“hello everybody hello and welcome to the

lecture today sugar LED when I say we

yeah you say e ba e on angle a a lot of

emotion venetian m’appelle Elodie a

conscience EPA food is AE hello

this is the lecture okay today we’ll be

doing something different yes it is

different we’re gonna be doing a review

on a product and it’s by I want AV a and

T and it’s a ultimate hi new ionic acid

he’s Sophie where is the out every time

I try to speak English and I speak


the accent just switches off you know

I’m like okay surface it no resurfacing

yeah resurfacing do you were moisturizer

so this is a moisturizer something

different yes it is different we’re

gonna be having a look at a product by

Aven and it’s a moisturizer hope you see

my face now so yeah that’s what we’re

gonna be looking at today

and I am gonna be applying it on my face

and yeah so this is a moisturizer and

you’re supposed to apply this is it

morning after the evening every morning

and evening so I haven’t tried this on

before this is literally my first time

trying it with you guys and if you have

tried it before let me know what were

your concerns and what your advantages

and disadvantages yes so this has a

sweet almond seawater and share butter

so honey yes when I see your product

that has shea butter I just grab it for

myself you get that because shea butter

is good for the skin

okay so it’s actually good for the hair

as well you get that mm-hmm so I’m not

gonna be translating in French today

honey so usage apply a pea-sized

amount to a clean dry skin let me see is

my skin clean is it clean is it dry mmm

yes fine so yeah we’re going to apply a

pea-sized so there we go

as you can see them it has been taken

off and filum aluminium film has been

taken off I thought did say take a piece

size I have literally taken a piece size

okay so that is a pea size on my finger

and I am going to apply in my face and

also it does actually say here

discontinued if you do find out you have

any redness or irritation do not ingest

I would say it’s common sense you know

but common sense is not really common

sense it’s not common you know there are

certain things that you think are coming

but they’re not common to other people

the very exams but yes so do you not

inhale it do you not ingest it do not

eat it practically so yeah it’s you know

for the external use okay so always

carry out a 24 hour patch test before

first I use well I haven’t done a patch

test but I’m hoping I should be okay so

we’re gonna apply this on


so let’s go a bit natural with the

natural light that we have and then you

can actually see the product properly

they would go that’s it

espero into natural light is always the

best okay so here we go small slice this

product I’m gonna read the ingredients

well not all of it okay

it has a Coldwater Beauty rose param

Pocky oh well share it share butter yeah

let’s just say share bottle cetyl

alcohol glycerol yeah you might want to

look into the great ingredients in there

it has lots in which I’m not gonna read

all of them so it’s not greasy its I

find it dry on my skin is just a little

bit oily just a little bit you know and

it’s not slippery when you put on your


I’m not gonna put it on my eyes pictures

from the top of my eyebrows there you

know this is it I want let me know down

below how you’ve been getting on with

this moisturizer if it’s worked really

well for you I think it’s good it’s not

bad it’s lovely it’s got a lovely

fragrance it actually says here

parfum fragrance I don’t know which

fragrance has got on it but it does say

it’s got some perfume fragrance there

and lactic acid and share butter so I

like it you know especially because it’s

got share button so I would be using

this in order for me to see some changes

so yes guys I’m gonna have to leave you

this is your current other day when I

say blue yay you say e I love me don’t

say miss you milk sweetie Ella for Shane

foie gras and don’t forget you

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of wah