’s all

personalized to yourself and it can help

you achieve things like weight loss and

it can help you just enhance your

performance because it gives you details

about how you are performing currently

and what might be more useful to eat as

far as nutrition goes how much you

should be sleeping so

there’s a lot to it let’s

let’s let’s let’s dive in first of all

when you receive your lumen device it

comes in pristine packaging like i love

a good package and this one does not

disappoint so when you get it it’s

packaged really well and it has

everything you need in it it has your

device as your charging dock it has a

carrying sleeve and it has instructions

on what to do with it in the instruction

that has a qr code because you are going

to have to pair this with an app on your

phone so that you can view your results

setting this up is a really easy process

all you have to do is plug in your

information create an account and then

you’ll be good to go to turn the device

on there’s a button at the bottom that

you just have to hold to power up and a

light will come on when you turn your

device on it will sync to your phone

automatically and show you how much

battery life you have left on your

device and it’s already paired there’s

not like a pairing process each time you

just turn on your device and then it

syncs with your phone and you blow into

it and that’s it

it’s easy what you’re supposed to do is

inhale through this device until your

circle goes green and then you’re

supposed to hold your breath for 10

seconds after that time and then exhale

at a continuous speed keeping that ball

in the center of the two lines on that

level and then it will give you your

results it’s really that simple once you

try it a few times and figure out how to

use it it’s pretty easy to start getting

information right away you can start

seeing what are your current levels as

soon as you try it out whoa see i just

got done eating not that long ago i

think an hour or two ago and so it says

i’m burning mostly carbs i scored a four

pretty cool it also has a cool magnetic

top that

literally attaches and unattaches

whatever that’s called

and i love it it just feels like good

quality especially because it’s like

metal it’s not like a plastic gun so it

just feels nice in your hand again this

uh like rubbery stuff feels nice as well

it’s a cool little device lightweight

easy to throw in your purse or throw in

your pocket if you’re going to the gym

if you’re going running to get groceries

super easy to take with you one thing

that i do wish you could do is take this

mouthpiece off

uh just so i could like clean it better

um i mean you can still clean around it

and everything and obviously i’m not

like putting my tongue in here nothing

weird but i just wish that i could like

take it apart maybe to clean it better

so that’s like one thing that i wish it

detached maybe from this device now the

real power behind this device is in the

app this is where you’re gonna get all

your information that gives you key

details on what actions to take to

improve your health

or whatever goals you you’re trying to

achieve so it’ll actually ask you in the

beginning when you’re setting it up if

you want to achieve weight loss if you

want to achieve like muscle growth

so it’ll ask you some like varying

questions of what results do you want to

get and then it will cater your

nutrition plan to that your sleep plan

all those things it’ll it’ll give you

the best recommendations on how to

achieve those goals not only does this

device give you analytics to your phone

but it also explains what those

analytics means

this thing is like a little like mini

course on your health you can literally

learn so much from this device just

learning about your carb intake your

fats your proteins it’s not only a

dashboard to get your results but it’s

also a resource to

tons of other information regarding your

health something else that i think this

app does a great job at doing is holding

you accountable because it will message

you throughout the day like did you

check in and something that i realized

after using it for a while is it really

makes me feel guilty if i don’t or if i

don’t eat right because you have to

input your data like how much carbs you

ate that day how much uh fats did you

eat all these different metrics you can

put into your device did you work out

today how’d you sleep how much did you

sleep how many steps did you take and

when you’re tracking all this data and

it’s constantly sending you reminders

and messages it it almost like holds you

accountable because you feel guilty if

you don’t do it you’re like oh man it’s

checking in again i should probably walk

or oh man i should probably do my

exercise today and you have to like

continually use it and so i want my

scores to get better because it tracks

like your flexibility scores of how

flexible your metabolism is and since

it’s tracking that information i want to

get the best score so i’m like oh i hope

i’m burning more fat today or hope i

burn some carbs with this exercise and

so it’s really nice and almost makes me

look competitive when i use it because i

just want better scores

overall this is my thoughts about the

product i think that it does a great job

tracking your metabolism and giving you

analytics and also explaining those

analytics so that you can get the best

results out of your nutrition out of how

much you’re sleeping how much exercise

you’re getting in so i think it does a

great job at all those things but at the

end of the day it’s going to be up to


how much you get out of this device

because you can choose to ignore the

recommendations you can choose to not

use this or check in periodically

throughout your day you can choose to

not follow your nutrition plan and just

kind of

live in your current ways or you can

choose to make those changes but at the

end of the day it’s going to be up to

you this is just a tool

and it’s up to you how you use that tool

if you’re someone who likes data

analytics if you want to know more about

your specific health then this device

could be right for you and also if

you’re a beginner and don’t know what to

do with that information this device is

a great resource to have to give you

insight on your nutrition on your health

to achieve your goals if you want to

pick up one of these lumen devices or if

you want to learn more about it i will

put the link in the description below

and check it out for yourself see what

you think thanks for watching this video

i hope you liked it hit the like button

if you did and i’ll see you on another


i i feel like every time i use this in

public people are like is he vaping

right now

no i’m i’m checking my metabolism