“hey you guys hey guys it’s your girl

Kayla Peter I mean I’m coming out you

would have another idea yes another

video oh my gosh I can’t believe I

remember that this is this morning look

at my face I look like a disaster so

today we’re talking about the sleeping

Mastiff on supremacist it retails for

one during the seven dollars and let me

take a shower anything else let me just

talk to you about it but I just wanted

you to see my skin before I wash my face

how it looks radiance yeah it is they

just job

okay now that then what okay now that

that’s done let’s talk about this

product right here the Avant 8-hour is

it is it really eight hours when it’s

all night I mean you sleep more than

eight hours anyways this baby here we

chose for one hundred and seven dollars

but the full-size has a char finish like

it doesn’t have this quiz II – it

doesn’t have this cap it’s like really

luxe and everything else I mean with

taja you pay for the experience would

have on – you pay for the experience it

has a floral scent but it dissipates to

at night after like it’s melting into

your skin it is like heavenly fragrance

in the beginning so if you’re like don’t

like friggin your skincare this is not

for you this eight-hour radiance renewal

Mathis was to rejuvenate your skin and

give her skin a nice healthy glow it

does do what I say but also is a good

nighttime moisturizer for oily

combination skin and also a radiance

primer for oily do companies just good

this is really targeted towards dry skin

and if you had dry skin it will work

amazing for you but if you have oily to

combo skin first of all why you’re

getting this why are you spending 107

dollars for this and um you can use it

as a primer under a matte foundation

where you’re dry at or you can use it

overnight as a sleeping mask or night

cream yeah this is what the mask looks

like it’s ice cream it’s just like if I


night cream I guess not like the floral

recipe when it has a jelly cuz let’s see

it just has a cream leg texture this is

what it looks like when you Roberts it’s

gonna have like some type of white cast

and then it like goes in so clear and

then your skin is just I really don’t

know why people say that you just have

to use I couldn’t I put in my kills

um I cream on I mean you don’t have to

use night mass like sleeping mass for

just sleeping guys sometimes you can use

them as a nighttime moisturizer eyes

pray anywhere as daytime moisturizers

it’s just depends on your skin type and

your preferences I kind of makeup and

skincare is about preferences about your

skin about which works best for you

and that’s what it works the best for me

as you know but yeah the scent is a like

floral scent

oh god I’m using this as a face right

and we’re only putting it in the areas

where I get dry which is my cheeks and

my chin also I used it on my lips for a

nice moisturizing that feel and yeah I

really do like this mass is it a

must-have know there is cheaper wants

especially tacha

they have cheaper ones do you need it in

your life no who’s going to spend a

hundred and seven dollars rumors you

must come money if you have money and

you looking for a mass like this that

hey hey hey do you boo boo to you cuz

you wash money alright anyways I’m Kayla

be coming at you about to get ready for

the day need my coffee hope you guys

like this video this review how to baby

have a great day whatever you’re

watching this and by today’s