“hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today I’m going to be doing a video why

don’t I have to say what today I’m gonna

be doing like I’m going to be talking to

you guys about my skincare a lot of you

guys it’s like one of the most highly

requested frequently asked questions

that I get whether it be on youtube or

on Instagram or Twitter or whatever

anytime I show my face bare and naked

like I have it now people asked me what

I did to clear up my skin and they asked

me what my skincare routine is while I

do have a skincare routine and I’m gonna

be discussing with you guys today I’m

not gonna be showing you guys my

skincare routine again because it’s

literally the same exact routine that

I’ve been doing before with the

exception of one product that I’ve added

in but other than that my my skincare

routine is pretty much the same from the

previous video if you haven’t seen my

previous skincare video I do have one it

is up on my channel now so you can

definitely check that out to get the

full details of everything and how I go

through the process of my skincare

routine I wanted to go ahead and get my

disclaimer once again like I did in my

last video my skin did not stop breaking

out because of these products none of

these things that I used on my face this

whole year are specifically for acne

most of these things are in the

anti-aging category the anti-aging and

refining category I have another video

specifically talking about how I cleared

up my acne I think what cleared up my

skin was me actually taking out the time

to figure out why my skin was breaking

out and treating back it’s diet related

and it’s hormonal related basically this

whole year I’ve been on a hill

journey which I will be doing an update

on that video I’ve stopped eating

certain foods and then I’ve also been

cutting out a lot of the stressors in my

life I’ve been doing a lot of stress

therapy relieving myself of stress and

pressure and anxiety and things like

that that has really helped with my

hormones to get back in balance you want

to make sure that the water you’re

putting on your face and the water

you’re drinking is healthy drinking

water and eating the right foods for

your body it definitely makes a

difference so make sure you know what

you’re allergic to

fried foods processed foods dairy are

nono for me anything that’s heavy in the

sugar and gluten category which is

basically everything I like but I have

to cut back it’s gonna help you okay as

you can tell my skin is pretty clear I

have no active breakouts and I don’t

really get them if I do get any

breakouts I get maybe a pimple here or

there my skin is pretty even texture and

even toned I do still have a couple dark

marks some of these marks are a lot

older or they are just kind of permanent

this burn mark has been there since 2013

so that’s not going away anytime soon

and let me also say that just because

these products work for me don’t mean

that they’ll work for you you know that

these products are expensive a lot of

them aren’t very very expensive but I do

find that products that are more

expensive work better and faster because

they don’t have a long shelf life so

when products don’t have a long shelf

life that means the ingredients in them

or are active and more pure drugstore

products don’t really work as fast

especially when you’re talking about

refining and changing the texture of

your skin getting rid of dark spots you

really need something that’s gonna

penetrate your pores and I don’t find

that many drugstore products do that the

number one product that I feel like

totally transformed my skin as far as

like the texture and dark spots and all

of that goes this is the Sunday Riley

good jeans I purchased this product with

my own money three times this year this

is a high potency lactic acid treatment

it is specifically made to help with

wrinkles fine lines dark spots

discoloration and make your skin look

more bright and clear it basically it’s

a cream exfoliant the best way to get

rid of dark spots and texture in your

skin is to exfoliate your skin I don’t

think that physical exfoliant which are

like scrubs like facial scrubs I don’t

think those are effective especially if

you have acne prone skin that has active

breakouts on your face you can’t use

this tub because it’s gonna spread

bacteria I find that exfoliant like this

which is the cream exfoliant work a lot

better they penetrate into your pores

better over time this has really helped

like transform the actual look and feel

of my skin this was the most effective

products and changing the way my skin

appears this helps the turnover rate for

like dark spots and things like that so

when I get newer breakouts and newer

dark spots they don’t last as long as

they normally would when I’m using this

product so this helps to repair my skin

faster the cheaper alternative to this

would be the acne org AJ

that I’ve talked about before I don’t

use it as much as this only because this

works a lot faster this is $100 so it’s

not cheap by any means but it definitely

works I feel like it works faster than

the AJ cream I’m coming on the end of my

third bottle so that’s about right that

12 months I’ve used it three to four

times cuz I use it about every three

months I run out of this there is a

bigger bottle but it’s like $150 and I’m

not not there next thing that I feel has

transformed my skin tremendously this is

the TLC by drunk elephant drunk elephant

products are definitely my favorite

product line for the year I will say for


as far as skin care goes drunk elephant

products are my favorite underdog

product like they’re really really good

they are expensive they can be find

Sephora but they work I haven’t used all

of it only because I alternate between

