hey guys I was here from minus BT calm

and one day I’ll update the website I

might even be worth going to and this

could be my second review of bloomin

because we are four weeks in and you

might see my other video or you’re

watching this video because you want to

know whether it’s by the man yes or no

so I’m gonna give you a quick so I’m a

personal trainer so I’m doing this from

a kind of personal trainer point of view

and helping you Blair I’m very much of

the mindset that technology’s gonna

overtake us just like and cars took away

carriage makers jobs and just like

professional chess players eventually

got beaten by computers and the kind of

fitness industry is slowly getting

replaced by electronic things and

electronic gadgets and that’s not

necessarily a bad thing

and I think there’s maybe always going

to be a place for a human coach in human

connection but I really think that these

technologies are are just getting better

and better and they’re every kind of

aspect of training can be and can be

found in a computer system and maybe we

can do this through gadgets mail from

his Paris oh I love fitness gadgets and

I love testing of mine I love having a

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and I’m hit a like leave a comment if

you want to know anything more if

there’s something haven’t covered so

anyway I said and using this woman it’s

breathing device and and if you see

woman you kind of been followed around

by the adverts and stuff so it’s kind of

saying is hacking your metabolism and

and hacking is such an overused word now

it’s kind of a little bit hyperbole so

when what I’m gonna talk about this I’m

just gonna talk about for my experience

so what what it does is there’s a hack

your metabolism so hacking is just a

shortcut so it doesn’t necessarily hack

he gives you an insight and you might be

like ooh why do you need it in my first

video add a few

negative comments on on it and like hey

you should just do this you should do

this do that and this is people that in

my personal experience I don’t think

they understand nutrition on on a deep

level and they don’t understand

metabolism on a deep level it was just

the case of calories in calories at

which it’s a huge component and a major

player and there wouldn’t be a health

problem in in the world today there is

so many other complex issues and things

going on and with weight with metabolism

with all sorts of things so there’s a

hormonal balance there’s an energy

balance there’s individual life and

circumstances the lumen gives you one

insight so the way the lumen works is on

a metric called re R and this isn’t a

new thing they’ve been doing this in

sports science universities forever and

all re are is is respiratory exchange

ratio so you breathe in a certain amount

of air you can detect in that air

through a device that hey you breathe in

so much oxygen that goes until the lungs

fill up the lung and it as you breathe

out you’ll be that a certain amount of

co2 which is you your waste product if

you Bri that loads of co2 you’re mostly

burning carbs and if you Bernard I or if

you breathe that little it’s fat and

that is what re are is it’s just

respiratory exchange ratio and simply

that’s what it does the lumen does this

so the actual use of the lumen is

actually quite tricky you inhale through

the device a quick side Noland device

the device is lovely made it feels nice

works great fantastic it’s got this cool

kind of magnetic glitter so you take out

big breath through it the top guides you

through it you’re ten seconds and then

you breathe that breath in a steady rate

and then you do two to three of those so

it’s not a single breath as they kind of

like to in their advertisement you do

and three of these breaths

a little bit time-consuming a little bit

tricky because you can get it wrong very

often but the longer you

the machine because now I’ve been using

it for or the device only been using it

I’ve been using it for four weeks it

seems to work and you just get the hang

of it a lot better you practice and it

becomes second nature so I really make a

mistake times when I make mistakes when

I’ve just eaten something – my stomach’s

quite fully like a big errand that

happens and if you can ever breath but

they want you to sit down a little while

so back to what it does so that’s what

it’s telling you

and why that could be useful is it sort

of tells you if you’re breathing I’m

mostly fat and you just about to do a

heart conditioning session a mad workout

a weightlifting workout ain’t carb

dominant work is why I should just say

then you really don’t want to be burning

the fat for that you really want to be

switching the fuel source over to

carbohydrates at the same time and

there’s certain parts of the day that

you want to be burning fat and not

burning carbohydrates if you’re going

for a walk you want to kind of come back

from that walk and know that you’ve kind

of switched into a fat-burning mode and

I know those words are kind of overused

so for me because I’ve been doing

fasting Intermed fast enough I like in

Memphis in suits my lifestyle

it helps me control my hunger it’s

really good but I was doing my workout

in the morning so one of the things that

told me is a really obvious thing in

sport science is time your carbohydrates

around your workout and I just haven’t

been doing that for absolutely ages so

in the morning I got normally don’t have

anything I have a coffee look special

milk in it and if I get time in the

morning I’ll bust that worker and say I

run about nine ten o’clock

finish the workout ready back to 11

normally be pretty pooped and exhausted

normally not my greatest workouts and

then I don’t know me until 1:00 2:00

o’clock that’s honest that’s really

terrible for sports nutrition that’s

