“hello darlings and welcome back to my

channel the Lighting’s a little bit

crazy if I sit forward too much I’m

gonna get sunlight in my face I’m gonna

sit back so yeah so I apologize if it’s

a little bit distracting if I move

around of things I am feeling much

better I’m not back to 100% but I’m

nearly there so that is great because

it’s starting to drive me insane I don’t

get ill very often in fact haven’t felt

that ill in literally years and years

and years so it’s nice to start feeling

better and I highly recommend it as well

that you have supplements have health

supplements every single day because I

really feel like that’s helped shift the

illness so much quicker and I feel like

that’s the reason I don’t get over it

often as well I know I’m talking

absolute rubbish because this is not

what the videos about sorry but yeah I

just had to quickly say that if you

follow this channel you know what I’m

talking about okay so today we are going

to be reviewing this little beaut this

is a night cream that is worth 130

dollars / 98 pounds okay so this is

around 130 dollar cream for 50 mils of a

night cream so that is incredibly

expensive um so I thought I would review

it and let you know what I think of it I

will leave a link below it’s currently

on offer and it’s got 20 pounds off okay

so over 20 whoops over $20 off so if you

want to get this with some money off

then have a look at the link after this

video okay first things first I want to

talk about the packaging of course we’re

talking about the Avant Avant however

you say it night cream this is the

deluxe hyaluronic acid vivifying face

and eye night cream what I like about it

as well is that you can use it around

the eye area some creams it’s just for

the face and you can’t go in around the

eyes the eye area is very very very

delicate if you think about the arm on

your skin being the equivalent to

cardboard and the skin on your face

being the equivalent to a piece of paper

the skin around your eyes is the

equivalent to tissue paper so think how

thin tissue paper is compared to

cardboard that’s the difference between

the skin on your body and the skin

around your eyes so it’s so so so so

delicate and some creams just a normal

face cream it isn’t usually suitable to

go around the eyes because it needs

something that is a lot more delicate

sometimes people put face cream under

the eye and actually it can make the

eyes puff out more because it’s too


it’s too heavy to sink into such a fine

thin delicate skin so that’s why it’s

really important to actually use a

proper eye cream but obviously this says

it’s an eye cream as well so that’s a


okay packaging I have to say now if you

do buy this I got this in one of the

boxes it’s now sold out so you can’t get

it so yes so that’s unfortunate but if

you do click the link and have a look at

this product and you want to buy it on

its own

with the money off you will receive it

in a pot so it doesn’t look slightly

nicer this was in a beauty box so it’s

in a more basic packaging so yeah if you

do pay the full price for it while the

discounted price you will get it in a

50ml tub that being said whether it’s

this or the tub I do feel that the

packaging isn’t very exciting for me

personally I think for the price of the

product packaging for me is really

important now I know it doesn’t affect

the product itself is all about the

ingredients but if I’m paying a lot of

money for something I want it to feel


not just on my skin but I want the

product I want the bottle to look really

luxurious so that when I’m applying it

it feels a little bit more special I

have sir I have a day cream which I can

review on here on another day but it

contains 24 karat gold it’s in a

beautiful tab with a God lid and it

comes with a little spoon

it’s it’s really really luxurious it

costs about 40 pounds so less and half

the price of this but it’s so special

every day when I apply it with a little

spoon it just feels really really

luxurious I think if you are using

really expensive products for me

personally like I say I like it to feel

luxurious I want to have that special

experience if it was my brand and I had

a luxury skincare brand I would want the

packaging to reflect the amazing product

inside okay so I just feel like this is

a very basic like I said even the tub

version is very very basic it doesn’t

look anything special to me in my

opinion if you don’t care about

packaging then you won’t care but like I

said I’m really into packaging and

things okay so the actual product itself

I will squeeze a little bit out so you

can see what it looks like it’s oh gosh

it’s so bright honestly the lighting is

awful oh I knew this would happen okay

so I’m sorry guys I didn’t think this

through um yeah so I’ll have to show you

from here so it’s quite thick um oh my

gosh got some of my nose fantastic it

smells really nice I’m still a bit

blocked up so I can’t fully smell it but

it does smell really nice I can just

about smell it obviously I’ve been

applying this every single night since

the beginning of the month and it smell

it does smell really nice now the

ingredients are it’s got some shea


I call it shea some people it’s sheer

whatever shea butter shea butter it’s

got hyaluronic acid it’s got vitamin b3

it’s got sea water sea water and sweet

almond what else can we see in here

anything interesting I think that’s

about it it’s got lots of ingredients

but they’re like the main ones that are

going to give you these amazing results

okay so would I recommend this I feel

that when is applied it applies really

really nice

it’s synched straight into the skin

there’s absolutely no greasy residue or

anything like that so it does apply it

literally just glides on to the skin it

is absolutely amazing like I said it

smells really nice as well it’s not too

strong but you can smell some things if

you don’t like a sense you probably

won’t like this but the scent is

pleasant and it is just all that you

know the almond oil you can smell all of

that in there so it does glide on the

skin really nicely it does sink right in

it doesn’t leave a greasy residue which

I cannot stand

especially in night creams I’ve used

some night creams in the past and it

either leaves like a sticky residue or

it just leaves a like a greasy residue

and then you’re going to bed and you’re

laying on the pillow and it’s almost

like your face like sticks to the pillow

or the product then sinks into the

pillowcase which you don’t want you want

it to go into your skin so I go through

phases sometimes I don’t even use a

night cream um that’s just my preference

I always use a day cream but I don’t

always use a night cream but obviously

if I’ve gotten 98 pounds night cream and

then I’m going to use it and I have to

say the next day the real test for the

night cream is how your skin feels in

the morning when you go to wash it when

you go to cleanse it before you apply

your makeup on your your day cream how

does your skin feel now I have to say

this has made my skin feel absolutely

incredible it makes it feel soft and

plump and really really hydrated like

I’m looking in the monitor now and I can

just see that my skin looked really

really really hydrated I actually love

this cream I didn’t think I would I

thought that I would just be like oh

it’s okay

or it’s not very good I thought for the

prices going to be pretty good but I

didn’t think I would love it I didn’t

think I’d be blown away I just thought I

would come on here and say it’s okay but

don’t waste your money but actually it’s

really really nice I highly highly

highly recommend it if you can afford to

buy this like I said it’s currently on

at I think it’s about 78 pounds because

there’s a discount at the moment on a

certain website

so yeah so if you can afford it then go

for it because this will make your skin

feel absolutely amazing if you can’t

afford it or like you could afford it

but you have to sacrifice you know I

can’t eat this week because I’m gonna

buy this cream because I need it because

it makes my skin feel amazing don’t do

that like do not put yourself out to buy

this cream yes it’s amazing but there

are so many other more affordable

skincare lines out there that are still

amazing on the skin but they they’re not

going to break the bank for you so if

you can afford it go for it anyway if

you can’t afford it go for it if you

can’t afford it don’t worry about it go

for something cheaper there are so many

amazing Queens out there but yeah if you

can’t afford this go for it I highly

highly highly recommend it I think it’s

amazing and I’ll actually be sad to see

it go will I repurchase it at the full

price no because I just think it’s too

expensive but it is amazing and and I

will be gutted when it runs out so

hopefully this helped you I hope you

guys enjoy the video don’t forget to

give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you

haven’t already I’m don’t forget to

check out the links because it’s on

offer at the moment as well and I’ll see

you soon bye