welcome to the midwest my name is jesse

and today i’m going to be reviewing

the lumen metabolic device this channel

is all about

breath work wim hof method cold training

and mental and physical wellness so if

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but for today i’m talking about the

lumen metabolic tracker


as a breath worker and a you know

published in this field i was

i’ve been really interested in this i

saw the initial beta testing

about a year ago and but it wasn’t until

just this past month that lumen reached

out to me and they said hey jesse we

think you might like this device would

you like to try it

so i said yes but i’ll tell you this

much i said

i’m going to give you my honest review

whether i like it or not so that’s what

this is all about

so they said hey we’re pretty sure

you’re going to like it so they sent it

out to me so i want to say thank you to

lumen for sending this out

and having that much confidence in your

product so what i’m going to do today

i’m going to tell you first of all what

the device is what it does how i’ve been

using it for the past month

and then at the end of this video i’m

going to tell you whether or not i think

it’s worth the money

and i will give you a coupon code to at

least give you a nice 40

discount on your lumen device if you

would like to try it

after this video so the lumid device is

essentially it’s a it’s an electronic

device that is

um it’s very easy you can you just

charge it in the wall and you can take

it with you

they provide a nice little little baggie

that you can take with you put it in

your pocket have it with you wherever

you go

and essentially what you’ll do is you

um you breathe you take an inhale so it

measures the amount of air that comes

that you’re inhaling and then then you

exhale after 10 seconds i’m going to

show you how

i do this here in just a minute

essentially what it does

is it counts the amount of co2 in your


now what does this mean what like why is

a co2

tracking device for your breath what

does that even do for you

well co2 is a byproduct of

the cellular respiration process so your


will kick out co2 after

it it completes the process of creating

cellular energy now

this process is uh is

is adjusted by your breath but it’s also

adjusted by

what you’re eating by your metabolism by

your stress levels

a lot of things come into play but one

of the biggest ones is

your what it is that your your

mitochondria are using for food so for


if you are more fat adapted you’re going

to breathe out

less co2 than if you’re

eating a bunch of sugars and carbs so

the cool thing about that is you can

learn a lot about your metabolism you

can learn a lot about what’s going on

in your body so you can make better


with what you’re feeding your body not

only what you eat

but also when you eat it the device

has multiple check-in times as soon as

you wake up before every meal and after

every meal it’ll suggest that you take a

reading before your workouts

and after your workouts now the reason

why it does this

is because it wants to inform you as to

where your metabolism is

at that very minute this can be helpful

of course for weight loss right so

everybody it looks to this as a weight


tool maybe you’re about to do a hard


and you do a measurement it says hey


burning mostly fats you can make the

decision okay

should i add some carbs before i get

into this workout so i have a better


or is this actually what i’m shooting

for over time

if you follow the advice on the app you

will make better decisions with your


intake and you can actually improve your


system so so you can become more fat

adapted and

so so a person a lot of times we look at

people who are trying to lose weight and

it’s like hey

you know this diet isn’t working for me

but what this allows you to do

is really pinpoint the times a day and

exactly minute by minute where your

metabolism is and how to feed it

for the maximal results for at least for

the result you’re looking to get now

weight loss is not the only goal

that you might have when using the lumen

device in fact

there are at the very beginning when you

first get your lumen device it asks you

what your goals are so for me i’m not

trying to specifically just

lose weight but i would like to work on

body recompositioning

so when when we talk about body

recompositioning we’re talking about

gaining muscle and losing body fat so

you know that’s great we you know

there’s all kinds of studies that show

that especially you know the older we

get the more muscle we have the stronger

we are

hey do you have alcohol as mortality

goes down that’s awesome

in in addition to that when we keep a

low body fat percentage again

all-cause mortality goes down so as an

anti-aging or a longevity tool

which is how i’m using it i think you

know that’s

that’s one option that you might choose

okay so and then additionally you might

just choose to use it just to know

a little bit more about yourself because

this will give you a lot of insight

so that is essentially what it is what

it does how people are using it

the way i’m using it myself like i said

is the body recompositioning so when i

wake up

i will take a reading to see what state

i’m in and the interesting thing is

uh it will change it does change based

off of what i ate

the day before and in some cases it’s

based off of what i ate two days before

so i can really see these changes in my

metabolism as i

am taking regular measurements the other

thing is

especially for workouts um there are

many days

that i have felt like wow i you know i’m