really terrible for for exercises muscle

growth is terrible for everything and

you really want to Jack a meal and

straight after your workout find out and

protein shake of iodine some car

whether it’s a banana or some gummy

bears doesn’t matter too much about

something no nothing and I’ve been

giving it nothing and lumens kind of

show me that I’m not quite an effective

fat burner being effective fat burner

for a hard workers pants that’s not so


so lumen can show you these little

things that something’s are very obvious

that coach will tell you and then some

things are not so obvious but it’s

really interesting getting the fuel the

other thing it doesn’t tell you is if

you’re burning carbohydrates where those

carbohydrates coming from so I went for

a 25k walk I want to get back back from

the walk I was burning and I was at 3 so

the skill that Duman gives you is one

that’s all fat five is all carbs and

then you know all the numbers in between

or somewhere in between that I came back

from the walk burning a three but I mean

anything on the walk it’s a 25k walk I

should have been really heavily burning


so that means my body is somehow sources

of carbohydrates which could mean it’s

metabolized some of my muscle stores

third process called new cuckoo Genesis

which is just creating glucose I have

muscle tissue or just creating new

glucose and you know primarily probably

coming from muscle tissue and and that’s

not particularly good thing either

because you don’t eat your your your you

don’t eat your lean tissue to supply

energy so that was an interesting thing

that that luminance kind of showed me

that and if that is happening then you

need to up your protein levels so you

eat you you’re burning with dietary

protein rather than your your your

muscle stores and that will help

preserve your muscle stores so the

overall view on Luminess it’s super

duper helpful giving you these insights

and loads of people are like oh why do

you know why do you need it and then I

was over white

My Fitness Pal why do you need dumbbells

oh I do need a squat bar watching any

tool these are just tools and tools in

the toolbox and when I kind of first

started diving exercise well over ten

years ago there was no MyFitnessPal

there’s no smartphones I use pen and

paper and I mostly chicken broccoli and

rice because I knew that the macros in

those food since then I didn’t know you

get MyFitnessPal flex all deities become

more of a thing and I think lumen given

you this insight to what you’re burning

so you can bear nutrient time your

nutrients so you can have better

exercise performance and if you have

very exercise performance you’ve got a

chance of building more muscle becoming

fair and moving up a level in your

fitness and and also you got more time

so you know burning the right energy in

the right workouts and that’s what lumen

I think it’s really good telling the app

itself is it’s lovely to use and it does

give you an a meal plan but the meal

plan doesn’t give you any of the recipes

how to make it and it will just be kind

of like hey here’s here’s a meal and

it’s got this and it’s delicious and the

picture looks lovely but it’s just

telling you the axes or grams of this

much chicken there’s much tables than

this much salad which is useful but it’s

not perfect you’re gonna have to use

another external app to track your

macros like My Fitness Pal or Mike’s

macros or something along that lines to

kind of because women asked you what did

you eat yesterday gives you a macro

target to follow and it kind of gives

you the same calories but it’s moving

the fat and carbs up and down to kind of

play back with that and help you with

this term metabolic flexibility which is

probably a hot topic just now in sports

and nutrition is it is it a helpful tool

I think it’s a really helpful tool are

the macros good I think they’re they’re

pretty good and they do adjust to to

what you’re doing I would say the

proteins of we were on the lower end but

hey just maybe maybe go over and see

see what happens and so that’s kind of

my 4 week review and why I think is I

think it’s a good tool I think it’s a

really interesting tool there’s another

thing called P and E and it’s it’s a

fool mask but it’s 5000 pounds but you

can test multiple athletes with it and

you can also use it while exercising so

as you’re moving up tears in your

exercise you can see what feel sort of

shoe burning compared to what heartrate

your app which i think is really

interesting that it’s 5,000 times lumen

is I think $200 $300 around about that

price I do have a discount code below so

you can check that out and see what you

think and I think it’s I think it’s

interesting I think it’s unique would

have recommended to to my clients and I

definitely think I would and I think the

breathing thing is a little bit of

tackle I I think it just gives you a

really interesting insight into what’s

going on inside your body and how you’re

handling fats and carbs and I think

that’s a major player in you know

calories are kind of modalities are

equal by definition but how they affect

you it’s different if you have

carbohydrates that gives you also market

you will burn more calories and not

workout if you go to a workout on the

wrong fuel source you’re not going to

have a particularly effective workout

and I think again it depends what your

like what your muscle fiber type is like

what you are training all these things

coming to play but it’s another clue

another tool to kind of figuring out how

you work and how uniquely work on how

you can tiny things better and how you

can get better with things so anyway

long winded video today on blumen if you

enjoyed it if you have any

just give me a shout and more than happy

to answer them

and and that’s all thanks for watching