“hello internet world welcome to a new

video on the geeky noise channel I’ve

got a really cool keyboard to show you


in fact my journey looking for a decent

keyboard begun about two and a half

three years ago when my favorite

keyboards stopped working and they no

longer make them and I’ve gone through

so many keyboard since looking for one

that sort of matches the styling of my

setup but also performs really well and

I’ve gone through many and if you’ve

watched my videos regularly you’ll know

that I use primarily the sort of Mac or

Apple system for my computer or Mac Pro

sitting here iMac behind me here and

this one really does look the part

this is the cherry KC 6000 slim this is

what the product packaging looks like

and this is the specifications on the

back or some of the features not really

the specs but you want to pause the

video after the live broadcast and just

check out these specs and you can do so

and this is the UK layout keyboard is

available with other layouts as well and

we’re going to take a closer look at the

keyboard now before we do so actually

let me just have a look inside the live

chat this is a live broadcast of course

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when I go live so let’s take a look at

the keyboard this is what it looks like

I will put it underneath the overhead

cam very shortly but I just want to show

you me holding this up so you get an

idea of the sizes of full-sized keyboard

with a numeric keypad on the end

very nice styling this happens to be the

silver and white version it’s also

available in a black version as well and

I just think it looks very

very nice indeed really nice styling to

this if we take a look on the underside

you can see there are rubber feet and is

white on the bottom and then we’ve also

got a captive cable what I mean by

captive is you can’t unplug the cable

but it’s a white cable with a USB

connection on this end there are no

flip-out feet on the bottom of the

keyboard so you’re stuck with this low

profile a very slight angle when you’re

typing so do bear that in mind but still

very nice angle and a really nice for

the price really nice build quality on

this very very nice indeed so let’s take

a look at this underneath the overhead

cam just you get an idea of what it

looks like on the desk I think it looks

really nice on the desk you have to

excuse this being a bit bowed it’s due

to the camera I’m using at the moment my

secondary cam is indeed a GoPro but it’s

a really nice keyboard very very nicely

laid out we’ve got a really nice typing

feel to this as well

I think I think that’s really nice I do

like the feel of this nicely spaced Keys

they’ve got a very very slight curve to

them on the keys but nice travel not too

noisy as well but you can you know you

can definitely hear it obviously but

this isn’t a mechanically switched

keyboard it’s just a really nicely laid

out keyboard we’ve got full row function

keys across the top we’ve got some extra

keys here as well print scroll and pause

we’ve also got a couple of multimedia

keys up in this top corner and of course

this full-size numeric keypad I really

do like that I love the way this is laid

out haven’t seen this key on a keyboard

before but I’m not sure whether I’ll

ever use that now this isn’t really

designed to be used on a Mac there’s no

sort of um command key as such but you

can use these if you so wish this is

designed for Windows really but it works

absolutely fine on Mac OS and I just

think it’s a really nice looking

keyboard if you put this alongside one

of the Apple Magic Trackpad toes it does

match really nicely and with regards to

the angle you can see here it doesn’t

match the angle of the Magic Trackpad

this is a little bit lower but it does

give a really nice sort of a clean desk

setup if you were using this with the

Magic Trackpad and the keyboard

alongside I just think they’ve done a

really good job of this I really do like


very very nice travel to the keys as

well not too much just the right amount

of travel to each of the keys very very

good job from Jerry on this now let’s

just talk to you a little bit about

where you can pick this up you can

obviously pick this up from Amazon I’ve

left links to pretty much all of the

Amazon websites down in the video

description the price on this is awesome

very very affordable

it varies country to country but you’re

probably looking at around about sort of

the 30 pound mark equivalent in euros

equivalent in dollars etc and I think

that’s a really reasonable price

for a good keyboard nice clean crisp

look as well I love silver and white

keyboards it just matches my design

aesthetic I just absolutely love it I

sort of wish that they did the MacBook

Pro at the white keyboard just saying

anyway before we close out this video

let’s take a look inside the live chat

again big hello to watch I’ve already

said hello to Archer hello to Steve and

Marie Bird Andrew Walker and Mauricio


Mauricio Garcia is saying do you still

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yeah I can offer up business advice I’ve

been running my own businesses for over

25 years now and I’m happy to to help if

and where I can Sony are back to the

cherry KC 6000 slim though I think it’s

a worthwhile purchase it gets the geek

seal of approval because it’s a nice

well-made keyboard very very nice design

and really nice to type on check out the

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