doing i didn’t do anything different i

had plenty of sleep last night

why is it that i just don’t have the

energy for my workout well

come to find out there are some days

when i need a little bit more

carbohydrates to boost my workouts

and there are some days that it is just

not that way so the lumen device has

been very

helpful for determining how to fuel my

body to get the most

performance and that’s something that’s

really important to me so the question


okay do i feel like it’s worth the money

so right now

a lumen device is about 350 um

you can use the the the coupon code that

i’ll give you at the end of this

video for forty dollars off of your


um but do i think it’s worth it for 350

i got this for free okay and i thank you

lumen for sending it to me

but i i have to always think to myself

if i were to break this

lose it drop it in the toilet or

something like that would it be

something that i would replace for

my own money would i actually spend my

own money to get this device

now i have to say yes this would be a

device that i would get

and let me tell you why i think this is

a really good device and it’s not just a


one of those products because there’s a

lot of gimmicky products out there

that i absolutely hate and um

let me tell you why first of all the

reason why i would personally buy it is

because i’ve actually gotten a lot of

use out of it and i’ve got a lot of

um i’ve gotten a lot of insights about

how my body is working when it’s doing

certain things

how certain foods affect me and how how

things that i

would have thought would have spiked my

uh my carbohydrate

burning actually don’t and vice versa so

i’ve learned a lot about

how my body reacts to certain foods and

that’s been invaluable for me

this is not a fat burning pill

this is not a fat burning device just

simply taking a measurement

they don’t even claim that it’s going to

do any of that for you

literally all it is it is a device that

will tell you how your system is working

at that moment to allow you to make

better decisions and if you’re a fan of

this channel if you’ve been watching

this channel you know

it’s i’m all about taking personal

responsibility for your decisions for

your life for your emotions

for your health and that is what this is

there are very few devices out there

that give you

the kind of feedback that you really

really can use to make

good choices to change and improve your

life overall so i’m going to go ahead

and show you how this works

it’s actually really simple it works

with your cell phone

or your for my european or i guess

everybody else says mobile

phone right so so for your mobile phone


but basically it has there’s an app and

it tells you like for instance if you

take a look at this

i don’t know if that’s gonna show but i

woke up

let’s see no this was before my workout

before my workout

i had a lumen number of two that

that says okay and it says your body

needs to fuel up before this workout

it gives you that advice you don’t have

to take it again this is your own choice

but it recommends not only does it

recommend to add some carbs

before you work out to get a better

workout it’s saying you’re burning

mostly fat right now

and that’s why okay so it’s one out of

five so it’s

if you’re if you score a one you’re

burning only fat

five all carbs and so it’s and not only

does it say hey you should have

uh some carbs to fuel up it also gives

you the approximate

number of carbs to use based off of the

information that you give this

uh device early on about your your

physiology so i’m going to go ahead

and i’m going to take a custom reading

and essentially let’s see this is just a

custom check in

and it says and it says i should be

sitting down but i’m standing up for

this video so

maybe it’ll be uh reading

exhale in three two one

so one of the things that it does

whenever you do your exhale it

it tries to make sure you give a very

steady stream and it helps you with that

usually it takes a couple readings to

get a really accurate reading

um and so you just saw basically i held

my breath for 10 seconds

and that was enough time for it to

calculate how much

carbon dioxide might be coming through

now i’ve been talking for a little bit

we’ll see how this works so i’m going to

take another reading so right now i have

a lumen score

score of three it says that i’m burning

carbs and fat

and that makes sense because i’m this is

post-workout i had a post-workout meal

and i don’t want to spike myself too

much so i’m just burning only carbs

i want to make sure that i’m staying in

that that three or four area after a

workout so

that is the lumen device again it is not


get skinny quick thing it is literally a

thing would you like to learn more about

your own physiology your own metabolism

and would you like to know things that

help you make better decisions

so that you can take more responsibility

for your life and for your decisions

for your health so i highly recommend it

it is

i’ll put the link below if you’d like to

try it for yourself

um and if you’d like to get 40 off

you can use this code it is coomer 40

and you just enter that in whenever you

go to checkout it’ll take 40

off your purchase price and you can use

that to get your own

if you if you have one of these or if

you grab one of these let me know how

you like it

is this something that you’ve found

value in um so thank you lumen for

sending this to me

and let me know what you guys think

thanks so much for watching

please like and subscribe and don’t

forget to go out there and be kind to

one another