“hey everyone my name is Erica and today

I’m going to be showing you guys a

little sneak peek inside vegan cuts

March 20 subscription box our first

product is the ocean cleanser from OCS

skincare I’ve been dying to get my hands

on some osya products because I’ve been

seeing them all over Instagram and I’ve

heard so many amazing things and they

really live up to the hype I personally

love this product because the

consistency is really creamy and it

leaves your skin feeling super soft

while lightly exfoliating at the same

time which can be so hard to come by

with cleansers I noticed just after a

few days of use it’s made my skin look

so much more vibrant our next product is

the supreme hyaluronic acid antioxidant

duo moisturizer from Avant skincare

moisturizers are vital to your skincare

routine they can help prevent elasticity

loss in your skin and dry skin can make

you break out even more I love this one

because although the consistency is

pretty thick it absorbs really nicely

into the skin without leaving a greasy

residue and the avocado oil and

hyaluronic acid helps retain that

moisture all throughout the day and best

of all it’s 100% vegan and cruelty free

these are just the two featured products

in the March beauty boxes and

subscribers will receive even more

amazing products as always a portion of

the proceeds will go towards supporting

animal sanctuaries across the globe and

this specific box will help support

Australian wildlife relief efforts after

the devastating fires thank you guys so

much for watching again my name is Erica

I hope you all enjoy your boxes and I’ll

see you next time