i want to share one of my top hacks on

how to know instantly if my body is

actually burning carbohydrates or stored

fat for energy

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burning machine and scientifically

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all that said let’s jump into today’s

topic on how to quickly become a fat

burning machine and scientifically

measure your metabolism so one of the

best ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle

and more importantly sustain it forever

is learning how to turn your body into a

fat burning machine so back in 2013 i

shared a video about how to turn on your

body’s switch to become a fat burning

machine so in that video i talked about

the role that processed carbohydrates

have on insulin and how sugar can be

burned as immediate energy it can be

stored as short-term energy in the form

of glycogen or it can be stored as fat

in the fat cells and to demonstrate how

sugar can be stored as body fat i shared

a visual example of the spillover effect

so the cup symbolizes what your glycogen

capacity is and the water symbolizes

sugar being stored as glycogen so as you

can see once the glycogen levels reach

their capacity the sugar spills over and

is stored as fat in your body so

hopefully that gave you a quick

understanding of how your body processes

carbohydrates as either energy or stored

fat and as i mentioned to quickly become

a fat burning machine it’s important for

you know if your body is primarily

efficient at burning stored body fat or

carbohydrates so when your carbohydrate

and your glycogen stores are depleted

you’ll be primarily using your stored

body fat as fuel but the question is how

do you know if your carbohydrate stores

are depleted and that is where the lumen

comes in so the lumen is a metabolic

tracking device and app that measures

your metabolism in real time with just

your breath i’ve been getting a lot of

questions from the lively nation you

guys about lumen so i reached out to

them and asked if we could partner on

this video for you guys so based on my

experience today i’ve really been

enjoying the nutrition data that is

gathered from my lumen this means you

can now take a measurable and

data-driven approach to your nutrition

by using real-time metabolic data and

metrics about your daily nutrition

decisions so by doing this it’ll give

you the game plan to improve your

metabolism by improving your body’s

metabolic flexibility and ultimately

turning you into that fat burning

machine so the question is what is your

metabolism and metabolic flexibility

well your metabolism can be described as

your body’s process of converting the

food that you consume into immediate or

short-term energy so further to this

your metabolic flexibility is improving

your body’s ability to efficiently shift

between burning carbohydrates and

burning stored body fat as your energy

source so why is this important well

having high metabolic flexibility leads

to improved health easier fat loss and

weight maintenance

increased lean muscle better sleep

optimized workout performance a stronger

immune system balanced glucose levels

and increased energy

so now that you know how to see if

you’re primarily burning stored body fat

for energy let me show you how i’ve been

using my lumen throughout the day so

once i wake up in the morning one of the

first things that i do to start my day

is my morning check-in breath

measurement now

i do this before eating or working out

as this breath measurement in addition

to the previous day’s data is used by

the lumen app to create my nutrition

plan for the day based on how my

metabolism is functioning okay now it’s

game time all you have to do is inhale

until that circle hits green and you

hold your breath for 10 seconds

and then once the 10 seconds is up you

breathe out and you try to keep that

little ball in between that gray area

i’ve seen other people’s reviews and

some people have said that they have a

hard time breathing into it and learning

the breathing technique but for me it

was very simple and straightforward and

there’s actually like tutorials in the

app to learn how to do it properly but

to me it wasn’t an issue so just think

of this morning measurement as the

starting point for a healthy day based

on this breath measurement and the goals

that you previously set in the app the

lumen will give you a nutrition plan

with today’s recommendation for protein

carbohydrates and fat you can then use

their recipes in the food database

that’s found inside the app for your

meal ideas that are in alignment with

your nutrition plan so typically my goal

is to be in a one or two level which

indicates my body shifted to fat burning

overnight now this is a good sign of

developing a flexible metabolism which

is tracked based on your lumen flex

score however if yesterday was a higher

carbohydrate day or cheat night my lumen

will probably show that i’m still

burning carbohydrates based on this

