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I’m super excited to be sharing

my Boxycharm Premium for July 2022.

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All right, let’s get started.

So before I go ahead and show you everything, I

just want to tell you a little bit about Boxycharm.

Boxycharm is a Monthly Beauty Subscription, and you can

get things such as makeup, skincare, or haircare.

And there are three different subscriptions.

There’s the Boxycharm

Base Box.

The Boxycharm Premium and the Boxycharm Luxe.

And the Boxycharm

Luxe you get that once a quarter.

All right, let’s go ahead and see what I received.

So this is what the box looks like.

It comes in this box right here, and let’s open it up.

And this is what it looks like on the inside.

Let you take a little quick little peek.

So one of the first things I normally pull out

of the information card the information card is going to

tell you what the product is, what the theme is,

the manufacturer retail price, and a short description.

And this month, they weren’t able

to put in an information card.

So I have the information card pulled up on my computer

so I can read to you about each of the products.

All right, let’s go ahead and take

a look at the first item.

So the first item that I am gong to pull out is

an eyeshadow palette, and this is from Lunar Beauty.

And it has a manufactured retail price of $48,

and it has a total of 18 different shades.

So let me show you what it looks like.

And this is what the artwork looks

like on the outside of the palette.

Isn’t that beautiful?

And this is what the palette looks like.

That is the perfect eyeshadow

palette for neutral looks.

I think this is absolutely beautiful.

So the second item in this box is from

a company called Rodial, and it is a face primer,

and it has a manufacturer price of $39.

And let me just read you

a little bit about this product.

So it says this will create a protective barrier

on your skin to help lock in moisture.

It also calms redness and inflammation and will

provide a smooth canvas for long lasting makeup.

Well, that’s amazing.

Let me show it to you.

And that is what it looks like.

So the third item in this box is a matte lipstick

from Uoma Beauty, and it has a manufacturer price of $24.

And it says this is now a

100% vegan lipstick, and it’s highly pigmented.

So let’s take a look.

And this is what the outside

of the lipstick looks like.

And that’s what the color looks like.

I think that’s absolutely beautiful.

And here’s the color right there.

So that’s really a beautiful color.

So that will work perfect with the eyeshadow palette.

So the fourth item in this box is

from Avant Skincare, and it’s a cleansing gel.

And I hope you’re sitting down, because the

manufacturer retail price of this product is $110.

So let’s read a little bit about this product.

It’s a mild, non-drying gel.

This aims to effortlessly eliminate excess oil, dirt,

and makeup without leaving your face overexposed.

This has anti-inflammatory,

anti-bacterial and antioxidant extracts.

It also helps prevent breakouts and soothe irritation,

the perfect first step in your skincare regime.

So let’s take a look.

And this is what it looks like.

That’s just a beautiful color.

So the next item is a shampoo

and conditioner, and they have a combined

total manufacturer retail price of $66.

I’m going to go ahead and read

what these two products are all about.

It says healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp.

This daily duo repairs and hydrates

stressed outout strands with natural ingredients

like jojoba and baobab and avocado.

While the anti-inflammatory benefits will nourish and soothe your

scalp, it is great for all hair types.

It will also help tame your frizz and protect

your hair color and add a nice shine.

So let’s take a look.

And this is what the shampoo and conditioner looked

like, so I can’t wait to use it.

So the last and final item in this box is a

liquid eyeliner, and it has a manufacturer price of $22.

So let’s take a look.

So this is what it looks like on

the outside, and this is a beautiful brown.

And it was very easy to use, and it glided perfectly.

So I can’t wait to try that.

Well, that concludes everything that was in

my Boxycharm Premium for July 2022.

I received six total items, and it had a value of $309.


I really like everything I got.

And thank you so much for taking

the time to watch my video.

I appreciate each and every one of you.

And please remember to love yourself, love others, know

that you’re loved, and that we’re all beautiful.

Have a great day, everyone.