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so today i have a short video for you i hope
it’s going to be short and this is avant um i

mean a couple of words i would like to share with
you about this brand here which is avon skincare

so as you probably noticed uh the packaging it’s
very uniform so all the products look pretty much

the same and this brand has been um seen
quite a lot in subscription boxes recently

so some of the products i have here are actually
from subscription boxes the other ones i purchased

myself uh this is not a cheaper brand the products
usually cost between like 80 and 100 pounds

so i wouldn’t say it’s cheap but is it
worth the money is the quality actually

as big as the prices we’ll see so i’m going
to start with the product i feel like um

so these two are like kind of night creams i
mean one of them is a night cream the other one

is a sleeping mask uh so the ice cream is
moisture search overnight treatment and the

other one is eight hour radiance renewal sleeping
mask in my personal opinion they’re very similar

in how they actually affect my skin i like
them both i think i prefer slightly prefer

the moisture research overnight treatment which
is again night cream you use that every day

this one i think it doesn’t even say how many
times per week you should use this um this is like

an overnight um sleeping mask so i’m pretty sure
you can use it every day because you don’t really

you don’t really wash it you can really remove it
you just like keep it the whole night on your skin

so yeah these products uh i actually enjoyed
using them quite a lot i don’t really see

much difference between them so the next product i
have in here is a sumptuous glycolic acid handball

i love love love this hand cream is amazing but
in my personal opinion it’s super overpriced

because it costs around like i think it’s 70 or
80 i think it’s 80 pounds for a hand cream that’s

a lot of money it’s 50 ml but i mean i love it
i wouldn’t really spend my money on it though

i had it in my um i think one of the advent
calendars last year and um i think i had it

in one of the subscription boxes this year too
so uh i’m pretty glad because i really like it

i don’t think it’s worth the money unless
you have like problematic skin on your hands

and this is the only thing that helps
but other than that i mean i love this

product but like 80 pounds for a hand cream
that’s a lot of money in my personal opinion

so now a um scrub this is gentle rose beautifying
face exfoliant and i really like this product even

though i don’t really i can’t say i don’t use
scraps i don’t buy scraps and i only use them

because i get them in my subscription boxes
and like um other type of boxes and this is

like a really gentle one it doesn’t it’s not very
scrubby it’s more like a gentle exfoliator it has

more like a beads than like scrubby uh harsh parts
uh so it’s quite okay for my skin my skin is quite

sensitive i don’t really use scrubs that often
um and personally i wouldn’t even use them if

it weren’t for subscription boxes it has really
nice delicate fragrance to it too so that’s um

that’s actually a product i like uh still i’m not
really sure if i would spend 80 pounds for a uh

scrap but you know i don’t really use scraps so
i mean i don’t think i would spend like 10 pounds

for a scrap so so the next product i have is a um
face cream and this is a ultimate hyaluronic acid

resurfacing dual moisturizer uh this one costs
100 pounds and when i first got it it was like

i was really surprised that a cream that contains
hyaluronic acid which is like a cheap ingredient

can cost 100 pounds uh i read the ingredients list
it’s not only hyaluronic acid it contains glycerin

shea butter by the way shea butter and lactic
acid acids are very popular in like um in

advanced cosmetics i think uh most of their
products actually have these two ingredients

um alan turin and niacinamide uh so yeah
it’s not all that but it’s not just um

it’s not just hyaluronic acid and some like random
stuff so yeah but in my personal opinion you could

get a product that is just as good for like
50 60 pounds you don’t really have to pay 100

but you know if you love this brand then
why not so the last product i have is a

pro perfecting collagen primer so this is a primer
i don’t really know what to tell you about it it’s

not amazing it’s just okay it won’t make your
skin look flawless but it will make your makeup

it will just help your makeup
to uh look a little bit better i

i’m guessing but it’s just not
nothing spectacular it’s just

nothing spectacular so yeah there you go
these are all the six products i’ve tried

recently and um what do i think first of all as
i mentioned before i love the uniform packaging

uh these products they are not cheap but they
will definitely look quite pricey on your shelf uh

i love the idea of everything looking a little bit
similar so that’s quite cool as for the pricing

um as i mentioned before these products are not
cheap they usually cost between 80 and 100 pounds

and this is i’m guessing this is a british brand
uh i guess so it’s cruelty free which is good

but yeah um i have to tell you something
so i bought several avant products uh

as like add-ons for my ipsy or boxycharm or
fabfitfun i don’t know one of the american boxes

and uh you know the regular price for these
is like around 100 pounds and uh i could buy

these products for like 15 pounds 20. i know
it was like a sales thing and it was like a

reduced price but if you think about it they can
actually just import that these things from uk

and then they can sell you these for like fraction
of a price and they they still make money out of

it because you know let’s be honest nobody
will give you anything for free they still

have to be able to make money on it so i’m
actually wondering if these products are really

worth the price if the if the ingredients uh or
in the quality actually justifies uh the price tag

i’m not really sure to be honest i mean i love
these products and not all of them but like i

love some of these products but
it just makes me think you know

if it’s really what i should pay for this
so that’s everything for today thank you

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