so today i am here to give you guys an

update on lumen and where i am far as

losing weight and using my lumen and how

it’s helping me

get to where we want to be so we’re

gonna go through some measurements today

i’m gonna talk a little bit more about

my experience with lumet and then i’m

gonna give you guys

my final thoughts on it and you guys

can let me know in the comments what you

think um you guys have been great

leaving comments and asking questions

and all of that good stuff so thank you

so much for

you know going on this journey with me

and um

you know asking questions and giving me

your insight as well so thank you so

much because

i am just your everyday consumer and i

wanted to give you guys some insight


how a real everyday average jane

uses a lumen right so let’s talk a

little bit about measurements and when i

talk about measurements with you guys

i actually physically do each one of my


and i you know track it i wanted to show

you what i use so this

little calibration tool is what i use

to do my measurements so it really is a

tape measure but

you can hook it and adjust it so like if

i was measuring arms

i could easily adjust it and do the

measurement and see

exactly where i am for arms so i wanted

to show you what i use

to do my measurements um so let’s get

into it let’s get into the actual

measurement details right so i am going

to show you

the measurements of where i was may 2nd

when i started using my lumen it was may

2nd so i’m going to show you where i was

may 2nd

and then where i am today 3 months later

august 3rd

and then i’ll also show you um the


results of my journey so far i actually


uh really focusing on losing weight

again april

20th so i will show you the overall

results as well so as you’re looking at

this graphic

everything in the blue is the

measurements of may

2nd to august 3rd when i started using

the lumen everything in the green is the

total loss

from when i started my journey overall

april 20th

so looking at lumen measurements and

what i lost while using my lumen

i lost three inches in my hip i lost 1.5

inches in my left side i lost two inches

in my right thigh

i lost a half an inch in my left calf i

have an inch in my right calf

my neck i lost an inch my chest i lost


inches my left bicep i lost the inch my

right bicep i lost two inches

my forearm i actually gained 0.3

um in my left forearm which was

different but

i’ve been working out and stuff and who

knows what that one’s about but

um i gained i lost 0.5 in

my right forearm and i lost 1.5 inches

in my waist um so from a total fat loss

perspective i lost

8.6 pounds in the three months that i

was using my lumen

and a total of that was um

9.9 pounds of fat loss so

once again and i explained it in my

other process progress video

you can always be fooled by the scale

because your scale is measuring

fat and lean muscle so if you’re working

out and you’re gaining muscle

you don’t look like you’re losing as

much overall weight so that’s why


is super important to know that you’re

still losing even if the weight doesn’t


and i am fortunate that i use the fitbit

aria 2 scale

and with that scale it actually breaks

out the difference of my weight in


fat as well so i’m able to see how much

of it was actually fat loss

and i lost 9.9 pounds of actual fat

um so total inches loss was negative

14.7 so i lost 14.7

inches total across my body in the three

months of me using lumen

um so yeah 14 inches smaller across my

body i can’t complain about that

um and then if we look at just a overall

journey so april 20th is when i started

um to today august 3rd i am

i lost three inches in my hips two

inches total in my left eye

2.5 inches in my right side uh half an

inch in my left calf

i didn’t lose anything in my right cast


compared to the beginning um

i lost an inch in my neck i lost 1.5

inches in my chest

2.2 inches on my left bicep 2 inches on

my right at bicep

i gained 0.3 inches on my left forearm

lost 0.5 on my right forearm and then my

waist i lost

5.5 inches total on my waist

and then from a weight standpoint i lost

a total of 17.2 pounds

and then fat i lost 14.6 pounds

and a total inch decrease of 20.4 inches

of my um entire body

all right so let’s get down to the nitty

gritty of which you guys came here for

and what you come to vida

reviews for you come for real and

authentic opinions and reviews and

my personal experience with the product

right so

i’m torn on my lumen i’m not going to

tell any tales because

i really like the concept of

a nutritionist in your pocket being able

to blow into the device

and knowing you know what your

metabolism is doing are you burning fat

are you burning carbs

you know do i need to work out a little

harder today or

you know can i enjoy carbs today and


a couple of days from now it’s better to

have a lower carb day so i think

having the nutritionist in your pocket

is amazing

and i 100 enjoy it i’ve used my lumen

almost every day except for the few days

that we’ve traveled

or you know anything like that that was

really the only time i didn’t use my

lumen um but

i can also say that you can lose weight

without it

you don’t need to have this device to

lose weight this is not

you know a magic pill that you get it

you blowing it and magically you’re

going to lose weight i still worked out

i still counted calories

i still counted the amount of carbs i

was eating each and every day lumen gave

me the recommendation on whether

i could have higher carb days or lower

carb days but i still had to do the work

so all in all i lost weight right i lost


total pounds i lost 14.6 total pounds

from my start of my journey and

it’s weight loss so that’s a win

do i necessarily have to have the lumen

to do it no i think you can still make

very good choices on food

and uh activity levels in order

to lose weight so in a nutshell

i think it’s an amazing device i think

if you

don’t have a hundred percent grasp on


i do think it could help you get there

now once again

this isn’t the magic fix there really

isn’t a magic

fix um blowing in this isn’t gonna make

you lose weight you have to still put

forth the work

you still have to plan your meals you

still have to be knowledgeable

about the amount of carbs and calories

and everything else that you’re eating


i am not going to sit here and try and

say that this device is going to make

you lose weight just by getting it

absolutely not but i do think if you

don’t have an amazing grasp

on nutrition and you know how many carbs

or how much fat or how much protein or

even your calorie intake for a day and

creating a calorie deficit

then maybe it is a good investment for


um for the device so i know price wise

a couple people have pointed out that i

never talked about price so the device

is 349 dollars so that’s another thing

it’s not a cheap investment at all but

a nutritionist in your pocket could be

worth it so it’s 349

they have been running for a long time

since i bought it

a promotion where you can get it for

2.99 so i actually paid

myself my money 299 dollars for the


and i don’t regret it um but at the same


i don’t think it’s 100

necessary to have to sum it all up if

you have control of nutrition and you

have a great understanding of your


and your macros and

all of that you might not need a lumen

now if you’re

in the beginning stages of losing weight

and you really have no

idea where to start if you should eat

carbs or if you shouldn’t need carbs

it could help guide you but once again

it’s not the one stop fix all it’s not


change anything if you’re not willing to

put the work in if you’re not willing to

work out if you’re not willing

to follow the recommendations if you’re

not willing to track your food intake

um it’s not gonna make a difference and

it will be

a 299 dollar investment wasted

realistically so that’s my really

authentic review

when it comes to buying i would say it’s

really dependent

on you is dependent on what you need in

the type of support you need in your

journey because you can

100 lose weight without using

i appreciate you guys please if you

haven’t already subscribe

so that way you know the next time i

have a review for you.