lumen will automatically change my

nutrition plan to follow a lower

carbohydrate approach for the day

how are you doing are you two five

next i also like to take a breath

measurement before my workout now this

helps me see what my body is using for

energy and whether it’s ready for a

workout or if i need a snack to help

optimize my energy for my upcoming


then 30 minutes after my workout i like

to take another breath measurement to

see how my workout affected my

metabolism and see if my body shifted

from burning carbohydrates to burning

fat after the workout so lumen also

recommends you take a breath measurement

before eating as a check-in then you can

also wait one to two hours after eating

to take another breath measurement to

see that shift lastly i’d like to take a

breath before i go to bed to see how

today’s nutrition and my workout choices

affected my metabolism okay so if all

these check-ins seem overwhelming don’t

worry the number of breath measurements

that you take really depends on you so

if you’re a data nerd you can do more

breath measurements however if you find

this overwhelming just simply start by

focusing on the morning breath and then

you can also do the before bed breath

then build in more breath measurements

once you get more comfortable with the

data so now that you know how to

scientifically see if you’re primarily

burning stored body fat for energy let

me briefly share four tips to quickly

get you into that fat burning zone so

let’s get into the first tip

intermittent fasting so one of the ways

to quickly become a fat burning machine

is to follow a 16 8 intermittent fasting

approach and even though 16 8 works for

me your ideal fasting window is unique

to you but fortunately you can use the

lumen to find your perfect fasting

window for you that is not too stressful

on your body so the 16 8 intermittent

fasting approach simply means following

a limited feeding window of eight hours

with a larger fasting window of 16 hours

so a typical example of a 16-8

intermittent fasting would look like

this the fasting period when you do not

eat or drink any calories would be

between 8 pm and 12 and then the feeding

period when you eat and you drink your

calories would be between 12 p.m and 8

p.m so when you follow this intermittent

fasting approach it has been shown to

improve insulin sensitivity and keep

your body in that fat burning zone for

longer periods of time tip number two

carb cycling so if you haven’t yet heard

about the benefits of carb cycling it’s

a simple nutrition protocol that

fluctuates your daily carbohydrate

consumption so this fluctuation can help

improve metabolic flexibility

and fat loss while still eating

sufficient amounts of carbohydrates so a

typical carb cycling approach breaks

down the days of the week into low

carbohydrate days which could be

approximately 50 grams of carbs or less

than medium carbohydrate days which is

approximately 50 to 100 grams per day

and then high carbohydrate days which

would be approximately 100 to 150 grams

per day and using your lumen takes away

all the guesswork with carb cycling as

it provides you with carbohydrate

recommendations every day based on your

goals and metabolism okay tip number

three resistance training and hit

workouts so following a strategic and

structured workout program that combines

resistance training and hit workouts is

key to becoming a fat burning machine

now this is because your workouts help

burn carbohydrates and decrease your

glycogen levels so both hit and

resistance training are great for

building a flexible metabolism so for

many people carbohydrates are a great

energy source to build muscle and get

stronger so when your workout program

schedules you for a resistance training

workout from a strength perspective it

may help to be in that carbohydrate

burning zone so if you’re unsure if

you’re in that carbohydrate zone simply

take a pre-workout breath to see if you

need to carb up then when my workout

program schedules me for a hit cardio

workout from a fat loss perspective it

may help to be in closer to that fat

burning zone so since your glycogen and

your carbohydrate stores are already low

you’ll be primarily burning stored body

fat for energy during your workout and

this is why a lot of people prefer to do

hit workouts fasted and on an empty

stomach early in the morning and tip

number four guys just use the lumen if

you’re into measurable data and need

accountability and structure then yes i

say the lumen device and the app is a

great tool to help you reach your

fitness and fat loss goals so if you’re

interested in trying the lumen all the

links are in the video description below

so that’s it lively nation let’s make

this your year to become a fat burning

machine as always i am here to help so

let me know if you have any questions in

the comment section below other than

that guys i appreciate you very much and

thank you for watching keep living