if you introduce yourself or do you want

me to introduce i’ll introduce you so

maria fox yeah um

and you have lost a significant amount

of weight

with the help of lumen that’s right

that’s amazing so we’re gonna get into

all the

little knitty lifestyle things that

you’ve done because

i think one of the big misconceptions i

see with luminous people think they just

breathe into it

like sucks the fire it’s a magical thing

you have to do some work but it’s not

you’ve kind of proved that it’s not that


or at least in your case it’s

consistency because people do different


and people are successful different

things but i want to really talk about


you’ve been successful thing so if you

could start off with

how much weight you’ve actually lost

with lumen and from what time frame

okay so i started i knew that i needed

to lose weight after my 50th birthday in

september i’d

i’ve been really i’ve lost a lot of

weight at the beginning of my 40s

i’ve done a low-fat low-calorie diet

that was

that did play to a genetic

predisposition that i had around

sensitivities to fats

but it wasn’t really very sustainable

long term because these low-calorie


don’t help with hormone regulation etc


um i saw the lumen thing and i’m a big


and i i saw that chris froome was almost

some of the marketing actually which was

a bit appealing to me

and i thought that’s really clever that

you can tell you what you’re burning for


and because at this stage i’d hit that

hormone place in my

life as a female you know a 50 year old


yeah you’re the most difficult yeah fast

group of people

females generally are smaller hormonally


yeah it tends to be more difficult this

more it is more difficult so

it was becoming very difficult and

anything i tried to do

in that period leading up to being 50.

you know i wanted to actually be

at the weight that i wanted to be by the

time i was 50 but i hit the

perimenopause i had acute systems in

that i had acute stress at work

i ended up in a kind of chronic fatigue


um but around that time i’d seen lumen

advertised and i thought i’d like to try


um and so i interrupt sorry i’m gonna

interrupt a lot

did you ever think on it

i’ll tell you what i thought i thought

well you got 30 days to send it back

okay okay if it really isn’t you know

doesn’t work

or and i also thought

um it won’t it’s not going to the device

is not going to

make me lose weight the device is going

to be a tool

that’s going to help me get on the right

track to lose weight in a healthy way

and i also knew that the device wasn’t


for weight loss which also appealed to

me because okay

fitness stuff that i like to do anyway

so i thought oh

well it’s worth a try you know you could

pay to go to a swimming club and lots of

those slimming clubs are great but to be

quite honest with you

they’re just calorie deficit they don’t

take into consideration the other


and they aren’t sustainable long term

and what i liked about

lumen was it was looking at overall

health versus just

uh weight loss and it was looking at

metabolic flexibility which i was really

interested in because of the dna tests

i’d done

previously and and the sensitivities i

already knew i had genetically

so you know if i compare me to my

younger brother he’s got the same color


and that’s about it we’ve got the same

color hair but he’s as skinny as a rake

he was the other sporty one in the four

of the four children in the family

really sporty and yet you know

me i’ve always battled with gaining

weight losing weight gaining weight

losing weight and

if i have any periods of inactivity

weight would just pile on me now some of

that was definitely to do with

nutrition and stress related you know

the appetite control and what you end up


yeah but it wasn’t all it wasn’t all

about that at all

so so yeah but i haven’t answered your

question the question you’re asking i

won’t get there how much

how much weight have you lost well i’ve

lost over 42 pounds

with lumen and then i’ve lost 45

so i lost five yeah 45 since september

42 since october landed

so the people are using the metric

system that’s a 20 kilo

weight plate it is it actually you walk

a mile without your hand that’s

serious yeah yeah i took a picture of

all my weights plates the other day and


i’ve lost this much weight it’s it’s


it’s just insane we’ve got like a

20 kilo weight west and you know you

just do it

two mile walk with that you feel it

it’s you know it tires you out or a nine


climb in majorca on a bike oh

yeah go away that’s that’s too much so i