these two this one I feel is not as

strong as this but I still really love

it it definitely works and I definitely

think that it’s worth a shot

it is an a jbh a blend so it’s 12% H

APHA if you don’t know what that is

that’s an alpha hydroxy acid lactic acid

is an alpha hydroxy acid glycolic acid

is an alpha hydroxy acid so alpha

hydroxy acids are the exfoliating acids

that go into your skin and exfoliate it

and change the texture

and the dark spots and all of that it

helps to like get rid of all of that so

this is a gel and it resurfaces dull

congested skin by lifting away dead skin

cells like the good genes it is for fine

lines wrinkles and other signs of aging

and it also helps with excess oiliness

and pores now the problem is you cannot

use these two together you should not

use these two together because those

thin your skin out over time so you have

to make sure that you use one of the

other I love the way these two face by

the way I feel like this pumps out less

then this does it pumps out a lot of

product and so I end up running out of

this faster and I run out of this so

these two are great another product that

I feel really helped with refining my

texture getting rid of dark spots and

all of that is the TLC by drunk elephant

and this and this new card baby facial

and this is a little bit more intense

than this it is the same concept it uses

25% OHA and 2% DHA so this is 12 percent

in this twenty five percent so it’s a

little bit more potent this to me would

be the equivalent of going to a spa or

an aesthetician and getting a chemical

peel done it’s not as strong as the

chemical peel it doesn’t make your skin

actually peel off I didn’t experience

any peeling when I use this it does have

a tingling sensation you definitely want

to like keep it away from your eyes

because it will burn your eyes or

whatever if you get it too close to your

eyes it’s a little bit more expensive

but if you go to get a chemical peel

you’re going to be spending around 150 I

think so I feel like this is a cheaper

alternative because you can do it at

home so use it one to two times a week

at max no more than that for 20 minutes

and you rinse it off I probably only use

this more

a month actually I don’t use this very

often but I do feel like using this has

helped to refine my texture as well you

are supposed to follow this up with a

foil so I have the Virgin marula oil

that they suggest to use this product

with my skincare routine is pretty much

the same still do a two-step cleansing

method so I’ll use the clinic take the

day off balm and this is like I said

before my favorite makeup remover I

don’t use makeup wipes because I feel

like makeup wipes strip my skin of

moisture and they make my skin feel

really dry afterwards I only use makeup

watch them on the plane or something

like that when you go and I don’t have

this with me and then I go in with the

face wash this is the face soap and

clarity like I said before I don’t think

base watch does make a difference I

really don’t have a face wash that I can

say that it’s really transformed my skin

I like this one just because it cleans

it leaves my skin feeling nice

afterwards I don’t have a problem with

it and I love it so that’s why I use it

after I wash my face and clean it and

all that stuff I immediately go in with

my iris extract and this is by Kiehl’s

this is the activating treatment essence

it does say that it’s supposed to

enhance your skin care products that you

put on on top I don’t know how well that

works but I will say that it does help

me retain moisture that’s one product

that I’ve added to my skincare routine

since the last time I made one lately

I’ve been using the Kiehl’s ultra facial

cream and that’s only because I ran out

of my other moisturizer and I needed

another one pretty much any moisturizer

will do in the winter time I do

transition to a cream as opposed to a

light moisturizer or I’ll use an oil in

the oil that I use is the virginal rule

of one by drunk elephant

in the daytime the only thing that I

would suggest is I’ve been using the

vitamin C serum by drunk elephant this

is the C firma you don’t necessarily

need a vitamin C serum I just feel like

it makes my skin really soft and radiant

the one product that I will say I cannot

go without in the daytime is a sunscreen

and the only reason I say to use a

sunscreen is because if you are not

using a sunscreen and you’re using super

heavy-duty products like this or like

the good genes your skin is very very

sensitive so you don’t want to damage

your skin in the process of trying to

heal it so you do want to use a

sunscreen the sunscreen that I like the

most is the glossier invisible shield

and this is SPF 35 I also really like

the benefit dreamscreen

which is SPF 45 but that one is clearly

never in stock anywhere it’s always sold

out so I have to use this one but I like

this one too it’s clear it doesn’t leave

a white residue I don’t feel it doesn’t

smell like sunscreen so it’s pretty much

invisible if you want to see a skincare

routine showing you guys how I use the

products in action you can definitely

watch the video in the comment section

up here or in the description box I will

make sure to link that but other than

that that’s all I do to my skin

I feel like those are the products that

work for me they were the best products

I’ve tried and I’ve been using them all

year long and I think the consistency in

conjunction with the fact that these

products are awesome it has really

helped to clear my skin but I do want to

show you guys my skin live and in the

flesh what it looks like and this is it

so if you guys have any questions let me

know but yeah that is all I will talk to

guys in my next video okay