“hello everybody and welcome to the May

20 19 look fantastic beauty bucks I

purchased these boxes with my own money

and have been a subscriber of the look

fantastic box for nearly two years and I

am a huge huge fan of the box itself I’m

going to post my referral code down

below so if you would like to try a box

you can use the code to get some money

off your first box so that’ll be down

below if you like what you see so let’s

take a little look at what we have this

month I just love the stunning coral

design of this month’s box and I like to

keep the boxes kind of for storage

purposes so they’re quite nice to keep

just the box itself as you can see you

receive up to six products for each

month within the box and they range from

skincare to makeup hair care or beauty

tools so the first item we have is the

Avant skincare eight hour antioxidant

and retexturizing hazel a chronic facial

serum it’s hot it’s quite a mouthful and

this is worth 89 pounds and when I saw


I was just like wow because I’ve got

another one of these and it’s really

good so I was so pleased to receive this

in the box and I’m going to show you

what it looks like on it’s just a facial

cream but you can kind of see how it

goes into the skin when I could have

rubbed it in it made my skin feel very

hydrated and it was just really gorgeous

so I’m looking forward to trying that

over the next few weeks to see how it is

worth the money because it’s very

expensive so very excited to receive

that in my box and give that a go okay

next we have the polar northern light

cream and I’ve tried a few products from

this company and I do really like them

and this one is worth 17 pound 50 and

it’s a kind of light soothing cream and

it offers an antioxidant eye oxygen

properties and so I tried this on my

skin and it really did make my skin feel

really soft and smooth all over like I

don’t know if it’s worth kind of trying

before you put your makeup on I guess it

depends on your skin type

and but that came on really really

nicely it says in the book to apply to

clean skin after cleansing so maybe it’s

something that you’re supposed to put on

kind of after you’ve taken all your

makeup off at the end of the day to keep

it nice and clean and it says that it

boosts radiance and encourages the

regeneration of cells and that really

made my skin feel gorgeous so I’m super

excited about trying that one later on

okay excellent so I’m just gonna pop

that one back and then next step we have

the invisible color kind of tan cream

now I wasn’t going to show you this

because I didn’t want to put it on my

hands and end it with like really ton

hands because I didn’t know how it

worked this is worth $5.99 and it says

that it kind of gives the skin a

gorgeous glow and it’s a gradual tanning

relation so something that you need to

kind of apply and to build up next we

have I was very very excited to receive

this this gorgeous mellow lip pencil and

I absolutely love the color of this lip

pencil it’s so pretty and it’s a really

good color for my skin tone I don’t know

if you could get no it says in the book

that you only get one kind of color but

actually I think this kind of color is

would suit a lot of different tones so

and if you’ve got it let me know how you

found it if it worked well for you and

it goes on really nicely it’s absolutely

gorgeous I’m so I’m very excited to give

that a go

to wear alongside some of the lipsticks

that I’ve received so thank you look

fantastic for that and then next we have

this well a professional deep nourishing

mask and this is worth two pounds

seventy eight and it’s to breathe life

into dry and damaged looks which I

personally could use with you know my

hair takes a lot of wear and tear during

the day I didn’t about anyone else so

anything that’s gonna help keep it nice

and hydrated is definitely worth trying

and then last we have this beautiful

IGEL pads

which again is always I’m always willing

to try these kinds of things and it’s

this is worth $6.99 and it’s a skim

kennis product which I’ve tried a couple

of their products before and I’ve I

found they work really well and these

are made to kind of give you hydrated

and to lift and tone your eyes so I’m

gonna save that and perhaps for a

special event or something and you also

get the Elle magazine with the box as

well so if you like this review please

give it a big thumbs up hit that

notification bell and don’t forget to

subscribe and I’ll see you next time